List of Land of the Giants episodes


List of Land of the Giants episodes
This is a list of episodes from the television series Land of the Giants which ran for two seasons between 1968 and 1970. The list below gives original airdates, writer, director, guest star, and brief synopsis information of each episode.

Season one (1968 - 1969)
Title The Crash Ep# 101 First aired September 22, 1968 Writer(s) Anthony Wilson (teleplay), Irwin Allen (story) Director Irwin Allen

On June 12, 1983, sub-orbital passenger flight 612 (aka Spindrift), on its way from Los Angeles to London, encounters a bizarre storm and is forced to make a crash landing. Those aboard – the crew: pilot Capt. Steve Burton (Gary Conway), co-pilot Dan Erickson (Don Marshall), stewardess Betty Hamilton (Heather Young), and passengers: engineer Mark Wilson (Don Matheson), pampered city girl and jet-setter Valerie Scott (Deanna Lund), bank robber (disguised as Naval Commander) Alexander B. Fitzhugh (Kurt Kasznar), orphan boy Barry Lockridge (Stefan Arngrim) and his dog Chipper – find themselves in the midst of a mysterious world dominated by 70-foot-tall (unknown operator: u'strong' m) giants. While exploring, Steve and Valerie are captured by a giant scientist and the others mount a rescue. Guest stars: Anne Dore (Giant Female), Don Watters (Giant Entomologist) Ghost Town 102 September 29, 1968 Gilbert Ralston and William Welch (teleplay), Anthony Wilson (story) Nathan Juran

Barry is zapped by a force field and knocked unconscious. When the others search for him, they discover an abandoned town built at their scale but soon learn it is an elaborate model created by an old man named Akman. The man wants the little people to stay and live in his miniature village, but they are tormented by his sadistic granddaughter who attempts to kill them after they get her into trouble. Note: It is revealed in this episode that the characters are in fact on another planet when Akman tells his granddaughter the little people are from Earth. Guest stars: Percy Helton (Akman), Amber Flower (Granddaughter), Raymond Guth (Tramp) Framed 103 October 6, 1968 Mann Rubin Harry Harris

Steve and Fitzhugh attempt to steal a lens from a camera they see set down by a photographer, but they then witness the man murder his photo subject – a young woman who resisted his advances. Soon a drunken homeless man enters the area and passes out on a bench giving the killer the opportunity to plant evidence and make it look like the bum committed the crime. Steve snaps a picture of the set up, but he is then presented with the problem of somehow getting the picture developed and given to police. Guest stars: Paul Carr (Giant Photographer), Doodles Weaver (Giant Hobo), Linda Peck (Giant Model), Dennis Cross (Giant Policeman #1), Baynes Barron (Giant Policeman #2) Underground 104 October 20, 1968 Ellis St. Joseph Sobey Martin

The little people witness the hand off of an envelope between two men, but soon the receiver is shot by police and the letter confiscated. Soon Steve receives a radio call from a pilot who claims to be from another Earth ship that landed nearby. Suspicious of the call, Steve decides to check it out himself, but a curious Fitzhugh and Valerie follow. Soon, all three are captured by the man who made the letter drop who claims to be part of an underground political movement. He forces Steve and Fitzhugh to sneak the letter out of the police station and holds Valerie hostage until they comply. Guest stars: John Abbot (Prof. Gorak), Paul Trinka (Giant Guard #1), Jim Gosa (Giant Guard #2), Jerry Catron (Giant Sentry), Lance LeGault (Giant Policeman), Ivan Markota (Giant Fugitive) Terror-Go-Round 105 November 3, 1968 Charles Bennett Sobey Martin

Barry and Fitzhugh are captured by a gypsy boy named Pepi who takes them to his uncle Carlos, a carnival man who plans to sell them to his fellow circus people. Steve leads an attempt to free the two captives by stealing the spark plugs from Carlos' truck, but events lead to everyone else being captured as well. Carlos then tortures Mark to force Steve into handing over the stolen plugs, but Steve instead tries to reason with Pepi into freeing his friends.

List of Land of the Giants episodes


Guest stars: Joseph Ruskin (Carlos), Arthur Batanides (Luigi), Jean-Michael Michenaud (Pepi), Arch Whiting (Policeman) The Flight Plan 106 November 10, 1968 Peter Packer Harry Harris

The Earthlings find a man their size named Joe who is being chased by giants, but Steve protests bringing the stranger to the camp. Joe decides to leave, but he is captured by the giants and Steve along with him. The two work together to escape from a cage, but feels it was too easy and suspects Joe is working with the giants. To prove his loyalty, Joe claims to remember where the giants keep fuel that could power the Spindrift and the others mobilize a plan to get it, but Steve remains suspicious. Guest stars: Linden Chiles (Joe/Logar), William Brambley (First Giant), Myron Healey (Second Giant), John Pickard (Giant Guard) Manhunt 107 November 17, 1968 Robert Lees and Stanley H. Silverman Sobey Martin

