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Strange Time to Be Alive – Assumptions Absent Definitions – You are Your Rescuer

NDE Play-list Peter Russell – The Primacy of Consciousness 1:09:07 Video Journal
It's a strange time to be alive. There are more crazy assumptions underlying what we think we know that are helping to make things really strange. It all seems so normal on the surface that it lulls us into thinking we know what's what and what's going on. Anything but. As a for instance, did you know that we can't define temperature? Sure, we may know how to measure it and how it behaves under certain circumstances – but still the definition eludes us. We don't actually know what it is that we're measuring. The same goes for gravity. We neither know what it is not what causes it – we just know that it is. Not much more. Let's add light to that mix as something else we can work with and measure and take apart into its constituent frequencies. That doesn't mean we can define it. An excellent video by the physicist Peter Russell postulates that light, itself, isn't even in the third dimension. He suggests that it's in another dimension and what we see is perhaps the shadow or the bleed through of that. Truly interesting – but clearly highlighting that we can't define light.

Science is full of these things – items we work with all the time, include in our experiments – items for which we have no accepted definition – only assumptions piled on top of assumptions. Science doesn't like to talk about this. Even many scientists' thinking is riddled with unproved assumptions – such as belief in Darwin's evolutionary theory – which is in no way proved. Even Darwin stepped back from it in his later life. Where is truth to be found in the midst of this situation? One thing I see as necessary is that we withdraw trust from everything “out there” in the world – and vest it only in self and Source – nowhere else. We have to go by our own internal resonance on things – and keep our BS Meter polished and in good working order. It's pretty stinky out there – let's not get used to the “fragrance.” That's what has happened to the scientists – they got used to relying on and believing in certain theories. They chose to believe them, perhaps because those theories form the basis of some of their own theories. So they have something invested in those questionable theories being right. If not then their own theories will come tumbling down – they can't have that. Science, itself, has become rather a racket. True scientific experiments are seriously costly. We'd do ourselves a favor by requiring all funding for experiments to be transparently listed ahead of the outcomes of those experiments. If we lose sight of who is funding something we set ourselves up to be duped – and through the government we're the ones funding many of their experiments. We have both the right and the need to know these things. To uncover most of what is wrong with society today just follow the money. Simple logic tells us that the big, expensive experiments must be funded by some very deep pockets. We've got to get better at questioning that – at demanding to know the funding. Just the fact that it usually lies hidden should tell us that maybe they're not so proud of where the funding originates – not proud of the agenda that comes with it. Why do we so easily trust, my friends? Why are we so easily misled? Perhaps it's because too many of us haven't awakened from the sheeple or sleeple state – yet – but we're getting around to it. It's steadily happening. Though it may not yet look that way

on the surface, this mess is already in the midst of changing. So things are both worse and better than many of us think they are. With a good dose of detachment we can more easily look into things like funding – and scientific experiments based on unproved theories instead of established facts. Yet with the whole scientific community so ready to base their thinking and their work on these theories it's hard to figure out where to tackle or tickle this beast – to get it to wake up. As usual, the best conclusion or solution is to go to work on the self, first. Whatever is bothering us “out there” in the world needs to be cleaned up within us. It wouldn't bother us if we didn't have elements of the problem within us. We'd be at peace with it if it was totally resolved, inside. So let us take our discomfort with whatever it is “out there,” as indication that we have some of that very thing going on, inside. How are you doing with this kind of thing? Are you open to it – or does it frighten you? Being frightened or bothered by something is also an indication we have some issues around it, inside. When we quit running from what we fear we'll be finding this out in short order. Things will become so much clearer. The fear is just a message that something needs tending – that some energy needs to be cleared. So fear, in these cases, is actually our ally. It has an important message for us. The more we ground ourself in the reality that we are divine, the more strength and stamina we'll have to deal with our fears. When we come from a place of strength such as Heart we find that we can't be harmed. Death is another one of those things that isn't yet successfully defined, so many of us fear it. Once we know we're divine then we know we've got literally nothing to fear. All of this 3D stuff is just experience. We don't take the stuff over with us to the other side, but we do take the experience, so that makes it important. Living up to the highest that's in us won't lead us astray. We actually know what we're doing – just not on the conscious level. Far more of us is subconscious and unconscious than the part we call self – the conscious mind part. Yet we rely pretty much exclusively on this conscious mind aspect

