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A Catholic Prayer Meeting of the LIGHT OF JESUS FAMILY September 2, 2012


Today, I receive all of Gods love for me. Today, I open myself to the unbounded, limitless, overflowing abundance of Gods universe. Today, I open myself to Gods blessings, healing, and miracles. Today, I open myself to Gods Word So I would become More like Jesus every day. Today, I proclaim that I am Gods beloved, I am Gods servant, I am Gods powerful champion. And because I am blessed, I am blessing the world. In Jesus name. Amen.

We Have 3 Lives
THE late Stephen Covey said that we actually have three lives: Our public life, our private life, and the most important of all, our secret life. Public Life: This is what other people see. Our achievements. Our educational degrees. Our job. Our money. Our Lacoste shirt, Levis jeans, and Bally shoes. Our white SUV with leather seats and DVD players. Private Life: This consists of our closest relationships. Our spouse. Our kids. Our parents. Our siblings. Secret Life: This is about our deepest motives and values, the reasons we do what we do. Its really the foundation of our character, or as Bill Hybels puts it, who you are when no one is looking. Heres the truth: We will never be satisfied in our public and private life without satisfying the demands of our secret life. So what does it mean to satisfy the secret life? Its listening to Gods voice within. Fill your life with all that is great and lovely and beautiful. Listen to uplifting music. Watch the most inspiring movies. Read the best books. Spend time with nature and breathe fresh air. Rub elbows with happy, loving, holy people. Serve the hungry, the wounded, the sick, the poor. Play with your children regularly. Hug your spouse seven times a day. Bring your parents out on dates. And form your conscience by chewing on Gods Word

OVERFLOW! Bro. Bo delivers his talk at the Plenary Hall, then dashes to the Forum to address the Feast overflow crowd. --Photos by BLAISE GOMEZ. Crowd shot by CRIS LEGASPI

and the teachings of the Church. Invest in your secret life. Its the most precious part of who you are. Satisfy it, and you satisfy your life. Have a beautiful Feast today! May your dreams come true, BO SANCHEZ P.S. Watch for an explosive series next Sunday. Our brand new series is Money, Sex, and Power. Through it, I know God will equip you to handle these three gigantic forces so that theyll bless, not curse, so that theyll unite, not divide. Invite your friends to join us and experience this equipping!


BRO. BO SANCHEZ started his talk with a reminder-- Gods declaration in Jeremiah 1:5: Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations. Bro. Bo pointed out: When God created you, He created you with a sacred purpose. And its this sacred purpose that makes you unique... your purpose defined everything about youyour personality, your past, your pain, including your passion and potential. In his last talk of our series YOUnique, titled Your Passion and Potential, Bro. Bo Sanchez said success is all about alignment of our passion, FR. TITUS MANANZAN, SVD, potential, and purpose. said the days readings are about To illustrate, he said, imagine an choices. In Joshua 24:1-18, we read archer: An archers most important skill about Joshua, a most celebrated is the ability to align three things: his commander in the field in Jewish bow, his arrow, and his target. Without history. In our time, he can be alignment, he cant hit his target. likened to a Hall of Fame awardee He added that were all archers-for bringing the Jewish people to the Promised Land. Joshua makes a because God has created us with a Bro. Bo Sanchez with Arvin Rabino of Shepherds Voice Radio and mission, a goal, a purpose, a target. He choice: As for me and my house, Television (SVRTV) demonstrate alignment of bow, arrow, and target. -- Photo by ALEX UY YCO we will serve the Lord. And he dies further explained:

Passion, Potential, Purpose

We Have a Choice

happy because he was able to bring his people to the Lord. We, too, have choices fundamental and everyday choices. Our fundamental choice should be God. He created us because our very own existence is an absolute proof of Gods love. But, Fr. Titus pointed out: If we share in His divinity, why will some people go to hell? The answer: Because we have the choice to respond or not to the love of God, but we are not free from the consequences of our response. Hell, which means being away from God in all eternity, is a natural consequence of not choosing God. In our daily life, we have a choice between good and evil. Fr. Titus shared the story of two African American priests. The priests are twins born of single parents in the south side of Chicago, a place said to be so notorious for crimes, whites dared not go there. When the two priests were ordained, they were asked how they became priests despite living in such a dreadful place. Melvin, one of the twins, said, Because I choose to be good. We can choose to be good in spite of our bad surroundings, circumstances, or superiors. Peter said, Lord, to whom shall we go? If we turn away from God, where shall we go? If we are buried in sin and shame, where shall we go? The bottom line is believe that God loves us, His love will never change, and it is without condition. We can always choose GOD. -- Bella Estrella Photo by ELS

The bow symbolizes your passion This is where your power comes from. You can have an excellent arrowsharp and straight and strongbut if you dont have a powerful bow, it wont go anywhere. In the same way, you can be as intelligent as Einstein, but if you dont have passion for your purpose, you wont be successful.