Steve, Mark and Fitzhugh watch as a giant convict is pursued by policemen. As the man hides, he stumbles upon the Spindrift, and once the coast is clear, he runs off with the ship tucked under his arm. With Dan, Betty, Valerie and Barry still on board, the other three can only watch in horror as the convict falls into quicksand and takes the Spindrift down with him. Guest stars: John Napier (Giant Convict) The Trap 108 November 24, 1968 Jack Turley (teleplay), Anthony Wilson (story) Sobey Martin

Mark finds a giant alarm clock and plans to use the radium from the face plate to power the Spindrift's reactor. While he dismantles the timepiece, the area is invaded by giant scientists who set up microphones sensitive enough to detect even the minute sounds the little people make. When a scientist finds Betty and Valerie and takes them prisoner, the others come up with a plan to rescue the women and disable the scientist's equipment. Guest stars: Stewart Bradley (Senior Scientist), Morgan Jones (Assistant Scientist) The Creed 109 December 1, 1968 Bob and Esther Mitchell (teleplay), Richard P. McDonagh (story) Sobey Martin

Barry begins to suffer severe abdominal pains and the others learn he has appendicitis and requires surgery. Steve decides to conduct the operation himself, but he needs medical supplies from the giant's hospital. After sneaking into one, they are discovered by a surgeon, Dr. Brulle, who kindly offers to help them as per the Hippocratic Oath to assist those in need. The doctor however, is spied upon by a greedy janitor who phones the authorities in hopes of receiving a reward. Guest stars: Paul Fix (Dr. Brulle), Henry Corden (Janitor), Wesley Lau (Policeman #1), Harry Lauter (First Cop), Grant Sullivan (Cop #2), Gary Tigerman (Delivery Boy) Double-Cross 110 December 8, 1968 Bob and Esther Mitchell Harry Harris

Fitzhugh is knocked unconscious and captured by two giant thieves who take him back to their hideout. Barry keeps an eye on the criminals who plan to take advantage of Fitzhugh's small size for their next job of stealing a priceless ruby. When the thieves go to bed, Barry fetches Fitzhugh, but he finds the man has lost his memory and believes he works with the giants. Fitzhugh then forces Barry to help in the jewel heist since the boy can fit inside the museum door keyhole and open the lock from the inside. Guest stars: Willard Sage (Hook), Lane Bradford (Lobo), Joy Ryan (Cabin Policeman), Howard Culver (Curator), Ted Jordan (Museum Policeman) The Weird World 111 December 22, 1968 Ellis St. Joseph (teleplay), Anthony Wilson (story) Harry Harris

The Earthlings find a miniaturized tape recorder that leads to a crazed human astronaut named Major Kagen, who thinks they are spies for the giants. After they convince Kagen they are on his side, he then informs them that his spaceship landed intact, but was taken by the giants to a research center. The Earthlings then set out to break into the center and find the ship in hope it will be their ticket home. Note: "The Weird World" was intended to be the second episode aired; this accounts for the villainous behavior of Fitzhugh, who subsequently became a more admirable character. Guest stars: Glenn Corbett (Major Kagen), Don Gazzaniga (Giant Watchman) The Golden Cage 112 December 29, 1968 Jack Turley (teleplay), Anthony Wilson (story) Sobey Martin

List of Land of the Giants episodes


Mark finds a beautiful human woman trapped inside a jar and becomes obsessed with saving her, but Steve feels she is an obvious trap set by the giants. Mark frees her anyway and learns her name is Marna – the daughter of a former colleague whose spaceship disappeared 15 years earlier. Marna takes Mark to see her miniaturized home and tries to convince him to live with her and the giants who have cared for her since childhood. Mark however, rejects the idea of living like a lab rat in a doll house and leaves Marna heartbroken. Elsewhere, struggling with hunger, Fitzhugh tries to bag a giant turkey. Guest stars: Celeste Yarnall (Marna Whelan), Douglas Bank (Giant Scientist), Dawson Palmer (First Scientist), Page Slattery (Second Scientist) The Lost Ones 113 January 5, 1969 Bob and Esther Mitchell Harry Harris

Steve, Mark, Betty and Valerie are captured by four hostile Earth teenagers, led by a violent hoodlum named Nick. The delinquents explain they are all that remains of a space flight where 22 others lost their lives two years earlier. Nick also accuses them of being spies for the giants and blames them for the capture of two of their gang. When Nick's younger brother Joey is captured in a giant's trap, Nick threatens to harm Betty and Valerie unless Steve and the others rescue him. Guest stars: Zalman King (Nick), Tom Webb (Dolf), Jack Chaplain (Joey), Lee J. Lambert (Hopper), Dave Dunlop (Giant Trapper) Brainwash 114 January 12, 1969 William Welch Harry Harris

While hiding in a drain pipe, Steve and Fitzhugh find a room full of electronic equipment at their scale which they learn is from a lost human space flight. When Steve tries to radio Earth, the signal is instead intercepted by the giants who attempt to find the transmitter station. Steve is captured and the giants use a mind-controlling foam on him whereupon he reveals the location of the equipment. Mark rescues Steve and once Steve recovers from the foam, he tries to destroy the equipment room before the giants can dig it up from the ground. Guest stars: Warren Stevens (Capt. Ashim), Leonard Stone (Dr. Krall), Len Lesser (Prisoner), Robert Dowdell (Policeman) The Bounty Hunter 115 January 19, 1969 Daniel B. Ullman (teleplay), Anthony Wilson (story) Harry Harris

