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maintenance. and an acknowledged leader in key technologies. 1886 general Electric Apparatus company formed in the uK. 1928 Founding of Alsthom through the merger of Société Alsacienne de constructions mécaniques (France 1872) and thomson-Houston (uSA. customer-valued innovation remains at the heart of our strategy as we develop smarter and more energy efficient solutions to best match your current and future needs. Alstom grid carries with it the same pioneering heritage that engineered the earliest Ac and dc power grids stretching back well over a century. 1882 Founding of dEg in germany. 1898 compagnie générale d’Electricité (cgE) founded in France. (In the 1930s.formed from a business and people you know well. Alstom Grid has conceived many of the technologies that make up the world’s electrical networks.inTrOdUCing ALSTOM grid ///  A nEW SEctor iS Born I am pleased to introduce Alstom Grid* . chief engineer of AEg. 1891 The first AC transmission line was built in germany. more efficient and environmentallyfriendly electrical grids. cgE acquires a holding in delle (then “Ateliers de constructions électriques de delle”).Schneider Electric consortium.) 1920’s gEc. 2010 Areva’s transmission activities are acquired by Alstom forming the Alstom grid sector. Here are just a few. 1872 Founding of Société Alsacienne de constructions mécaniques (SAcm) in France. 1986 Sprecher and Schuh integrated into gEc Alsthom as Sprecher Energie. Heinrich Schuh. it is already helping to develop the intelligent grids of tomorrow. followed by 150 kV and 220 kV. member of the AEg HighVoltage Institute proposed the use of sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) as a quenching medium. more stable.050 kV power transformer is built and delivered in France. 1900 carl Sprecher sets up his company in Switzerland. 1964 UHV 1. 1998 gEc Alsthom acquires cegelec. Henri POuPArT-LAfArge President. with transmission activities moving to Alstom and distribution activities moving to Schneider Electric. Repair & Retrofit Spare Parts training and Expertise AlStom grid A piOneer And LeAder Via its ancestors. the PK becomes the first circuit breaker in the world at 735 kV. and charles Eugene lancelot Brown. He is joined by his shareholder. .” * AREVA’s Transmission and Distribution activities have been acquired by an Alstom . becoming AEg (Allgemeine Elektrizität-gesellschaft) in 1887. AEg develops air-blast circuit breakers. our people and all we can do for you. 1965 delle-Alsthom created from the merger of Alsthom and cgE-delle activities. later called general Electric co ltd (gEc). 2004 Alstom t&d joins Areva. AEi and English Electric instrumental in creating the uK national grid. delle lead advances in minimum-oil circuit breakers. 1938 Vitaly Grosse. lists on the Paris stock exchange and is renamed Alstom. i encourage you to discover Alstom grid. Alstom Grid PrOduCTS gas-insulated Substations (giS) HV Circuit Breakers instrument transformers disconnectors Power transformers SySTeMS turnkey Projects HV Substations Power Electronics HVDC Interconnections Electrical Balance-of-Plant grid integration for all types of generation AuTOMATiOn Smarter network management Solutions Substation Automation Solutions generation and load management grid Stability Solutions Protection & control SerViCe network consulting Erection & commissioning Asset care. 1894). thanks to two pioneers of electrotechnology: michael von dolivodobrowolski. 1919 First high voltage bulk-oil circuit breaker supplied by delle at 120 kV. 1968 gEc merges with English Electric. 1989 uK’s general Electric company (gEc) and France’s compagnie générale d’Electricité (cgE) join together to form gEc Alsthom. 1912 inauguration of the AEG High-Voltage institute. As part of the Alstom group. ALSTOM grid Delivering solutions to our utility and large industrial customers worldwide that answer the need for smarter. 1917 Arc suppression coil (“Peterson coil”) invented by AEg chief engineer Waldemar Petersen. the Alstom grid teams continue to deliver on their commitments and to strive for excellence in quality and customer service. markets and geographies. as one of the three global players in electrical transmission.Alstom’s newest sector . today. in 1902. and produced the first 10 kV-60 A horn switch.