The arrow symbolizes your potential The arrow symbolizes your core gift; Your bow could be very powerful, but if you picked the wrong arrowif you picked an arrow that is bent, or brittle, or bluntyou wont hit your target. If you want to be successful, you have to stick to your game. You have to be faithful to your core gift.

The target symbolizes your purpose Success is a simple pattern. If you really think about it, theres nothing complicated about success. If you have the right bow

passionand if you chose the right arrowpotential through practicein due time, youll be able to hit your purpose in life. Bro. Bo added: When you align your passion,

potential, and purpose, that is when you achieve true prosperity. This is what I call Divine Alignment. The reason you lack peace, fulfillment, joy, success, and true prosperity is something is still not aligned in your life. Bro. Bo thus shared these three elements that need to be aligned in your life 1. Passion. Your passion is that one thing you love to do even if you dont get paid. Imagine that you found in your yard $400 million. Even with that kind of money, you still work. What you work on is your passion. 2. Potential. Passion isnt enough. You need potential -- your special gift. Bro. Bo said ask yourself, Where do I excel? What one thing do I do that when I do it, people are blessed? Thats your core gift. Bro. Bo said, God has given you a unique gift that will make you a superstar in your world. He added:If you find your unique gift, develop your unique gift, and resist the temptation to divert away from your giftyoull be Number One. As 1 Timothy 4:14 puts it: Do not neglect your gift. 3. Purpose. Presenting ideas from Jim Collins book, Good To Great, Bro. Bo said, The easiest way for

2 THE FEAST September 2, 2012

Cris Legaspi


you to know Gods purpose is to look for the intersection between your passion and your potential. To know your purpose, Bro. Bo said go where the circles intersect.



A Photo-Op

Bro. Bo added that if you want to prosper, add one more circle. The peso circle consists of the various ways you could earn. You could earn the most at that sweet spot where these three circles intersect. This is where you should focus on because thats where you can potentially earn the most.

RARE CHANCE, above: Lulu (3rd from left) with brother Jonas Delvo, sister Louise Chio, then Mayor Jesse Robredo, and Lulus aunt Belen Alvia. At right, the groups picture with Senator Mar Roxas taken by Mayor Jesse.

Know What You Want and Be Willing To Give Up Everything for It. Bro Bo said, Passion means knowing what you want and giving everything youve got to get it. Passion is saying to yourself and to the universe, This is what I want, and Im betting my entire life on this. Im putting my time, my future, and my comfort at stake here. Im unloading all my guns. Im holding nothing back. Im sacrificing everything on the altar! He ended with what he loves saying: When you want something bad enough, nothing much can stop you. As the Bible says, If you are unable to make up your mind and are undecided in all you do, you must not think that you will receive anything from the Lord. (James 1:7-8) -- Kristine Mutuc

NOTHING just happens, Bro. Bo Sanchez said in his Younique series. True. My son Kevin and I spent our Holy Week vacation in my hometown in Naga, a year before the May 2010 presidential elections. On the morning of Holy Thursday, we went to the Camsur Resort. As we were enjoying our walk around the place, we chanced upon our former Mayor Jesse Robredo and Senator Mar Roxas. My brother Jonas and Mayor Jesse went to the same school at the Naga Parochial School. Although our house is located just a few blocks away from the house of the Robredos, this was the first time that I met Mayor Jesse. Jonas asked Mayor Jesse if we could have a picture taken with him and Senator Roxas. Sure, he said. He took our camera and he himself took our picture with

Senator Mar. Then, he gladly posed with us as Kevin clicked away. Since then, these pictures have become part of our family album. The second time I met Mayor Jesse was when he attended the 80th birthday of my father on September 23, 2009. It would turn out to be the last time that we would ever be with him. He got busy the following year as Noynoy Aquino became President and he appointed our Mayor as Secretary of Interior and Local Governments. He would serve only for a short time. That fateful Saturday afternoon of August 18, 2012, my husband Rene called me to

watch the news on television. Secretary Jesses plane crashed into the sea, several meters away from the Masbate shores. Dismay, fear, shock, and sadness engulfed my whole being that very moment. All I could hope and pray for was that our beloved Mayor would survive. By Tuesday morning, his body was retrieved from the wreckage. We will all have our fond memories of this great yet simple man who had touched our life, one way or another. As for our family, we will always treasure him in our heart as a very dear family friend. Dios Mabalos, Simply Jesse!
THE FEAST September 2, 2012