The Earthlings are on high alert when the giants begin combing the forest for little people – even hanging reward posters for their capture. In a last desperate attempt to get the Spindrift flightworthy, Steve and Mark raid a camper's tent for anything useful. When a giant handgun is found, Mark believes he can rig it into a cannon that will defend the Spindrift camp, but Steve thinks the idea is crazy. Regardless, Mark is determined to get the weapon before the giants find them. Guest stars: Paul Sorensen (Giant Camper), Kimberly Beck (Giant Girl) On a Clear Night You Can See Earth 116 January 26, 1969 Sheldon Stark (teleplay), Anthony Wilson (story) Sobey Martin

Taking advantage of the fact that the giants have poor night vision, the humans sneak into a lab after disabling the lights, but a scientist spots them with a pair of experimental infrared goggles. Steve plans to destroy the prototype goggles before more can be made, but during the attempt, he and Fitzhugh are captured by the scientist. When Steve claims he can see Earth through the goggles, he piques the scientist's interest into making them more powerful and offers Mark's help. Fitzhugh is allowed to go find Mark, but he carries a message from Steve ordering them to blow up the lab with him in it. Guest stars: Michael Ansara (Murtrah) Deadly Lodestone 117 February 2, 1969 William L. Stuart Harry Harris

Inspector Kobick, an agent from the Special Investigations Department (SID), develops a way to track the humans using a scanner that detects a metal unique to Earth. Steve has everyone get rid of the metal, but Dan has a surgical pin in his leg made of the material. Steve believes Dan's only chance is to surgically remove the pin and he seeks out Dr. Brulle – the giant surgeon who saved Barry's life – but the surgeon is in prison and the only chance to get to him lies in contacting his nurse who may really have loyalty to Kobick. Guest stars: Paul Fix (Dr. Brule), Robert Emhardt (Mr. Secretary), Bill Fletcher (Sgt. Karf), Kevin Hagen (Insp. Dobbs Kobick), Sheila Allen (Nurse Helg), Gene Dynarski (Warden Barmak) Night of the Thrombeldinbar 118 February 16, 1969 Bob and Esther Mitchell Sobey Martin

Fitzhugh is captured by two orphan boys who believe he is the "Thrombeldinbar" – a magical elf celebrated like the Easter Bunny and grants wishes to children. Steve and Mark come to rescue him, but Fitzhugh realizes the boys are lonely and he stays to entertain them. The boys' wish is to find a loving home, but the elf can only grant a wish if he is burned in a fire at moon rise and a panicked Fitzhugh faces being burned alive in paper bag. He is saved for a moment however, by an organ grinder who is on the hunt for the little people, but the demented man threatens to harm the boys if they don't reveal where more Earthlings can be found. Guest stars: Alfred Ryder (Parteg), Jay Novello (Okun), Teddy Quinn (Garna), Michael Freeman (Tobek), Miriam Schiller (Housewife) Seven Little Indians 119 February 23, 1969 Bob and Wanda Duncan Harry Harris

List of Land of the Giants episodes


Inspector Kobick returns, and this time he captures Barry's dog Chipper. The next day the humans learn the pooch is being shown off at a local zoo as "The World's Smallest Dog". Barry runs off to save his dog and is captured by Inspector Kobick along Fitzhugh and Valerie. Steve comes up with a plan to slip an animal tranquilizer to the guard, but the attempt is thwarted when Kobick is tipped off by a shady zookeeper who is trying to extort a reward for the Earthlings. Guest stars: Cliff Osmond (Grotius), Kevin Hagen (Insp. Kobick), Chris Alcaide (Sgt. Arnak), Garry Walberg (First SID Man), Rico Cattani (Second SID Man), Erik L. Nelson (Third SID Man) Target: Earth 120 March 2, 1969 Arthur Weiss Sobey Martin

Steve, Mark and Dan discover a lab where a giant scientist is working on a guidance system that could get a spacecraft to Earth. Overhearing the scientist, Dr. Franzen, say he is working to peacefully explore the solar system, Mark proposes a deal to help perfect the device in exchange for a ride back to Earth. The scientist accepts the offer, however his wife Altha secretly tips off Inspector Kobick. Guest stars: Arthur Franz (Dr. Franzen), Dee Hartford (Altha Franzen), Peter Mamakos (Logar), Kevin Hagen (Insp. Kobick), Ted Jordan (SID Man), Denver Mattson (Sergeant #1), Ivan Markota (Sergeant #2) Genius at Work 121 March 9, 1969 Bob and Esther Mitchell Sobey Martin