Krasnoyarks.” . In A RApIDly EVolVInG mARkET wITH nEW cHAllEngES. WE liStEn to our cuStomErS. Australia. AnTICIpATE THEIR nEEDS AnD STRIVE To pRoVIDE ExCEllEnT CUSTomER SERVICE. r&d. Gas-insulated Substations. manufacturing and service sites situated where our customers need us 20.inTrOdUCing ALSTOM grid ///  AlStom grid - Key figureS Engineering. Alstom Grid CUSTomER InTImACy REmAInS VITAl To oUR BUSInESS. ruben LAZO Senior Vice President. France. International Sales Organisation. Aix-les-Bains. 70 countries bASed in OVer Instrument Transformers. an industrial and engineering presence on all continents Power Transformers.000 employees MOre THAn Rectifiers. Brisbane. Brazil. Itajubá. Russia.

We are one of the leaders in turnkey electrical solutions for electrointensive industries and can deliver renovation projects with no production downtime. By re-thinking network connections and re-designing products. equipment and solutions to create and manage turnkey projects from design to delivery. Whether for Flexible AC Transmission Systems. ALSTOM grid deSigning SuSTAinAbLe PrOduCTS eco-design techniques have reduced the ecological footprint of our gas-insulated Substations by 0%. it is ideal for industrial installations in harsh environments. Whether for metallurgy. inTegrATing reneWAbLe energieS inTerCOnneCTing gridS WiTH AdVAnCed TeCHnOLOgy High Voltage direct Current (HVdC) technology and control and protection systems in an AC network improve trading and transmission schemes. . ‘green’ HV vegetable oil power transformers are designed for ecologically sensitive areas. On average 0% more compact. SHAPing tHE FuturE oF your EnErgy SyStEm Our customer-oriented teams combine their skills to meet today’s global energy challenges with sustainable solutions.inTrOdUCing ALSTOM grid COnneCTing POWer We supply the generator Circuit Breakers that are the crucial protection and connection element between power generation plants and transmission networks. developing new technologies and more intelligent or ‘greener’ equipment is just the beginning. Our expertise helps build and manage the supergrids of the future. they reduce safety risks and improve performance ratings. creating financial savings for our customers and partners. industrial or infrastructure. mobile substations or where high performance is mandatory. guarantee network stability and better manage load. testing and commissioning to training and spare parts. COnTrOLLing yOur POWer We offer the most complete and compact range of gas-insulated Substations (giS) worldwide. oil and gas. our Service unit is your best choice for ensuring the long life cycle of your power transmission equipment. our ambition is to make power transmission as reliable and efficient as possible. offshore projects. We supply design-specific substations and grid connections for difficult offshore operating conditions. railways or other industries. we deliver large industrial processes with highly reliable power flow. POWering induSTry AnTiCiPATing yOur needS From network Consulting to on-site installation. network connections and integrate renewable energy supplies into the grid. Our hermetically sealed. OPTiMiSing SPACe & SAfeTy in ALL CLiMATeS network Management and telecommunications solutions connect regions and countries offering energy trading and transmission systems. engineering TurnKey SOLuTiOnS We combine the best products. our experts become your experts. HVdC connects asynchronous networks (different voltages and frequencies) and is a firewall against faults. our solutions improve power quality. reduce production capacity requirements by offering better control and eliminate blackouts. Our smarter solutions actively manage power flow. to ensure production quotas. HVdC interconnections.

