Blast from the Past … From the archives of the Pioneer Review

84 Years Ago August 23, 1928 During the past week a fine new piece of equipment, a Light Therapy machine has been installed by Dr. Ramsey in his office. The machine is used for the removal of warts and moles and similar growths and for the treatment of rheumatism, lumbago, and injuries, by the means of heat rays. The new device already has several remarkable cures to its credit since installation. *** A gasoline burner used in the kitchen of the new Midway Cafe exploded causing no small amount of confusion Saturday morning. The fire department was on the job almost immediately and the fire was extinguished with little harm done. Local News … Plan to hear some of the new pieces on the Orthophonic at the Philip Pharmacy. Pipe organ and the latest in fox trots, by the worlds dance bands. Paul Ramsey has accepted a position as banjoist with Emma’s orchestra. The interior of the former Midway Cafe building is being decorated and made ready for the occupancy of the Philip Pantorium. Mr. Sunde expects to be well established in his new location before fair time. H.W. Wane will have his radio shop located in the building also. Mrs. Ned Ronning was called to Pierre Friday to be with her little daughter, Armista, who is suffering from erysipelas, The three Ronning girls visited last week at the home of their uncle, Ben Young, at Ft. Pierre and while there Armista became ill. She is reported better at this time. Dr. Ramsey reports the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Finn of Wanblee. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Miles Connor of Ottumwa, on August 17th at the Einan hospital. “Tad” the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Daly was the victim of a serious accident last Friday, when the team he was driving run away. The lad had been raking hay using a well broke and gentle team, but it was thot that the horses were bothered by flies which caused the team to run away. “Tad” was thrown against a tree, his leg was broken and he was badly jarred up. Dr. Ramsey set the leg and he was taken to the Pierre hospital Saturday evening for further treatment. 75 Years Ago August 19, 1937 Former Philip boy, Vernon Van Epps, who graduated from Philip High School with the class of 1935, is now a brother of the order of the Holy Cross, as a result of having passed his professional test Sunday, August 15. The Holy Cross is an order of teachers and Vernon, who is to be known as Brother Villanova, will enter the fall term at Notre Dame for a year’s training to fit him for his work as a teacher. For the past eight months he has attended St. Joseph’s Novitiate at Rolling Prairie, Ind. Grindstone News … Cheyenne Pete says the only objection he’s got to eating roastin’ ears and watermelon is that he hates to get salt in his ears. Marie and Maxine Fortune entertained the 4-H club Friday. They regaled their guests with home-grown tomatoes, after the two teams practiced their demonstrations. Many in this neighborhood are losing horses from sleeping sickness. Horses are scarce and precious, and the death of one is a severe loss. Besides the financial loss, the horses on a farm are old friends of many years standing and their death brings real sorrow. Betwixt Places … We extend our congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Herrman on the arrival of their baby boy. Local Briefs … A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Carr August 10 at Hot Springs. The baby has been named Connie Lee. News of the death of Dick Hedden reached the Pioneer Review office just as the press was being started. Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Humphrey are the parents of a baby boy born Monday morning, August 10. The Humphreys live on the McIlravy place northeast of Philip. Mrs. Grace Fairchild left Friday night for New Orleans, La., where she will embark for the Isthmus of Panama, to visit her son, Jasper, employed there as a government engineer. The H.H. Williams home south of Philip was the scene of a pretty party Tuesday afternoon when neighbors carried out a shower planned for Mrs. Jim Garner, who until her recent marriage was Miss Della Williams. South Creek News … Kenneth Heltzel was taken seriously ill with blood poisoning last Monday afternoon. He was helping thresh at Albert Nelsons and had a sore on his knuckles of one hand, but had not paid much attention to it. In the afternoon, while loading grain, his arm caused him great pain and he was rushed to Kadoka where doctors and nurses worked over him and he had to remain in Kadoka under the doctor’s care for several days. Butte View News … People in this neighborhood are still losing horses. 50 Years Ago August 16, 1962 Philip High School Football Coach Chuck Sorsen this week issued his first call for football practice for the 1962 Scotties. Practice is scheduled to begin on Monday, August 27th in preparation for Philip’s entry into the 11-man ranks this year. Grindstone … Johnny, the small son of Raymond Dean could bask in some reflected glory if he understood what that is, or cared. When Dr. Frances Kelsey was in Philip to take the place of Dr. Mangulis when he was on vacation, she delivered Johnny. Kiel’s 1947 Chevy truck probably traveled its last mile Saturday evening. Loren was driving it home from Philip and when it hit a chuck hole in the road southeast of the Triolo house the steering mechanism failed. The truck took off for the ditch and Bob Jones’ pasture, shearing off a telephone pole. When it came to a stop, it had with it several feet of fence, but it had left its front wheels and axil behind. Loren was only shaken up a bit and was truly thankful it had not happened a short time previous when he met two cars. Kay Fortune and Colleen Smith left Sunday for Newcastle, Wyo., to inquire about a teaching position for Kay, who finished a two-year course at Chadron State Teachers College. Northwest Corner … Keith Kuckenbecker has returned home after helping Charles Price haul bales. Arlen Keyser is working for Marvin Coleman now. Beverly Gabriel visit Saturday night with her girl friend, Virginia Wier at Marcus. Sooper Dooper Market … 2 pounds bacon $1.09, 5 pound can of hams $4.89, carrots 2 pounds 19¢, green peppers 2 for 15¢, seedless grapes 2 pounds 29¢, ButterNut Coffee 3 pound can $1.89.