of our being for everything. For many, if they're not conscious of it, if they don't have direct experience of it, then for them it just doesn't exist. This thinking is flawed. It totally invalidates the larger part of our consciousness, which lies hidden from the waking-state view. Usually as soon as someone points this out to us we can see it, immediately. It's that obvious. Yet until we see it, it might as well not exist for us, since we don't allow that it could even be real. When we step back from this for a good look at it from a broader perspective it looks so ridiculous it can even seem funny – and it is, in a way. Of course, it's also rather pathetic. It's ringing the alarm loud and clear that it's time and past time to awaken from the mental haze in which we've been wandering around. Are you waking up? I bet you are – and if you've been journaling, even irregularly, you can go look at the evidence of that. Just take a look at your journals from a year or two ago – or heck, from a few months ago. The change is happening, but if you content yourself to remain only in the conscious mind state then there's so much you simply won't see – because you can't. This is that old thing about which Einstein said that we can't solve the problem by remaining on the same level with it. We've got to rise above it – to step back from it. Wo/mankind is desperately in need of a much broader view on things. If we don't get some detachment going on then we'll likely drown in our misperceptions, which we've mistaken for established scientific facts. It's time to start questioning that – way past time. This is fine, since so many of us are doing just that. Do not selfcriticize, whatever you do. That's to replace one harm with another one that's not any better in any way. There are some hidden beliefs that need to be examined if you tend to blame or criticize your self all the time. You've got weeds in your Garden of Belief – on which your reality is based. Our beliefs are what create our reality – our experience of that. So in the midst of all of this messy stuff, let's be aware that it's just on the surface of things. This is not their hidden reality. One sure sign we've gotten off track is if we're not laughing anymore – if we've forgotten how key it is eo enjoy the self. When we're in enjoyment then we're plugged in to the deeper reality, chances

are. Watch the self and see where you fall on this measure of enjoyment. A really positive thing you can do for yourself is to get back into enjoyment. You've got to follow your joy and your bliss. You've got to know you are worthy of this – that it's perfectly natural to be in a state of perpetual quiet enjoyment. You've got to accept that you deserve it. Until you do you won't go far in raising your conscious awareness into higher frequencies. If that's what you want then I suggest it's time to look at this – at your state of enjoyment of life. It's diagnostic. Once we pluck up our belief in many or most of the lies we've been fed on and programmed with things get suddenly lighter – more enjoyable all around. We've got to stop watching the dark, dismal videos proclaiming their messages of one kind of doom or another. It's a choice. Is that what we want to do with our time – bring ourselves/keep ourselves down like that? I thought not. Then I suggest we do something about it. It's not like there aren't options out there – maybe too many of them, I know. Still, there are options. It's time to dust off our free will and give it more exercise. Time to learn to say no more often. What do you say – are you up to it? Do you trust your self enough to rely on it this way? I hope you do. But it not, no big deal – you can choose to change that. You're the one in charge of you – step up to the plate. It is your responsibility to enjoy yourself. Try that one on. How does it fit? It is your solemn duty to have fun – to lighten up on both life and your self. Do you think you can handle it? I bet you can – but it may be more challenging than you yet know. We've been heavily programmed against any such thing. We're supposed to be dour and depressed and angry all of the time. That's how “they” want us. Too bad for them. Come on and say this with me - “Too bad for them.” Start loving your self more. You can do this – but it takes focused determination. You wouldn't think it would, but it's because of the programming we haven't cleared away, yet. That's what make it hard to choose good clean fun like simple enjoyment of the beauties of life. We've been taught to not even perceive them – so how

