Incorporated in the State of New York February 11, 1992 Federal Tax ID No. 11-3105054

ZEBRA Environmental Corp. is a specialized environmental contracting company dedicated to providing high quality subsurface sampling, installation, injection and data collection services to engineering and consulting firms. Since 1992, ZEBRA has earned a solid reputation as the most qualified, best equipped, most experienced, and most reliable direct push/probing service provider on the East Coast. ZEBRA has completed thousands of projects where we have collected countless soil, soil vapor, and groundwater samples, installed hundreds of small diameter wellpoints, vapor implants, sparge points and injected tons of subsurface remediation products. There isn’t another contractor on the East Coast with more experience in providing probing services to engineers and consultants. ZEBRA has assembled a fleet of over twenty-seven (27) Geoprobe® units (including the newest 7822 and 8040 models) along with OSHA trained, experienced personnel that can cost-effectively collect the data necessary to characterize and/or remediate a site. ZEBRA's large and varied fleet of Geoprobe units provides the flexibility needed to respond quickly to our clients' needs, large or small, at any type of site. During the past few years direct push technology (DPT) has grown to include potential applications in all phases of project implementation. The use of ZEBRA’s Geoprobe units can help characterize subsurface conditions, delineate contaminant plumes, install monitoring points and inject a wide range of products that will either enhance bio-activity or establish in situ chemical treatment. Probe tools have evolved far beyond conventional soil and groundwater sampling towards direct sensing tools that will identify and log lithological characteristics and the presence and relative concentrations of volatile organics without bringing a sample to the surface.

30 NORTH PROSPECT AVENUE, LYNBROOK, NY 11563 . (516) 596-6300 FAX: (516) 596-4422

The diversity of applications enables ZEBRA to assist the consultant at many stages of a project, such as: INITIAL SITE ASSESSMENT HYDROGEOLOGIC & GEOTECHNICAL ASSESSMENTS REMEDIAL SYSTEM PILOT TESTING & DESIGN INJECTION SYSTEM DESIGN & INSTALLATION REMEDIATION PERFORMANCE MONITORING SITE CLOSURE CONFIRMATION ZEBRA can provide the widest range of DPT services available anywhere. In addition to the largest field ready Geoprobe fleet in the country, ZEBRA is the only probing contractor on the East Coast that has the experience and owns the equipment to provide all these services: Complete tool systems to collect subsurface soil, soil vapor, and groundwater samples, including 3.25”, 3.5” and 4.5” diameter tool string systems Direct sensing systems, including: o MIP- Membrane Interface Probe o HPT - Hydraulic Profiling Tool o EC – Electrical Conductivity o CPT - Cone Penetrometer Testing o UVOST – Ultra Violet Optical Screening Tool Installation of vapor implants, sparge points, DPT Monitoring wells with pre-packed screens and conventional monitoring wells with HSA (hollow stem augers) High pressure grouting and injection of subsurface remediation products, complete tank and mixing systems for a wide range of products Utility preclearing services using air knife and vacuum excavation with Vacmaster 1000 units and Utilivac units Fleet of twenty seven (28) Geoprobe units, including ten (10) 6600/7700 models; three (3) new 7822 DT rigs and two of the largest DPT rig available anywhere: the 8040 DT.


METRO NY REGION (Headquarters) David Vines, Branch Manager 30 North Prospect Avenue Lynbrook, NY 11563 Phone: (516)596-6300 Fax: (516)596-4422 E-mail: david@zebraenv.com

FLORIDA & SOUTHEAST REGION Mike Early, Branch Manager 1020 South 82nd Street Tampa, FL 33619 Phone: (813)626-1717 Fax: (813)626-1718 E-mail: mikee@zebraenv.com

RALEIGH NC Mike Early, Regional Manager 4205 Newington Hills Way Cary, NC 27513 Phone: (919)424-6122 E-mail: mikee@zebraenv.com

ALBANY, NY & NEW ENGLAND Will McAllister, Branch Manager Matt Ednie, Regional Manager 2846B Curry Road Schenectady, NY 12303 Phone: (518)355-2201 Fax: (518)355-2236 E-mail: matt@zebraenv.com E-mail: willy@zebraenv.com

NIAGARA & WESTERN NY Matt Ednie, Regional Manager 5016 Saunders Settlement Road Niagara Falls, NY 14305 Phone: (716)297-6567 Fax: (716)297-7902 E-mail: matt@zebraenv.com

BOSTON & NEW ENGLAND Matt Ednie, Regional Manager 17 Boston Avenue Uxbridge, MA 01569 Phone: (508)581-9880 E-mail: matt@zebraenv.com

NEW JERSEY Shawn Tibbetts, Branch Manager 629 Wright Debow Road Jackson, NJ 08527 Phone: 732-275-8333 Fax: 732-833-8460 E-mail: shawn@zebraenv.com


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