Text 1 no: 1 Sd 3. Nusantara Sports School Enrollment Form A Football Class 321 Gajah Mada Street Name : Toni Hartono Date of birth : July 2 1990 Place of birth : Bandung West Java Commong School : SMP N I Selorejo Phone : 0342332635 Height : 160 Cm Weight : 50 Kg 1. How heavy is Toni ? a. 12 years old c. 50 kgs b. the first year d. 160 cms 2. What do you think Toni want to be ? a. a football player c. an SMP student b. a football spectator d. the best player 3. What is the text about ? a. a member card of football class b. a list of football class member c. an identity of Nusantara Sport school d. an identity of student of SMP Selorejo Text 2 no 4 - 6 Mystery Novel Some people like gardening, some like fishing and some like cooking. Anton and his mother like reading books. His father does not like books. He like newspaper and magazines. Every weekend Anton and his mother usually borrow love stories. Anton borrow detective stories and mystery novels. He knows the librarian. Her name is Mrs Tina. Last week his teacher told him about Jk Rowling. She told that JK Rowling has written some amazing mystery novels. Anton wants to read her books. So today he goes to the library. Anton was lucky because he found one of her book in the library. The tittle is Harry potter and the Order Of The Phonex. The book was on shelf Number 11. He took the book from the shelf and brought it to Mrs Tina 4. How often does Anton go to the library ? a. once a week c. every Monday b. twice a week d. every day 5. Anton wants to read Harry Potter because….. a. it’s written by JK Rowling b. it’s on the shelf number 11 c. it’s an amazing mystery novel d. his hobby is reading Harry Potter

6. Who has told about JK Rowling ? a. his father c. his mother b. his teacher d. librarian 7. Ani : Mr Simon work very hard. He has many order to make chairs, cupboards, etc. Ana : what is his job ? Ani : …….. a. tailor c. bricklayer b. fisherman d. carpenter 8. Budi : How often do you go to the cinema ? Yati : ……a week, every Saturday. a. seldom c. sometimes b. everyday d. once a week 9. My father ……. In the post office since 1967. But now he retired. a. works c. is working b. has worked d. is going to work Text 3 no 10 - 13 Mia : May I see the menu ,please ? Waiter: Here you are. May I be excuse, please ? I’ll get in order sheet. Mia : Thank you, Nia : Can I order now ? Waiter: yes, certainly. Nia : I’d like some crap soup to start Mia : And can I have a tail soup please ? Waiter: Yes you can Mia : Than I’d like to have gado-gado with fried Chicken, chips and pawn. Nia : Roast chicken for me please with Mushroom. And can I have chip please ? Waiter: Yes that is fine. What would you like to drink ? Nia : Can we have two glass of dawet, please ? 10.The dialogue tell us about…… a. the local and foreign food b. the food served in a restaurant c. the waiter service d. the ordering of food in a restaurant 11.What is the meaning of “Menu” ? a. shopping list c. list of food b. schedule d. list of work 12.Which food is not served in the restaurant ? a. gado – gado c. mushroom b. chicken curry d. fried chicken 13.What kind of drink does Nia want ? a. tea c. coffee b. ice tea d. dawet 14.The room was dirty when I left. It’s clean now, someone ………..it. a. cleans c. is cleaning b. cleaned d. has cleaned

