Adjectives 2 grade Language arts Whole group direct teach


TEKS: (14) Writing/purposes. The student writes for a variety of audiences and purposes, and in various forms. The student is expected to: (A) write to record ideas and reflections (K-3); (17) Writing/grammar/usage. The student composes meaningful texts applying knowledge of grammar and usage. The student is expected to: (B) compose complete sentences in written texts and use the appropriate end punctuation (1-2); (18) Writing/writing processes. The student selects and uses writing processes for selfinitiated and assigned writing. The student is expected to: (A) generate ideas for writing by using prewriting techniques such as drawing and listing key thoughts (2-3); Objectives: TLW identify the purpose of adjectives. TLW demonstrate knowledge of adjectives. TLW apply knowledge of adjectives. TWL write sentences using adjectives correctly. Materials: Candy Pocket cart picture cards Paper and pencils Anticipatory set: Ask students if they would want to trade Halloween candy with me if they didn’t know what kind of candy I had. Modeling: Write a few adjectives on the board and ask the students what part of speech these words are? What do these words do? Why do we use adjectives? Connect idea to the anticipatory set. Practice: Draw 4-panel windowpane on the board. Label the panels: see, touch, smell, taste

They will write adjectives in each panel to describe it. Students will write a paragraph using the adjectives on their windowpanes. Modifications: Spanish translation available .Put a picture in the pocket chart and ask for adjectives from the students that fit into each panel Check for understanding Students will go to their seats to draw and label a 4-panel windowpane. When they have labeled their windowpane they will be given a piece of candy to describe.

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