LAST August 19, I was blessed with the simplicity of the message of Bro. Bo Sanchez in Talk 3 of the Younique series titled Your Pain. Bro. Bo said, Nothing just happens. He explained that there are no accidents. For every trial or problem, a beautiful blessing would come out of it. I never imagined that the message would apply to me so soon -- like seven days after. After the Feast, I went with my friends-- Jessa Carillo, Sarah Mae Andong, and Diane Tejada-- straight to our favorite Sunday hangout, the Mall of Asia. It was a special day, too, since it was Dianes birthday. We had lunch, presented Diane with a birthday cake, and sang Happy Birthday. We said our wishes for Diane and then took lots of photos. You know, the kind of photos you want to be seen on your Facebook timeline. To cap the wonderful day, we watched the movie The Expendables 2. After the movie, I fished out my digital camera from my bag to take one last photo of our group inside the movie house. I took several shots as we posed and posed. So we were the last to leave the theater. We had so much fun, that when we were already outside the cinema, I could not remember where I put my camera. I looked inside my bag, and to my horror, the camera wasnt there! My friends hovered around me, volunteering to hold the contents of my bag as I took them out one by one -- envelope, The Feast bulletin, makeup kit, bottle of water, comb, a pen, walletI handed the stuff to my friends, except my mobile phone. I couldnt afford to lose that one, ever, right? I held on to my phone, like its the last of my cherished possessions. Still, I didnt see my camera So I dashed back to the cinema, hoping Id find the camera at the row where we sat. Amazingly, as I was climbing the flight of stairs going back to our row, I felt peace. Its like God was telling me not to worry, that He had everything under control. When I reached our row, some members of the security and housekeeping departments were there already. My heart leapt with joy when I saw a member of the security holding my cameras holster-- plus Jessas bottle of hand sanitizer. Sir, I believe that holster is mine, I told the guy. Theres a camera inside-Samsung, color black. And that hand sanitizer belongs to my friend. Maam, I found this holster near this seat, but theres nothing inside, the guy said, frowning.

It Happened!

WACKY GALS, clockwise from top: Iola raising two thumbs up for her great find; Iolas Feast buddies, from left: Jessa, Mae, and Diane; Diane loving her birthday cake.

What? That is impossible, Sir, I said in disbelief. I placed the camera back in its holster after we had our pictures taken. We were the last one to leave so, nobody could have gotten hold of it. Maam, theres really nothing inside, the security man insisted. Lets double-check around your seat. Maybe the camera is still lying there somewhere.

At this point, all the members of the housekeeping department had come to help with the search. God, help us, I whispered. I could not bear to lose the camera-for sentimental reasons. But I didnt feel irritated or anxious. There was an unexplainable feeling of calm inside me-one of the many perks of being a Feast attendee, I guess.

4 THE FEAST September 2, 2012

The next show was about to start and people were coming in to take their seat. Still, the camera was nowhere to be found. So I gave up. Apparently embarrassed over our futile search, the man who found my holster said, Mam, if you want, I submit to a body search. I just smiled and said, Thats not necessary, Sir. I trust you. Then I went outside to join my friends. I told them I didnt find the camera. They comforted me no end. I couldnt help laughing. I was the one who just lost a camera but there they were, with long faces, sympathizing with me. Girls, nothing just happens, I comforted them back, reminding them Bro. Bos message we heard just that morning. Maybe God would give me a better camera. Oh my, I will have a DSLR soon! I laughed, they laughed, and someone said, Lets have ice cream! To free my hand for the ice cream, I put my phone back in the outside pocket of my bag. And as I did, I felt something inside the pocket-- hard and square in shape. I froze and my eye balls jumped from its sockets as I looked inside the pocket. My friends, noticing me pale and motionless, followed my gaze down my bag. I slid my hand out of the bags pocket, holding-- you guessed right-- my black Samsung digital camera! Whoaaa! The four of us shrieked in unison. People stared at us, perhaps thinking wed gone crazy. But who cares! I then went back to the cinema to report to the search team my great find-- and apologized for the trouble Id caused. We were going to have ice cream to comfort ourselves for my loss. But there we were, sitting on a bench in the mall, celebrating over cones of ice cream. But to our dismay, the ice cream melted faster than we could slurp it. We wondered why. So we checked out the stand where we bought the ice cream and for the first time, noticed the tagline under its brand name: Fresh, not Frozen. The ice cream was not the usual frozen delight, and so it quickly turned into a river of sticky milk, messing up our fingers. What one of the girls blurted out next was something that seemed trivial, but really stirred my heart. Thats it, Jessa told me. Thats the reason you went back to the cinema. You were able to retrieve my hand sanitizer! Promptly, she passed around the sanitizer, and happily, we wiped our hands clean. See? Nothing just happens.