Barry and Fitzhugh encounter a boy genius named Jodar who has developed a super-growth formula. After Chipper eats it and grows to giant scale, Fitzhugh tries it and grows as well. Once at giant size, Fitzhugh goes around intimidating any giant he meets until he's arrested by police. When he is found with little people's money in his pocket, he is brought to Inspector Kobick. Meanwhile, Steve finds Jodar who is working on an antidote to the serum but isn't finished. Pressed for time, Steve consumes the growth formula and poses as Fitzhugh's attorney to get him released, but Kobick's suspicions become roused when he doesn't buy Steve's cover story. Guest stars: Jacques Aubuchon (Zurpin), Kevin Hagen (Insp. Kobick), Ron Howard (Jodar), Paul Trinka (Officer), Vic Perrin (Giant Small Man), Patrick Culliton (Policeman), Rusty Jones (Boy Witness) Return of Inidu 122 March 16, 1969 Bob and Esther Mitchell Sobey Martin

Seeking shelter from a storm, the little people enter a haunted house, but they soon realize the phantoms they see are illusions created by a magician named Inidu who was only trying to drive off a pair of trespassing boys. Inidu befriends the Earthlings and promises not to turn them in for he is also wanted by police. Meanwhile, the boys tell their tale of their ghost encounter over the radio which leads Inidu's former assistant Enog to the house. When Enog arrives, he tries to poison his old mentor and steal a book containing the secrets behind the magician's tricks. Guest stars: Jack Albertson (Inidu), Peter Haskell (Enog), Steven Marlo (Cop), Tony Benson (Grot), Jerry Davis (Torg) Rescue 123 March 23, 1969 Bob and Esther Mitchell Harry Harris

While running from an SID officer, the Earthlings are spotted by two giant children, who fall down a well and become trapped. The giants try to dig them out, but a cave-in thwarts their efforts. After Inspector Kobick captures Steve and Dan, Valerie and Betty go to the parents of the children and offer to help them if they can convince Kobick to release their friends. After some prodding, Kobick puts duty aside and lets the Steve and Dan help the children. In the meantime, Mark and Fitzhugh find another way into the well and try to slip their friends past Kobick. Guest stars: Tom Reese (Sgt. Gedo), Lee Meriwether (Mrs. Bara), Kevin Hagen (Insp. Kobick), Michael Quinn (Lt. Emar), Don Collier (Mr. Bara), Buddy Foster (Tedar), Blair Ashley (Leeda), Roy Rowan (Newscaster) Sabotage 124 March 30, 1969 Bob and Esther Mitchell Harry Harris

Steve rescues Mark and Dan from a ruthless interrogator named Bolgar who believes the Earthlings pose a threat to giant society. Steve then learns a government official named Senator Obek has sympathy for the little people and he reports Bolgar's activities. The situation becomes dire when the Earthlings learn Bolgar's accomplice has blown up a bridge and planted evidence to make it look like the little ones did it. Guest stars: Robert Colbert (Security Chief Bolgar), John Marley (Deputy Zarkin), Parley Baer (Senator Obek), Elizabeth Rogers (Secretary), Keith Taylor (Newsboy), Douglas Bank (Policeman) Shell Game 125 April 13, 1969 William Welch and Bob and Esther Mitchell (teleplay), William Welch (story) Harry Harris

While down at the waterfront looking for shrimp, Steve, Valerie and Betty hide in a conch shell from a deaf boy named Dal, but he eventually finds them. The parents, facing financial problems, believe they can turn the Earthlings in for a reward and with the boy's keen eye, they follow the little people's footprints back to the Spindrift and capture the ship as well. Mark learns hearing aids never work for the boy, but using the Earthling's more advanced technology, Mark creates a seashell hearing aid that does work and tries to convince the parents that they could sell the technology to make money instead of turning them in. Guest stars: Larry Ward (Talf Ekorb), Jan Shepard (Osla Ekorb), Tol Avery (Mr. Derg), Gary Dubin (Dal Ekorb)

List of Land of the Giants episodes

126 April 20, 1969 Arthur Weiss (teleplay), William Welch (story) Sobey Martin

The Chase

Betty is held captive by Inspector Kobick who cuts a deal with Steve to locate a counterfeiting ring in exchange for her life. To find the criminals, Kobick puts them in the city sewer system to follow a trail of luminous ink used in printing the fake money, but the gang is tipped off and tries to flood the drain system with pesticide. Meanwhile, Dan, Valerie and Fitzhugh slip into Kobick's office to rescue Betty who is held inside an inescapable force field cage. Guest stars: Robert F. Lyons (Nalor), Timothy Scott (Trilling), Kevin Hagen (Insp. Kobick), Norman Burton (Sergeant), Patrick Sullivan Burke (Golan), Erik L. Nelson (SID Man)

Season two (1969 - 1970)
Title The Mechanical Man Ep# 201 First aired September 21, 1969 Writer(s) William L. Stuart Director Harry Harris

