Limes Tourism Connection

“Developing the frontiers of the Roman Empire as a transnational European sustainable tourism product.”
Roman Watchtower, The Netherlands The Limes has the potential to be the largest, most compelling visitor destination in Europe. It is an interlinked chain of world class attractions that tells a unique story from history. Previous and present EU cooperation around the Limes focuses on the scientific and policy domain. At this moment, international cooperation on tourism is still modest. Tourism initiatives are regional, to some extent connected at national levels, but there is no coordinated and structural international cooperation. The project “Limes Tourism connection” aims to catalyze the international networking process around the Limes heritage, to connect relevant national and regional stakeholders, cultural resource managers and the tourism sector, professional and voluntary initiatives, in order to develop the Limes into a transnational sustainable tourism product.
Facilitate development and coordination of Limes tourism products

Main objectives of the project are:
Housesteads Crags, Hadrian’s Wall, United Kingdom - Facilitating development and coordination of Limes tourism products through exchange of information. - Promoting and increasing visibility of the Limes as a transnational tourism product.

Development and promotion of a sustainable transnational tourism o er based on Limes European Heritage

To promote and increas visibility of the Limes as transnational tourism product

Project activities
B. Limes Web portal A1. Kick o meeting

Fort Mautern, Austria

A2. National Networking Meetings Limes Web Portal / Platform

A3. International working conference

A4. Joint strategy

(implementation of cooperation projects after project period) Ripa Pannonica, Hungary
A. Making the link: networking activities, inspiration and joint strategy A1. 1st partner meeting including site visit, prepared by a ‘frontrunner’ partner (location: UK, Hadrian’s Wall) A2. State of the art and opportunities: national networking meetings (in each partner country) A3. An international working conference (location: in The Netherlands) A4. Joint strategy and action plan: a follow-up meeting (location: in Hungary) MORE INFORMATION Province of Utrecht: Research Institute of Austrian History: Hadrian’s Wall Trust: Hungarian Limes Cultural Association: German Limes:
Province of Utrecht (The Netherlands) Research Institute of Austrian History (Austria) The Hadrian’s Wall Trust (United Kingdom)

Project partners: /
Supporting partners: German Limes Route Association and German Limeskommission

Hungarian Limes Cultural Association (Hungary)