can we enjoy them until we pull those weeds in our Belief Garden? Not so easy. Everything around you is giving you an indicator of the present state of your awareness. It's all talking to you – every moment. I know, it sounds strange. Well, so what, right? You can make room to take a look at life from this different perspective. It's a choice that you're empowered to make. The one who empowers you to make it is you. Give this some conscious observing – self-observation. It's time for you and all of us to be present right where we are. No more waiting for some mythical future, some rescue of one kind or another. Ditch that stuff. That has you out in the mythical future. You're here right now, so stay out of the future – unless Heart takes you there. It's time to be fully present right now and right here – NowHere – nowhere. Emptiness in fullness, fullness in emptiness – it can all be seen this way – if you want to. I think you owe it to yourself to at least check it out. Give it a month. Give it your very best shot. At the end of the month if you don't see/feel sufficient change you can always go back and pick things up the way that they were. I'd have to ask you, though, why you're so attached to that. Has it given you any real happiness? How long did it last? Okay, so this gets down to the message about our need to be loving the self. Are you up to it? Do you even know how? Until you ditch a good deal of the programming it will seem really awkward, even stupid. Yet you can also recognize that as just more of the programming kicking in. Time to get good at distinguishing the head fron the Heart. The one that gives you trouble is always the mind. There's simply no trouble in Heart. This Heart thing doesn't easily fit into words, my friends. If it did, that would mean that it's 3D and linear – since that's what words are. Instead, it's higher dimensional. What I mean by Heart I'll lay out in different ways just to give you the sense of it. It can be seen from many different angles/perspectives. Heart is much like a portal that can be reached from a point somewhere that's congruent with the center of your chest. It's not in 3D, so it's nothing we can touch or even define. And if I gave you a definition, I would again be talking about something in 3D, in the

linear world. Heart isn't that. If it can be defined then it's limiting. Words are limiting , so I'll give you a link to that journal about this. I can tell you, though, what people's biggest challenge with Heart is – it's in the need to let go of the mind to enter Heart. People are so addicted not just to mind, but to the left-brain part of it. They feel like they'd lose themselves if they let that go, even for one second – much less a healthy minute or so. That shows them they're identified with mind – they actually think they are mind. But they're not, of course. Detachment is called for – can you see it? Can you see the crying need for it? Until we detach from mind and pretty much everything else, our vision of Life will be terribly limited. It will be restricted to the 3D version of things – which we know has no ultimate reality. The only constant in 3D happens to be change. That should tell us something. Time to let go of our comfort zone. Why wait to have it ripped from our tight grasp? There's no need for that – it's setting the self up for unnecessary suffering. Each one must see this for him or herself. No one can do your seeing for you. This process demands that your changes be made inside. Quit trying to change the outside world. That's to go about change the wrong way – or at least very ineffectually. All true change originates within. You've got to go there and do that to make it happen – and you won't be able to boss things around that way. Perhaps you've noticed? I bet you have. Just be grateful, my friends, that we don't all have this ultimate power to change. If we had that power right now, can you imagine the crazy things many of us would be creating? As soon as we'd get good and angry at someone or something, it would probably die – if we got angry enough. Our every thought would manifest in less than a heartbeat. Overall, we're not ready for that. We're in transition. That's what is on the horizon – change in the blink of an eye – total power to change, to bring change. Let's start recognizing our own divinity, our divine nature. When we do this we've got some notion of our ultimate power – which is good. Remember, it's by our desire and imagination that TPTW have been using us to create their desired reality – chaotic, with them always on the top.