The Earthlings witness a giant who goes berserk, trashes a drugstore, and murders a security guard with his bare hands. They soon learn the man is really a malfunctioning android created by a scientist named Gorn who manages to capture Mark and Fitzhugh. When Gorn learns Mark is an engineer, he cuts a deal with him to figure out what is wrong with his robot in exchange for his freedom. Mark gets the machine working, but when Gorn isn't forthcoming with his end of the deal, Steve and the others climb inside the robot and hijack it. Guest stars: Broderick Crawford (Prof. Gorn), Stuart Margolin (Zoral), William Chapman (Secretary Mek), James Daris (Super Giant Robot), Richard Carlyle (Special Policeman), Steven Marlo (Minor SID Official), Erik L. Nelson (SID Officer) Six Hours to Live 202 September 28, 1969 Daniel B. Ullman Sobey Martin

The little people overhear an anxious farmer named Cass admit to committing a murder that an innocent man named Reed is to be executed for. Steve decides to help Reed and contacts a reporter named Simmons who is covering the execution. In exchange for the story of his career, Simmons sneaks Steve and Dan into Reed's cell and the two help him escape. Meanwhile the other Earthlings try and delay Cass and his wife, who try to sneak out of town with a stash of money they stole during the crime. When Reed shows up to confront them, they think he is a ghost and Cass confesses to the murder and theft while being secretly tape recorded. Guest stars: Richard Anderson (Joe Simmons), Anne Seymour (Martha Cass), George Mitchell (Harry Cass), Bill Quinn (Warden Sloan), Sam Elliott (Martin Reed), Larry Pennell (Guard), Michael Quinn (Gateman), Stewart Bradley (Police Sergeant) The Inside Rail 203 October 5, 1969 Richard Shapiro Harry Harris

While at a horse track, Fitzhugh finds a winning ticket on the ground and makes a deal with a giant bum named Moley, to split the winnings 50/50. Moley cashes the ticket, but a security guard becomes suspicious and arrests him. Moley leads the guard back to Fitzhugh who manages to get away, but Mark, Valerie and Betty are captured by a second guard who secures them in a desk drawer. While Steve and Dan attempt to rescue the others, Fitzhugh discovers a giant thug who is trying to drug the top pick horse, Mannequin, so he will lose in the next race. Guest stars: Ben Blue (Moley), Arch Johnson (Chief Rivers), Joe Turkel (Sergeant), Vic Tayback (Hood), John Harmon (Groom) Deadly Pawn 204 October 12, 1969 Arthur Weiss Nathan Juran

An insane man named Kronig captures the little people, but proposes a deal with them – play him at chess and if they win, they go free; lose and he turns them over to the SID. The Earthlings choose Barry, their strongest player and a junior state chess champion on Earth. An enraged Kronig believes the little people are being disrespectful by having a boy oppose him, and he has the other humans tied to the chess pieces. If their piece is captured, they will fall through the squares of the mechanical chess table and down into a blast furnace. Dr. Lalor, Kronig's therapist, protests Kronig's cruelty and Kronig has him locked in the closet. Steve and Dan escape the board and try to release Lalor. Meanwhile, Barry starts to lose the game, and the lives of those still on the board are put in jeopardy. Guest stars: Alex Dreier (Kronig), John Zaremba (Dr. Lalor), Charles Briggs (Guard), Steven Marlo (Technician) The Unsuspected 205 October 19, 1969 Bob and Esther Mitchell Harry Harris

Steve is exposed to spores from a poisonous mushroom and he becomes violently paranoid. Thinking the others are trying to turn him over to the SID, he lures them away one by one from the ship and ties them up inside a vent. Meanwhile, Inspector Kobick, knowing Steve has been exposed to the mushroom, expects the human to turn on his friends. He radios Steve with a deal to turn in those he captured and he'll help him get back to Earth. When Dan comes in contact with the mushroom, he experiences its hallucinatory effects and realizes Steve has been drugged. Guest stars: Kevin Hagen (Insp. Kobick), Leonard Stone (Sgt. Eson) Giants and All That Jazz 206 October 26, 1969 Richard Shapiro Harry Harris

List of Land of the Giants episodes


Fitzhugh, Barry and Valerie check out a music club and witness a man named Hanley rough up a down-on-his-luck trumpet player named Biff Bowers who owes him money. Later Bowers manages to capture Valerie and Barry, and knowing they are worth a hefty reward, he calls the SID. Unbeknown to Biff, Mark has rigged the phone and Steve intercepts the call to SID and buys the others some time where Dan tries a different approach – make Bowers a star overnight by teaching him Earth's jazz, in exchange for letting his companions go. Guest stars: Sugar Ray Robinson (Biff Bowers), Mike Mazurki (Loach), William Brambley (P.G. Hanley), Diana Chesney (Nell) Collector's Item 207 November 2, 1969 Sidney Marshall (teleplay), Bob and Wanda Duncan (story) Sobey Martin

Valerie becomes the centerpiece of a golden music box when a man named Garak captures her and puts her inside it as a dancing figurine. Garak then presents the box as a birthday gift to his wealthy toy-collecting uncle, but Steve and Mark soon learn Garak stands to inherit a fortune from his uncle and the box is really a bomb triggered to go off if someone opens the cage door. While Dan and Fitzhugh try and rescue Valerie, Steve and Mark warn Garak's wife that her husband is trying to commit a murder. Guest stars: Guy Stockwell (Garak), Robert H. Harris (Uncle Tojar), Susan Howard (Mrs. Garak), George Sperdakos (Goldsmith), Erik L. Nelson (SID Man) Every Dog Needs a Boy 208 November 9, 1969 Jerry Thomas Harry Harris