28.. a. Malaysia. a. They usually rotate between countries of a region and are open to all clubs of that region. someone b. Other countries may not to participate in National championship c. fifty words a minute.. rotate d. No smoking area.In the class ……. have explored c.I’m very pleased with it c. The championship that was held in Zello was a regional event 17. nobody 24. A competitor can compete in one or more of the following categories : Tanding.Olympic games – years – every The best arrangement is…… a. I disagree b.Which is NOT TRUE according to the text ? a. Olympic Games are held every four years c. Don’t worry 27.football. Four years Olympic Games are every held Pencak silat Championship are held at national and regional international levels.. Ganda. Susilo : ………. Dentist b. Will play Although Indonesia sea resources (28)…. a. What else can I do for you ? d. Regional Championship are held every two years.Sir ? Buyer : Can I get the copy of the recipe ? a. The International Championship d. Police 21Putri wants to apply for a job. Every four years are held Olympic Games b. is allowed to smoke in that area a. Every Olympic Games are held four years d. Some years ago d. are – four – held . were explored d. surgion c. Play c. a. (29)…the quality of of the fish was much better than we have today because people (30)…dynamite to get fish. sir ! Buyer : Thank you ! Pharmacist : ………. The word championship take place every two years and are the mostly held in one of the founder member countries of PERSILAT ( the International Federation ) The founder member countries of PERSILAT are Indonesia.. used d. I like it a. The latest Europen Championship For example was held from 26-27 May 2001 in Zolle .for years. we still have many kind of fish in it. somebody b. use . Now the Manager is Interviewing her. and Regu. Someone c.Lina : What did the students do ? Lisa : They…….countries that may wish participate “ What is the synonym of the under line word ? a. anybody 25. Putri : Yes. a. Can you type ? c. Please ? B : There are four umbrellas here……is yours ? A : The black one. The Silat Championship categories 18. Can you type letters ? 22.That is wrong d. Some years c.. 16. people d. Played b. Would you type this letter ? d. Pharmacist : Here is your medicine and this is your change. a. Which c. Teams means……. It is an interesting program. group c.. anyone c. players b.. Sita : Where will you go if get toothache ? Siti : I will go to the ……………… a.15. Singapore is one of the founder member of PERSILAT b.Tunggal. Where d. When 23. plays d. A competitor may compete in two categories d.Professional basketball is played by two teams of five players each. What do you think if I help you ? 20. take place b. Doctor d. and Brunai Darusalam All pencak silat competition are held according to PERSILAT rules. The National Championship c. please. have been explored b. A : Can you take me my umbrella. Singapore. didn’t used c. “….Rafi : Let’s watch TV now. take a part 19. What b.No. Mr Susilo : What foreign language can you speak ? Putri : English and French. What does paragraph 3 tell us about ? a. In most cases National Championship are organize By the local national federation and may be open to other counties that may wish to participate. everyone d. Rofi : What program is it ? Rafi : It is “Cinta SMU” in Indosiar Rofi : ………. Holland. The regional championship b. On a national level individual clubs of one country compete against each Other. a. Do you mind if I help you ? c. Can you help me? b. At present 30. has a chance to be the best student. persons 26. May I help you ? b. compete c. Mr. a. It means that…. No one d. Many years b. don’t use b. explored 29.

please ? Rio : certainly. Shall I repair d. They all are looking forward to the trip a. but……. They still in the class. works c. It used its tail as weapon it fights.? Kasur : Yes we will. I’m very busy b. please .Ronny : Wil. Will you show me? 41 . Komodo 33. No Thank b. leave 40. Anyone 35. work b.. ………your bike.I look forward to my friends. do we d. a.ve never seen her operate it. I doubt it c. Receptionist : Single or double ? Guest : Single ones. wait for 34. I’m afraid she can b..m. I need a room d. don’t we 36.Susan is a receptionist. Receptionist : What can I do for you ? Guest : ………. I.. a. expect c. Will we c. it has four legs. is working 32. May I see c. I’m surprise to know that 39 “The plane depart the airport at 6. I’m sorry to hear that c. a. Piton b. believe b. assure d. I need some foodc. a. The underlined phrase means…… a. I’m sure about it d.Sukar : We’ll arrive in Balapan Rail way station. No one b. But I want to check in Tomorrow. Crocodile c. worked d. Everyone c.” The word depart means…… a. come.l you go with me to visit Lingga Asri ? Donny : ……. Can you lend me b. get b. She ….…. It belong to reptile. Won’t we b. Alligator d.Yusri : Can Lia operate a computer ? Izur : Maybe she can. come d. a. c.. Yes 38. It is originally from one of the same as its place of origin . a.31..00 a.m.Miki : Who will join the trip to Bali ? Miko: …. in a hotel every day. I’m afraid I can’t 37. Billy : I’m going to the post office but my bike has flat tire. We’ll arrive in Balapan rail way Station at 11 30 a. No it is not good d. Someone d. a.

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