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Allottees on the Nemaha Half-Breed Reservation, 1860

Adapted for the web by Lance Foster from "The Otoes and Missourias" by Berlin Basil Chapman, Pages 381-384, Appendix A. Times Journal Publishing Company (Oklahoma), 1965.
No tribal affiliations were listed, but we know the Iowa, Otoe-Missouria, Omaha, and Yankton and Santee Sioux were represented. A few may be fullbloods, but most are half-breeds (offspring of fullblood Indian mother and full white father), while some others are mixed-bloods (offspring of half-bloods and half-bloods, with various admixtures of Indian and white, and perhaps some black). Spellings and variant spellings are presented here as in the original lists. Aliases are listed under each surname, as in the original. I have also broken surnames into groups by the letter the name begins with, for easier reading. --Lance M. Foster, 1999

Ah-ha-a-me Ah-pah-we-he

Ballard, Sarah Barnaby, Emily Barnaby, William Barrada, Antoine [The Barada name is normally spelled with one "r", but as it is spelled with "rr" in Chapman's list I have retained this spelling] Barrada, Celestine Barrada, Clara Barrada, Euphazia Barrada, Juliette Barrada, Michael Barrada, William Barrada, Mary Jane, alias Mary Paul Beans, William Beddow, Felicitie Bedor, Eli Jr. Bedor, Emmanuel Bedor, Sophia Benoist, Alexander Benoist, Cecelia Benoist, Deroin Benoist, Jane, later Mrs. F. M. Barnes Benoist, Leonard Benoist, Louisa Benoist, Mary, age 11 Bercia, David Bercia, Elizabeth Bercia, Esther Bercia, Julia Bercia, Mary Bojoneaux, Marcolette Bono, Mary

Boyear Boyer, Michell Bruillard, Mary

Campbell, George Campbell, Sophia Campbell, Susan Campbell, William Canona, alias Handorum Sharkeppie Carrigan, Adolpheus Carrigan, William Carsol, Julia Carsol, Lewis Cayuga, Brazeau Che-chee Cheinie, Michelle Chenice, Louisa Chenice, Therese Clairmont, Checkpaw Cordier, Adelle Cordier, Charles Jr. Cordier, John Cornoyer, Esthe Cornoyer, Leon Corrigan, Frank Corrigan, Mary Cournoyer, Louise Culbertson, Margaret

Defore, Baptiste Defore, Louisa DeGrase, Charles Degrase, Louisa Deluria, Francis Deluria, Julia Deluria, Madeline Deluria, Mary Demoree, Mary Deroin, Amabel Deroin, Amelia Deroin, Baptiste Deroin, Catharine Deroin, Edward Deroin, Elisha Deroin, Frank Deroin, John Deroin, Joseph (allot. 74) Deroin, Joseph (allot. 122) Deroin, Louis Deroin, Mary Deroin, Morgan Deroin, Rosanna Deroin, Rozella Deroin, Sallie Deroin, Susee Deroin, William

Desmatte, Antoine Desmatte, Joseph Digyer, Henry Dorian, S. Dorion, Cass Dorion, Charles Dorion, Commanna Dorion, Lowry Dorion, Margaret Dorion, Mary (allot. 58) Dorion, Mary (allot. 387) Dorion, Paul Dorion, Queen Dorion, Rosalie Dorion, Sarah Drip, Charles Dripp, Andrew J. Dripp, Anna Dripp, Julia Dripp, Louisa Dripp, Thomas W. Dripp, Walter Dripp, William Dubuil, Elizabeth Dubuil, Robedeaux Duncan, Jim Dupree, Emma Dupuis, Francis Dupuis, Jefferson Dupuis, John Dupuis, Louis Dupuis, Manydays Dupuis, Mary Dupuis, William Duveille, Amelia Duveille, Bedor Duveille, Felicitie Duveille, Louis

Ebbs, Charles Ebbs, Elizabeth Ebbs, George Ebbs, Lorinda Eliza, daughter of No Heart

Fawfaw, Emile Fawfaw, Lewis Fawfaw, Lucy Fawfaw, Maria alias Margaretta Fawfaw, Robert Flaure, John Flaure, Louisa Fontenelle, Emily Fontenelle, Henry Fontenelle, S. Albert

Gaulette, Amanda Gaulette, Antoine Gaulette, Louisa Gaulette, Palisie Gaulette, Peter Godfrey, Daniel Godfrey, Louis Godfrey, Louisa Grant, Peter

Harvey, Mary Henderson, Anna Hink-a-cho-che-ma Ho-mon-e-wa-tah Hyner, alias Josephine Simpson


Jaundron, Alexander Jaundron, Francis Jaundron, Francis Jr. Jaundron, Louisa Jeroux, Charles Jeroux, Louisa Jones, Elizabeth alias Lyons

Kelvin, Menas or Mary Kensler, Eustacia Kensler, Levi Kensler, Tansan Kensler, Zela Kipp, Mary

LaCharity, Catherine LaCharity, Lazette LaCharity, Margaretta LaClare, Hennetta LaClare, Peter LaClare, Susan LaFlesh, Frank [may also be spelled LaFleche] LaFlesh, Josetta LaFlesh, Josette LaFlesh, Louis LaFlesh, Mary Lag-gar-ash