Chipper is injured when the bark from a giant dog sends him tumbling into a wall and Barry risks capture by taking him to a vet at a pet store. Valerie follows and helps Barry get Chipper into the vet's office, but they are discovered by the vet's assistant Ben who does what he can to help the tiny dog. Soon the shop owner's bullying son Carl arrives, and learns little people are hiding there and tries to capture them. Later, Carl loses a valuable movie dog named King and Ben goes to search for it leaving Carl to snoop around and find Barry and Valerie's hiding spot. Guest stars: Michael Anderson Jr. (Ben), Tom Nardini (Carl), Oliver McGowan (Dr. Howard), Robert Shayne (Mr. Clinton) Chamber of Fear 209 November 16, 1969 Arthur Weiss Sobey Martin

Fitzhugh is captured by a wax sculptor named Deenar who is partner to a jewel thief named Jolo. When Jolo orders the artist to cut up a large diamond into ten small pieces, he refuses believing three pieces would be worth more, and Jolo angrily ends their partnership. When Steve and Dan come to rescue Fitzhugh, they offer Deenar a deal to sneak the diamond away from Jolo in exchange for the release of their friend. Deenar agrees but Steve sends Mark and Valerie to fetch the diamond while he and Dan try to release Fitzhugh. The rescue becomes more difficult when they learn Fitzhugh is being guarded by a fierce dog. Guest stars: Cliff Osmond (Jolo), Christopher Cary (Deenar), Joan Freeman (Mara), Don Kennedy (Policeman), Robert Tiedemann (The Monk) The Clones 210 November 23, 1969 Oliver Crawford and Bob and Esther Mitchell (teleplay), Oliver Crawford (story) Nathan Juran

A giant scientist abducts some of the little people and begins making clones of them. After the duplicates of Valerie and Barry sabotage the ship and try and kill the others, Steve, Mark and Dan try to rescue the originals who are being held in a lab. The near-perfect clones have a flaw however, as they become violent and then die within hours of being created. They can also be identified by dark spots on their skin, but the scientist has a special plan for Dan when he realizes the spots are invisible on Dan's dark skin and his clone will make a better spy. Guest stars: William Schallert (Dr. Arno), Sandra Giles (Dr. Greta Gault) Comeback 211 November 30, 1969 Richard Shapiro Harry Harris

Steve, Mark, Valerie and Fitzhugh talk a washed up movie star named Egor out of committing suicide, but he repays their kindness by putting them in a shoebox and trying to sell them to a movie studio. Unfortunately, Egor is rejected at every turn until he visits a B-movie studio whose greedy producer, Manfred, gets an idea for a movie about living dolls. Meanwhile, Dan and Barry try to rescue the others from the set before Manfred makes them the hapless victims of gory death scenes that are not in the script. Guest stars: John Carradine (Egor Crull), Jessie White (Max Manfred), Fritz Feld (Quigg), Olan Soule (Cameraman), James Jeter (Studio Gateman), Janos Prohaska (Baby Gorilla) A Place Called Earth 212 December 7, 1969 William Welch Harmon Jones

Two humans, Olds and Fielder, travel from the year 5477 to observe Earth in the past, but they accidentally arrive on the giant's planet. They show up at the little one's camp just as a giant stumbles upon the Spindrift, but the futuristic humans kill the intruder and disintegrate the body with an amulet weapon before anyone realizes what happened. Steve quickly becomes suspicious of their new guests and learns they are renegades who originally planned to kill all humans on Earth and leaving those few they captured to repopulate the future Earth with humans they can easily control.

List of Land of the Giants episodes


Guest stars: Warren Stevens (Olds), Rex Holman (Mezron), Jerry Douglas (Fielder), Jerry Quarry (Bron), Scott Thomas (Messenger), Gene LaBell (Mezron's Brother), John Mooney (Pharmacist) Land of the Lost 213 December 14, 1969 William Welch Nathan Juran, Sobey Martin

Steve, Mark, Valerie and Barry become caught in a toy balloon and end up pulled by a strange force over a thousand miles across a violent ocean to a land ruled by a ruthless dictator named Titus. The despot, however, has no knowledge of the land across the ocean and thinks all the inhabitants are as small as the little people, but when Steve explains that giants live there as well, Titus demands he bring back proof of their existence and technology. While Titus holds the others hostage, Steve travels back to get photos of the giants and to fetch Dan and Fitzhugh who try to sabotage Titus's attraction beam that pulled them there. Guest stars: Nehemiah Persoff (Titus), Clint Ritchie (Andros), Bob Braun (Balloon Vendor), Peter Canon (Slave #1), Brian Nash (Boy in Park) Home Sweet Home 214 December 21, 1969 William Welch Harry Harris