These things can be seen. More than that, they can be experienced. If you're having a hard time with any of it, look to your Garden of Belief. Choose one or two new beliefs as beautiful flowers to plant there. Then step back and watch the fireworks, as the old beliefs come rushing up to kill the new plants. Those are your choice points, where you're in the best shape possible to pull up those weeds. This is simply ideal. Something hit me this week, and I almost had to laugh. Now, I may not be right about this, but I highly suspect that I am. If you've read or watched my journal on sun-gazing you'll know my thoughts on that – how I don't go in for any particular methods. I'll give you a link, here. So anyway, it wasn't from any particular desired outcome that I went into sun gazing. Heck, I didn't even know the things that are suggested or promised as outcomes of the practice. Anyway, when I was listening to a video this week about sun gazing it mentioned how eventually you will lose your appetite for food. Suddenly, it clicked. I haven't been able to figure out why I've lost so much of my appetite for eating. It's been a bit mysterious, so I blamed it as likely being the result of our changing DNA – knowing those changes are brought in on the rays of the sun. That's what is so funny – that the proponents of sun gazing say that if you take it far enough you might not need to eat anymore. I don't suggest anyone take it to such an extreme level. Instead, be very cautious. Still, I'm making room inside for the possibility that this is what's happened to my appetite. My sun gazing simply ate it up. What do you think? Do you know anyone who has had this sort of a result from their sun gazing? Anyway, it doesn't matter in the long run. It's just an interesting detail. I also suggest we be very cautious about getting too serious about such details in 3D. They can prove to be distractions from the more powerful ways we can focus our awareness. And what do they ultimately produce? Anything having to do the the body is ultimately as unreal as the body is – here for a short while and then gone. This isn't at the heart of our reality. It's clear to me that just staying with and in Heart is to be at the heart of our reality. It's to be poised to have the clearest vision and the fastest transition into higher consciousness. That's my

choice, any day. It's all about Balance and staying with Now. We can all accomplish this – it just takes a good bit of determination. If your heart is on fire for Truth and for Light, this will be a nobrainer for you. You're already most of the way there. And if we take it to the next level – an even deeper one – then of course you are already there. You are already perfect, whole, and complete. All you need do is remove time-space from the equation – that steps you up a dimension or two, into higher consciousness. This is our ultimate Oneness – our ultimate single identity. This is the flip side of every coin in 3D. We have 3D on one side, but on the other one is this awesome underlying reality – where nothing ever happens. It's quite okay if you don't quite get this, yet. That would be just because you're still in mind a bit too much – and/or you have some more weeding to do in your own Garden of Belief. This all comes clear very easily when approached that way, or some way equally simple. It requires absolutely no effort at all. If you're exerting effort, then you're in mind, again. Just drop down into Heart and let that go. Let Heart speak. Finally, YOU CAN DO IT. The fact is that you've already done it. Sure, you may not yet have conscious access to the aspect of your inner being where you know this is true, but please don't stress about such things. Just know you contain the whole Universe – the whole Cosmos – right inside. Things are actually far, far better than they currently look on the surface. Once enough of us do enough of awakening, we'll be transferring those beautiful insides right into the outside world. We'll be that powerful – because we are. Let your mind be pretzeled. You do some of your best working things out with a fully pretzeled mind – one that's been stunned by the koan. Give mind a little paradox, a little puzzle to work on – such as this one: These eyes, through which I whoped (interesting “typo” pointing to “who” hopes) to see God are the eyes through which God sees me. Something like that. This frees you up to dive deeply within Heart while the mind is otherwise occupied. You won't even have the self-talk (which is really mind talk) to deal with. Mind will be frozen in pretzel or Mobius array. Once we all come to see that it's a programmed mind

that's our biggest hurdle to cross we'll make short work of that. And all of our individual successes will help carry our brethren right along with us. That's just how it works. Are you ready to let go of or loosen your strangle hold on the mind, yet? If not now, then when? What are you waiting for? Please don't look for rescue from the outside. You are the rescuer for which you have been waiting. Only you. No one else is coming. Let that all go. You don't need it, my friend. Christ lives in you, so S/He can come to you that way. Namaste.


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