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ANALYSIS BY A. J. Weberman

In July 2012 Ron Paul spoke at a rally on Sunday, August 26, 2012 at the University of South Florida’s Sundome. This event was going to be the biggest Nazi rally since the German-American Bund at Madison Square Garden in New York City, on February 20, 1939 pictured on the left, however only twenty-thousand people attended. The speakers included Doug Weade, Paul’s campaign manager (the closest Paul will ever come to weed) and Ron Paul’s former chief of staff Lew Rockwell. Rockwell reprinted hundreds of Patrick Buchanan’s articles on his blog. Rockwell is the reincarnation of neo-Nazi leader George Lincoln Rockwell. He wrote, What happened was that when the Nazis first learned of the fire, they assumed that it was carried out by the Communists and, therefore, that it would be a great piece of political propaganda to use to go after the Communists. When they later learned that it was a lone arsonist, they decided to ignore the truth and still claim the Communists were behind the fire. And that is the lie about the Reichstag Fire—not that it was a False Flag operation carried out by the Nazis.1


Rockwell has a history of defending Nazis and wrote, ―When Nazi Germany occupied France during WW2, did the evil Germans forbid the French from going to church?‖2 In a 1990 column defending Nazi War Criminal John Demjanjuk Buchanan denied that Jews had been mass murdered using diesel engine fumes: Diesel engines do not emit enough carbon monoxide to kill anybody. In 1988, 97 kids trapped 400 feet underground in Washington, D.C. tunnel while two locomotive spewed diesel exhausts into the car, emerged unharmed after 45 minutes. Demjanjuk’s weapon of mass murder cannot kill. The Paulfest featured at least one Jew so it would not seem like an anti-Jewish, anti-Israel event. Professor Walter Edward Block (see illustration for his book Thinking the Unthinkable on the left) spoke. Block lectured about the rights of a woman to stop an unwanted pregnancy. He explained that the libertarian theory of abortion leads to the right of the woman to evict an unwanted fetus, but not to kill that fetus, a theory he refers to as "evictionism." Block stated that in the event of an unwanted pregnancy, a fetus becomes to its mother what a trespasser is to the owner of the property in question. The problem here is that the ―trespasser‖ is afforded no rights, no liberty, from this so-called libertarian. If the pregnancy is terminated in the six month of gestation he would remove it and let it die a horrible death rather than perform a Dilation and Curettage. This crackpot is one of the leading Jewish defenders of voluntary slave contracts3 arguing that a slave contract is "a bona fide contract where consideration crosses hands; when it is abrogated, theft occurs." He argues that his position shows "that

2. 3.

contract, predicated on private property [can] reach to the furthest realms of human interaction, even to voluntary slave contracts.‖4 Aside from the relegalization of slavery, the Pauloids will be rallying for more strip mining as Block has written, To say of a thing that it is ―natural‖ or ―unnatural‖ is not to say anything about that thing’s intrinsic value. A thing’s value depends upon whether or not it satisfies our needs, and contributes to our well-being. Strip mining, when evaluated rationally, fulfills these more rational criteria. Block made some stupid Jewish joke that stereotyped Jews. Of course the main speaker was Ron Paul. The former Liberty Lobbyist repeatedly used the word ―Liberty‖ in an ambiguous fashion as in ―the cause of liberty.‖ What he precisely meant by the word was never defined but his audience comprised of 99% Whites knew that he meant the liberty to destroy the Jews (who are responsible for all the world’s problems). After Israel and all the Jews disappear according to Paul, it will be perfect world. Paul was unhappy with the RNC because many of his delegates had been disqualified because of a rule change that was aimed at him and his heavy-handed delegate intimidators. He was also unhappy because he was not going to be given a speaking slot at the convention. Paul never mentioned Israel by name however it was referred to by implication when he used the term ―my foreign policy.‖ He recalled that other ―mainstream republicans‖ had told him: We like you but if you would change your foreign policy you would have a lot more success. You need to change your foreign policy. And of course if I didn’t have the policy that I do have I don’t believe we would be here tonight. This is something they obviously do not understand; those who do understand it fear it because of the powerful special interests behind a foreign policy of intervention in the military industrial complex but its complex but they strongly resent this.

