164 Costa Rica is very known for its national parks, biological reservations and natural refuges. Thousands of tourists visit this country to learn about the ecosystem and enjoy its beauty. The fans of nature will find in the forests of Costa Rica more than 850 species of birds like falcons, toucans and pelicans. North of San Jose one finds the Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo, it created for protecting the tropical rainforest from the construction of the highway that goes from San Jose to Puerto Limon. The park has three types of vegetation depending on the altitude of terrain and various animal species. You can explore many paths, like the Sendero Botella, where there is a beautiful waterfall. There also lives monkey,s anteaters, turtles, serpents, wild boars, a variety of butterflies and coyotes and tapirs. In the Pacific coast, the Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio calls attention to its beaches. Look! In this park the monkeys and iguanas aren’t afraid of people. They often come up to the tourists in the beautiful beaches of Espadilla Sur, Manuel Antonio and Puerto Escondido. But don’t feed the monkeys because se ponen my pesados (they’re heavy??) Hasta se meten en las bolsas (Idk this either) Pg. 173 Cuba Los Munequitos de Matanzas This Afro-Cuban music group utilizes traditions and instruments of Africa. Also, they sing en Yoruba, an African language. In which other countries of the Caribbean can one see the influence of Africa? El Caribe Maracas This instrument of percussion is very popular in the Caribbean. It’s of African origin. What other instruments do you know of African origin? El Caribe Frutas Tropicales The guavas (guayabas), quenepas (??) and pineapples are some of the fruits that are cultivated in the tropical climate of the Caribbean. There are many candies and drinks with (from) these. Do you know other fruits that come from a tropical climate? La Republica Dominicana Juan Luis Guerra This musician is one of the greatest jam artists. Jam is a popular music in the Republica Dominicana. It’s known that it‘s the preference of the latin american world. Do you know other things meaning jam?(??) Puerto Rico Parque ceremonial Taino, Utado The Tainos, the people that lived in Porto Rico when the Spaniards came, celebrate the outbuildings or play ball in this ceremonial park. According to the photo, what sport do you think seems to be played here? Puerto Rico Rosario Ferre is one of the more prominent writers of Latin America. She has written and published books in English and Spanish. How do you think the history of Porto Rico has influenced them?

Pg. 212 In Porto Rico, the fabrication and use of masks is important in the tradition that continues to this day. According to the most anthropologists, the use of masks in Porto Rico of today came from the Spanish traditions of the Middle Ages. The masks were used in religious festivals. In Porto Rico the manner of how the masks are done varies by city. The city of Ponce, located in the coast south of the Island, is known for the masks of cardboard fabricated there. These masks are worn for Carnaval and are admired for there brilliant color. The masks makers make the masks for carnaal ponceno with paper, paint, and engrudo. Engrudo is a white paste that consists (?) of wheat flour with water. A few artisans dedicate to making these masks full time. Many work in other positions and make the masks for the carnival season. The mask makers learn the art from their parents and grandparents and pass their art to their children. This day, many of these mask makers enjoy the prestige and fame in Porto Rico. The masks are not only used for Carnaval. Also, they’re sold en the art galleries, museums, and specialty/tourist stores. They’re considered objects of popular are and have historical and decorative value.

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