Lambert, Baptiste Lambert, Mary Lambert, Pelize Lamotte, Annie Lamotte, Collin Lamotte, Fanny Jr. Lamotte, Fanny Sr. Lamotte, Jennie Langdo, Adele Langdo, Margaret Langdo, Mary Langdo, Maurice LaPlant, John B. Jr. LaPlant, Joseph Larondal, Francis Larondal, Julia Larondal, Julian Larondal, Louisa Larondal, Phelix LeCompt, Louis LeCompt, Salie Lee Lionat, Joseph Lionat, Josephine Lionat, Rosalee Lionat, Rosalie Livermore, Alexander Livermore, Edwin Livermore, Henry Livermore, Julia (allot. 265) Livermore, Julia (allot. 270) Livermore, Peter Lyons, Mary

Ma-che-che Ma-che-pah Mansell, Mary Martin, Charles Martin, Josephette Ma-to-wa Me-ma-ke-he Menard, Leon Menard, Louis Menard, Oliver Menard, William Mo-e-na Mo-na Mon-ke-cha-me Mulky, Catherine Murray, Ann Murray, Kervin Murray, Rebecca

Neal, Elizabeth Neal, George Neal, Harriet

Neal, Lewis Neal, Mary Neal, Susan Ne-cam-e-zah Ne-u-soo-kah No Knife, Josette Now-to-che-chein

On-so-yo-me O Pelt, Alfred alias Ritter O Pelt, Edward alias Ritter O Pelt, John alias Ritter O Pelt, Joseph alias Ritter O Pelt, Josephine alias Ritter O Pelt, Samuel alias Ritter O-ra-che Ot-ta-ta-me Ow-we-ke

Papin, Peter Paul, Antoine Paul, Eliza Paul, Elizabeth Paul, Julia Paul, Louisa Paul, Madeline Paul, Mary alias Mary Jane Banada [sic. should be Barada] Paul, Prisa Pecott, Charles Pecott, Emily Pecotte, Margaret Pe-tak-e-da Picotte, Charles Picotte, Dolphinia Picotte, Mariah Picotte, Paul Picotte, Sophia Picotte, Susan Pilcher, John Pratt, Bernard Provonchie, Catharine


Randall, Amanda Randall, George Red Pipe Rencontre, Alexis Rencontre, Eliza Rencontre, Mary

Rencontre, Salie Rencontre, Zephire Ritter, Alfred alias O Pelt Ritter, Edward alias O Pelt Ritter, John alias O Pelt Ritter, Joseph alias O Pelt Ritter, Josephine alias O Pelt Ritter, Pelagie Ritter, Samuel alias O Pelt Robedeaux, Antoine Robedeaux, Charles (allot. 159) Robedeaux, Charles (allot. 198) Robedeaux, Edward Robedeaux, Eugenia Robedeaux, Felix Robedeaux, Frank Robedeaux, Henry Robedeaux, Isadore Robedeaux, James Robedeaux, Joseph (allot. 158) Robedeaux, Richard Robedeaux, Sophia (allot. 162) Robedeaux, Sophia (allot. 357) Robedeaux, Theresa Robedoux, Pelagie Robedoux, Theresa Robideaux, Antoine Robidoux, Catherine Robidoux, Emily Robidoux, Joseph (allot. 54) Robidoux, Lucinda Robidoux, Mary (allot. 60) Robidoux, Mary (allot. 116) Rocco Rocco, Elizabeth Sister Rogers, Betsy Ross, Virginia Roy, Elizabeth Roy, Emeline Roy, Henry Roy, John B. Roy, Louisa Roy, Mary Roy, Sophia Rulo, Amelia Rulo, David Rulo, Matilda Rulo, Zoe

Saunsosee, Cross Horse Saunsosee, Emily Saunsosee, Fredaline Saunsosee, Lewis Saunsosee, Mary Saunsosee, Mingoshe Saunsosee, Susan (allot. 246) Saunsosee, Susan (allot. 253) Saunsosee, White Hair Sharkeppie, Handorum alias Canona

Sherman, Mele Simpson, Josephine alias Hyner Simpson, Mary Jane alias Mary Welch Sloan, Artemecia Sloan, John Sloan, Margaret Sloan, Wm. Edward Story, Alvard alias Silvinie Robedoux Story, Elizabeth Story, Elizabeth Jr. Story, Franklin Story, Nancy Stralah Sunday

Ta-ink-a-mo-me Ta-ma Tar-a-man Ta-tank-ah Te-che-mo-ne Tepson, Sarah Traversie, Alex Traversie, Ambrose Traversie, Amelia Traversie, August Traversie, Charles Traversie, Felicia Traversie, Felicie Traversie, Narcissie Traversie, Paul Trudell, Mary


Valondre, Sophia Valondre, Williams Vanderslice, Daniel Vessaire, Ellen Vessaire, Louis Vessaire, Mary Vessaire, Sophia Vessor, Jackson

Wah-Kee-ah Wah-koon-nah Wah-koo-tah Wah-me-doo-tah Wah Tin Washington, George Was-to-ac-e-da

We-che-pe-nah We-kan-ra-ho Welch, Annice Welch, Ellen Welch, John Welch, Maria Welch, Mary alias Mary Jane Simpson Welch Sarah I. Welch, William Whitecloud, Frank Whitecloud, Robert Whitecloud, Thomas White Horse Wolf, Sarah


Young, Alexis

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