The term ―military industrial complex‖ was invented by the Leftist sociologist C. Wright Mills and first used in his book The Power Elite (1956) then picked up by President Eisenhower in his farewell address (1960) in which he stated that it was a threat to democracy. So the dirty Jews are the ―powerful special interests‖ who pull the strings behind the scenes and control the armaments industry so they can profiteer from the wars they instigate. Later on Paul would state, ―The media is part of the military industrial complex.‖ In other words the Jews control the media. Another code word for Jew is ―neo-con‖ because many of the neo-cons were Jewish. ―Right now we still have neo-cons all over the place they are not just in one party either.‖ Paul traced America’s troubles to 1913 but refused to admit that a Republican was President at the time. Paul continues his historical narrative but is hesitant to use the word ―Nazi.‖ He skipped over a few decades then stated that it was in the ―1930’s where we had so much Fascism and Keynesianism.‖ Earlier he had said that in the 1930’s ―the fascism of Hitler and Mussolini, and they contributed to another 25 million people that died‖ then made reference to the ―fascism of Europe‖ and how we ―ended up‖ in World War II. Paul is not going to blame the Nazis because he is a crypto-Nazi. Paul knows by this time he will get nowhere with the American people unless there is a catastrophic economic event that can be blamed on Israel: ―The downfall of the economy will provide more excuses to crack the whip and crackdown on our civil liberties.‖ He makes it seem as if the present administration would be responsible when it would more likely be cryptoNazis like himself. Terrorism is a result of ―blowback‖ and the chances of anyone being killed by a terrorist are one in 25 million. If Paul revoked the Patriot Act, abolished CIA and the DHS, curtailed the powers of the FBI that percentage would skyrocket. He claimed that American soldier had up to a 20% chance that he would be killed by friendly fire. Paul said he heard someone remark that if Paul’s people were in charge Osama Bin Laden would still be alive. Paul countered ―but you know that I think the answer is

so would the 3,000 people still be alive.‖ So America was to blame for 9/11 not Islam. Prior to this Paul hinted 9/11 was an inside job. Paul said he had also be accused of not being patriotic – he cited pre-op traitor not only to his country but to his sex, Bradley Manning and Wiki U.S. security document publisher Julian Assange as patriots. In 1935 Sinclair Lewis wrote a novel It Can’t Happen Here and that novel essentially was a warning because he believed that it could happen here; it was an anti-Fascist novel because he was very concerned about Mussolini and the Nazis and his whole argument was that it can happen here. But I would like to turn that around and say it can happen here. Paul qualified this statement saying something for the good can happen here but his more cognizant followers caught on to the real drift of his statement. Paul is a mean spirited hardcore Nazi who cannot be bribed or co-opted by Jewish money. Not many Jews could bribe their way out of being shipped to death camps as the earlier Nazis also could not be bribed. He is hardcore Nazi scum and really not much different than David Duke or Tom Metzger. There is no screaming in his speeches like Hitler, no ranting and raving, yet there is not much difference between these two maggots. Currently Ron Paul supporters are a minority. But remember, Hitler’s "National-Socialist Freedom Movement" polled 3% of the vote in the December 1924 Reichstag elections, and this fell to 2.6% in 1928. State elections produced similar results. But two years later, after the results were in for the September 1930 Reichstag elections, the Nazis won 18.3% of the vote, and became the second-largest party in the Reichstag. This was a result of the 1929 stock market crash and the subsequent Great Depression during which Germany became the hardest hit country with unemployment reaching 6.5 million. As long as Ron Paul runs for public office he is a threat. Hitler was elected to public office; there was no coup or power grab and Ron Paul is still a viable candidate waiting in the wings to take power when the economic and political circumstances are right. Paul's campaign chairman Jesse Benton stated that Paul was not considering running under a third-party candidacy barring "some sort of

financially catastrophic event in this country." Paul was hoping that an American-Israeli attack on Iran launched before the 2012 elections will cause an economic crisis that will catapult him to power just as Hitler benefited from the 1929 Stock Market crash and the Great Depression that followed.5 Paul is betting against America. Ron Paul is a defeatist and traitor to his country who wants to accomplish what Hitler failed to do – defeat the United States.