The humans discover a space pod left behind by the time traveling visitors from the year 5477. While they investigate the craft, two giant park rangers appear and try to capture them. Steve and Fitzhugh manage to escape in the pod but the ship is on a preflight course to coordinates unknown. After escaping the giants, Mark tries to decipher the pod's operation manual and help Steve navigate back. Soon however, the pod is caught in an energy storm that takes Steve and Fitzhugh back to a small New England town on Earth – but stuck 75 years in the past. Guest stars: John Milford (Ranger Wilson), Mort Mills (Constable), June Dayton (Mrs. Perkins), William Bassett (Ranger Jack), William "Billy" Benedict (Villager Peabody), Robert Adler (Villager Sloacum), Pete Kellett (Guard) Our Man O'Reilly 215 December 28, 1969 Jackson Gillis Sobey Martin

A bumbling giant named O'Reilly stumbles upon the little people, but he thinks they are leprechauns and offers to serve them. Steve thinks the giant could be dangerous, but Mark believes he could be useful and has Fitzhugh guide him along to fetch various materials and tools needed to fix the Spindrift. Meanwhile, a shady police detective named Krenko sticks his nose into O'Reilly's business and disrupts the Earthling's repair efforts. Secretly however, Krenko plots to frame O'Reilly in a jewelry theft. Guest stars: Alan Hale Jr. (O'Reilly), Alan Bergmann (Krenko), Billy Halop (Bartender Harry), Eddie Marr (Peddler Brynie), C. Lindsay Workman (Cunningham Jeweler), Michael Quinn (Watchman Jake), Dusty Cadis (Store Guard) Nightmare 216 January 4, 1970 William Welch Nathan Juran

A giant engineer named Andre helps the little people develop a new power source – the "Delta Device" – which could power the Spindrift, but during a test the Earthlings are exposed to a burst of radiation. Afterward, they realize they have become invisible to the giants when Andre's superior, Dr. Berger, comes to the Spindrift campsite yet is not able see the humans right under his nose. As the weird effect begins to grow out of control, it creates strange warps in space and time where the giants become invisible to the humans and Steve becomes trapped in a nightmarish dimension. Note: This episode is also called '"The Delta Effect". Guest stars: Yale Summers (Andre), Torin Thatcher (Dr. Berger), Kevin Hagen (Insp. Kobick) Pay the Piper 217 January 11, 1970 Richard Shapiro Harry Harris

A mysterious flute player lures Dan, Valerie, Betty and Fitzhugh into a cage with his mesmerizing music. The man claims to not only to be the fabled Pied Piper of Hamelin, but a being capable of traveling between worlds and changing his size and appearance. The Piper takes the captured humans to a giant Senator, but the politician refuses to pay him for the capture. As revenge, the Piper tries to lure the Senator's young son away. Mark devises a way to cancel out the Piper's music by recording the music and playing it backwards. The Piper comes up with another scheme, and reduced to the size of the humans, he offers Fitzhugh a ride back to Earth if he disables the tape recorder. Guest stars: Jonathan Harris (Mr. Piper), Peter Leeds (Senator), Michael-James Wixted (Timmy) The Secret City of Limbo 218 January 18, 1970 Bob and Esther Mitchell Sobey Martin

After Mark and Valerie witness a pair of giant archeologists get attacked by a man with a laser gun, they hide in hole where they find a teleporter that sends them to an underground city called Limbo which is populated by giants unknown to those living on the surface. Their leader Taru, explains that if the archeologists discover Limbo, they will start a war which the more advanced underground giants will surely win. Taru wishes to avoid war, but his rival, General Aza, is trying to start one and had sent the gunman to kill the scientists. With the other's help, Mark comes up with a plan to contaminate the soil at the dig site with an explosive chemical that would prevent the surface giants from blasting and discovering the hidden city. Guest stars: Malachi Throne (Taru), Whit Bissell (Dr. Krane), Joseph Ruskin (General Aza), Peter Jason (Mylo) Panic 219 January 25, 1970 Bob and Wanda Duncan Sobey Martin

List of Land of the Giants episodes


Betty and Fitzhugh are caught in a paralyzing trap and taken away by a SID officer to an interrogator named Marad. Suddenly, they are teleported away to the home of Professor Kirmus who has developed a matter transport device capable of sending anything anywhere – including the little people back to Earth. Unfortunately Kirmus's housekeeper is really a SID operative and she turns Kirmus in to the authorities, but Marad is really after the secrets of the teleport machine. Meanwhile, Steve and the other Earthlings search for a missing component of the device hidden by Kirmus, who promises them a trip back home. Guest stars: Jack Albertson (Prof. Kirmus), Peter Mark Richman (Dr. Marad), Diane McBain (Mrs. Evers), Edward G. Robinson Jr. (SID Guard Rogers), Patrick Culliton (SID Officer Willis), Steven Marlo (SID Officer Burns) The Deadly Dart 220 February 1, 1970 William L. Stuart Harry Harris

