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Teacher: Mrs.

Valli Class/Set: 9N2, 8N2 Date:29/02/12 & 07/03/12 Time/Period: 3&4, 5&6, 7&8 Number of pupils: 30 Learning Objectives (WALT): Able to understand the importance of writing algorithm before start programming Able to describe the stages involved in designing algorithm for given problems Subject: Progranimate Introduction Scheme of Work:

Room: CC


- Able to perform complex algorithm using iteration. Intended Learning Outcomes (WILF): All must be able to: understand how to design algorithm using Progranimate. Most should be able to: declare variable and indentify difference between Readline and Writeline in VB6. Some could: use iteration (loops) to find the largest, smallest and average numbers.
Keywords: Progranimate, programming, algorithm, program, read, write, print, assign, variable, run, terminate, variable status, flow chart. Reference to cross-curriculum issues (Literacy, Numeracy, Citizenship, PSHE, ECM..): Entry ( 2.5 mins) Starter (5 mins): GameMaker/ BYOB Self & Peer Evaluation Homework Comments (Discussion) Include more than 1 screenshots to explain the game sequence Differentiate between questions and answers; e.g. Use bold for questions You should be able to come out with a solution to solve any problem. You should include more explanations when you self-evaluate. It will generate more ideas, identify problems and used for your future reference. Resources GameTesting.pptx Evaluation.doc

I appreciate that you have work individually and take the full responsibility, but you should know that when you enter the office in 'future', it is going to be teamwork. Therefore, practise to exchange ideas and share responsibilities (reduce your workload). Main ( 55 mins): Explain WILF What is Progranimate: 1) Progranimate is a programming environment designed specifically for novices 2) Progranimate allows the user to focus solely on the problem-solving task by minimising all other distractions 3) Strengthen the novices algorithmic problem solving abilities Demo: Create program to add 2 numbers

ProgranimateAnI ntroduction.pptx

Progranimate7. jnlp

Task of the day:Write algorithm using Progranimate Find the difference between 2 numbers. Find the product of 2 numbers (this means to multiply the 2 numbers). Change the time in secs to mins Change a volume in pints to litres (1 litre = 2.2 pints). Find the volume of a cone given its diameter & height To find the volume of a cube given the length of a side. To find the volume of a pyramid, given the length & breadth of its base & its height. To find the average speed of a car given the journey time & the distance travelled. Find the average of 4 numbers Find the largest of 4 numbers Find the smallest of 4 numbers

Plenary ( 10 mins): AFL Exit ( 2.5 mins) Differentiation (related to Learning Outcomes) - G & T: Help pupils finding difficulties in completing the game. Homework : Algorithms to be completed and uploaded to VLE for marking. Assessment including WILF: Questioning & Discussion (AfL) 1) Progranimate experience - feedback? Good points / Improvements? 2) What have you learnt from using Progranimate? Evaluation of the lesson: Pronunciation variable needs to be changed Informal observations made by curriculum mentor [x]: Good