forecast and integrate renewable energies from France’s wind and solar farms into the network. SUSTAinABiLiTy A Real Commitment to a Greener Future our newest state-of-the-art plant in wuhan. indiA contract for two new 220 kV converter substations for Hindalco’s aluminium production site. is partnering with the united States department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest Smart grid demonstration Project. two contracts to supply HVdC systems for projects interconnecting the ningdong to Shangdong areas (northEast of china) and the Three gorges dam to Shanghai. now. tHrougH QuAlity And InnoVATIon wE ARE SHAPing your FuturE Key SuCCeSSeS in 2009 dubAi €200 million contract from dubai Electricity & Water Authority (dEWA) for eleven 132 kV gas-insulated (giS) Substations. CHinA in partnership with cEPri. control. control. making this fast developing country a leading state-of-the-art energy success story. experTiSe Efficiently Transmitting Massive Bulk Power Expanding urban and industrial centres worldwide require increasing amounts of electricity from power plants located far away. decreased co2 emissions).. SOuTH KOreA contract for a new 400 kV HVdC bi-pole interconnection between Jeju island and the mainland.V. the factory. AuSTrALiA €140 million contract for containerised substations for the gorgon Project operated by chevron Australia Pty ltd.inTrOdUCing ALSTOM grid //  our FocuS on tHE FuturE As a world leader in transmission. gCCiA completed the gulf’s largest HVdC converter station (3 x 600 MW) and the network Management System that connects the six member states’ energy systems. our engineers have partnered with rtE. Since the first 765 kV substation at Sipat. We designed and built India’s first UHV 765 kV substation for its largest utility and now lead the market with 10 out of 20 major public and private 765 kV transmission projects attributed to our Systems business unit. a joint venture with Shanghai Electric. . Alstom grid is connecting all the regional grids in india via this UHV network. manufactures and tests power transformers up to 1. China. to create a revolutionary new software package that goes beyond just wind farm management to monitor. Ultra High Voltage (UHV) substations meet this is the first power transformer factory in the world to have the leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (lEED®) certification by united States green Building council. based on this experience. efficiency and stability. gerMAny With dutch consortium partner keppel Verolme B. the financial savings in energy are significant and offers an improved working environment for our employees. one of 16 regional smart grid demonstration awards to be funded in part by the American recovery and reinvestment Act (ArrA). indiA Attained leadership position in 765 kV transmission. €62 million order for a floating. the French transmission System operator. self-installing offshore HV substation with Wetfeet offshore Windenergy gmbH in the german north Sea. the regional energy network in France. integrating that renewable energy into the danish grid. innOVATiOnS Partnering with Customers to Create Smarter Energy our eterra-Wind management system monitors and manages the 5. uSA our network management Systems unit in redmond.200 kV.375 km). we have been awarded 10 out of 20 public or private projects of this kind in india. our market-oriented r&d teams develop tailored and competitive environmentally-friendly solutions focused on improving reliability. brAZiL $400 million Rio madeira HVDC 660 kV point-topoint interconnection will be the world’s longest HVdC transmission scheme (2. we help our customers meet growing energy demands. Washington. fight climate change and manage increasingly complex grids. Beyond the reduced environmental impact (water/ energy consumption.000 wind turbines across denmark for Energinet. forecast and integrate the power generated by the wind farms connected to the French grid. to deliver a Smarter grid Management solution to monitor. frAnCe Selected by rtE.

as well as by the FSC and under the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes. photo credits: Alstom. rue du Sentier. printed on recycled. ALSTOM reserves the right to revise or change this data at any time without further notice. 26. The technical and other data contained in this document is provided for information only. . Areva T&d . an international organisation promoting sustainable forestry. ALSTOM.0/Fr/784 © . are the property of their respective companies. all rights reserved/eric Lamperti. registered or not. Imprimerie SPEI. France Tel. denis Félix 2009. the ALSTOM logo and any alternative version thereof are trademarks and service marks of and production: Angie.Alstom 200. CTIB-COC-000946 ALSTOM .COrpO/Bgene/ATC-200/eng/COM /06. inks and coatings are vegetable based. avenue André-Malraux 9209 Levallois-perret Cedex. The printer is certified under the Imprim’vert program. wood-free paper approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The other names mentioned. 7002 paris.: +  4 49 20 00 Fax: +  4 49 24 8 www.