Two SID agents turn up dead, killed by poison injected at the ankle, and at the crime scene the police find the footprints of little people and a blowgun with Mark's initials inscribed on it. Back at the Spindrift, the humans learn a giant reporter named Bertha Fry is spreading accusations that the Earthlings are murderers and should be exterminated. Fitzhugh openly blames Mark of being the killer and when more evidence mounts against him, Mark mysteriously disappears. When a giant lab is blown up and another giant is murdered, Steve races to locate Mark who he suspects is really being set up by the reporter who wants her "big story". Note: This episode is also called "The Retaliator". Guest stars: John Dehner (Lt. Grayson), Madlyn Rhue (Bertha Fry), Christopher Dark (Sgt. Barker), Don "Red" Barry (Dr. Zoral), Kent Taylor (Doc Jelko), Willard Sage (Insp. Swan) Doomsday 221 February 15, 1970 Daniel B. Ullman Harry Harris

The little people help a giant man named Kamber who has been shot by police, but he refuses medical help and has the humans contact a woman named Dr. North instead. Once North arrives, it is revealed she and Kamber are part of terrorist plot to blow up half-a-million people. When she learns the little ones have overheard the plan, she tries to kill them, but the humans manage to escape with Fitzhugh injuring his leg. Betty and Valerie stay with Fitzhugh, while the others try figure out a clue left behind by Kamber that could lead to the location of the bombs. However, Inspector Kobick captures Betty and Fitzhugh, and doesn't buy their story of the terror plot, leaving Steve and the others to foil the plan themselves. Guest stars: Kevin Hagen (Insp. Kobick), Francine York (Dr. North), Tom Drake (SID Sergeant), Charles Dierkop (Arthur Kamber), Ed Peck (Mike Warkin) A Small War 222 February 22, 1970 Shirl Hendryx (teleplay), Anthony Wilson (story) Harry Harris

The little people encounter a giant boy named Alek who has come to play war with another unseen opponent named Falco. Armed with several mechanical army men, and a remote controlled jeep, tank and airplane, Alek launches an assault upon the little people who he thinks are Falco's mechanical toys. Unfortunately for the Earthlings, at their scale, the war toys are just as lethal as the real things and must be stopped. Steve tries to reason with the boy, but is unsuccessful; and after Alek "bombs" the Spindrift camp with stones from the plane, a fed up Mark attempts to stop the child even if it means having to harm him. Guest stars: Charles Drake (Mr. Erdap), Sean Kelly (Alek), Miriam Schiller (Nurse) The Marionettes 223 March 1, 1970 William Welch Sobey Martin

After a gorilla escapes from a circus and captures Valerie, the little people help guide a puppeteer named Goalby in finding the beast. Although Valerie is freed from the ape, Betty becomes caught in an animal trap and Goalby helps release her too. In doing so, he injures his hand and cannot perform. To repay him, Betty and Fitzhugh decide to be Goalby's marionettes until his hand heals. Meanwhile, Dan and Valerie are captured by Brady, the circus master; and he quickly realizes Goalby's puppet show is a farce. Instead of firing the puppeteer, Brady schemes to make a fortune off the realistic puppet act and forces Goalby to maintain the illusion. Goalby instead, tries to help Steve and Mark rescue their friends. Guest stars: Frank Ferguson (Goalby), Victoria Vetri (Lisa), Robert Hogan (Brady), Sandra Giles (Harem Dancer), Martin Liverman (Trainer), Janos Prohaska (Bobo Gorilla), Carl Carisson (Knife Thrower), Al Lampkin (Fire Eater) Wild Journey 224 March 8, 1970 William Welch Harry Harris

Steve and Dan encounter two time-travelling people their size, Throg and Berna, who escape a SID agent by using an amazing device called the STM – "Space-Time Manipulator". Throg demonstrates the abilities of the STM which can send anyone, to anywhere, to any time. Steve believes he could use the device to return to Earth and change everyone's current predicament by avoiding taking off for the fateful flight of the Spindrift. Steve manages to gets a hold of the device and he and Dan teleport back to Earth and just before the flight. Throg and Berna soon arrive and angrily explain that it is forbidden to change history, but Steve and Dan do not want to go back to the giant's world so easily. Guest stars: Bruce Dern (Thorg), Yvonne Craig (Berna), Sheila Allen (Miss Collier), Erik L. Nelson (SID Man), Louise Lorimer (Miss Smith), Marshall Stewart (Passerby) Graveyard of Fools 225 March 22, 1970 Sidney Marshall Sobey Martin

List of Land of the Giants episodes


Steve, Dan, Valerie and Fitzhugh are caught by a mad scientist named Melzac who puts them in a model plane and flies it to the "Graveyard of Fools" – an uncharted land on the giant's world that no one has ever returned from. During the flight, the plane enters a mysterious vortex and vanishes along with the little ones who find themselves in a bizarre world under the control of Melzac's twin brother Bryk. Meanwhile, Mark is caught by Melzac who reveals he and his brother's plans to fix an alien device, the "servo actuator", which is causing ripples in space and time and requires the use of the little ones to get inside it and conduct repairs. Guest stars: Albert Salmi (Melzac/Bryk), John Crawford (Tagor), Marshall Stewart (Janitor)

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