Why My Parents Gave Me a Blackberry

MY mom and dad have always given me money without hesitation. When I was growing up, I didnt understand why-- why they made life so easy for me, I thought I was getting to be a spoiled child. My parents lavished me things I wanted to have. Like, I wanted a a Blackberry and they bought me one. One time, I had a problem with the Blackberry. I could send text messages through it, but I could not use the phone for calling friends. I asked my mom if I could have an extra allowance so I could have my phone repaired. My mom asked, How much would the repair cost? About P700, I told her. Mama gave me P1,000, so I had enough for my transportation going to the repair shop. I must admit that there was a time I thought my parents were spoiling me. I thought they should let me suffer some hardship to shape my character. But here is what I found out after two and a half months of attending the Feast. At the outset, I attended once every two weeks. Then, I found myself already attending regularly, Sunday after Sunday.

Through the talks, I realized my parents give me money-- not to spoil me. They give me money because they love me. They value love, more than they value money. My parents, however, are not the demonstrative type. They arent the type that express their love in words. The way they show me their love is to make me feel I am the best ever person for them-- that I am an outstanding, excellent daughter. As I learned in the Younique series, God made us as His unique creation. We each have a special purpose and He loves us the way we are-- without condition. So I now understand that my parents love for me is like the love of God for His children. Yes, my parents love for me is like Gods love: unconditional. Thank you, Lord. -- Ashley Lalamunan Illustration by Marthina Salome

How has the Feast talks applied in your life? Share!and inspire others. Email your story -- with pictures, properly captioned-to
THE FEAST September 2, 2012

gave us clear directions on how to make the most of our life during our meetings at the LOJ headquarters at 60 Chicago St., Cubao, Quezon City, every first Friday of the month and sometimes even Saturdays. One Saturday meeting, I mentioned to Bro. Bo that I dream of doing effects for movies. He nodded and said, Thats great. You might be a future employee of LOJ. I really didnt take Bro. Bo seriously because at the time, LOJ was just a small group. The prayer meetings ran with the help of volunteers, more than employees. So I didnt see the connection between LOJ and my dream to be in movie production. I didnt see how my dream would be fulfilled, period. Back then there were no courses on computer animation or digital editingwhich we now use for producing effects for movies. When it was time for me to go to college, I applied for enrollment in two schools only: University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City, and St. Scholasticas College. For UP, I chose Computer Engineering. I surmised that since the course had the word computer, it must include a subject in animation. Because Computer Engineering was a quota course, I did not get in at UP. So my dad advised me to first enroll at St. Scholasticas College, then I could transfer to UP in the next semester. I obeyed my father, and my obedience would be rewarded. I went to St. Scho to enroll for a degree as Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. It happened that Aileen, a co-Math major classmate, decided to take a practical test to shift to Fine Arts, and she asked me to accompany her. I did. The teacher administering the exam apparently assumed I was also taking the test. He gave me a pencil and drawing pads. He put a vase with flowers in front of Aileen and me and asked us to draw it. So along with Aileen, I took the entrance test for Fine Arts. Afterwards, when we submitted our drawings, the teacher gave us a piece of paper and instructed us to submit the paper at the Registrars Office. We followed the instruction. Little did I know, that piece of paper was already

BLESSING started to attend L MY family and Iof the Light of prayer meetings Family 24 O Jesus13 years old.years ago, when I was the Youth G group.I joinedthen,LOJ mentor was Back our S the LOJ founder himself, Bro. Bo Sanchez, who inspired us and


By ROWENA MALLARI our enrolment form for Fine Arts. Thus, instead of taking up B.S. Math for the second semester, I found myself going into Fine Arts. It was going to be the best mistake Id ever made. I would find out later that Fine Arts is a good preparation for a career in movie production. After college, I worked for a printing shop. Then, my ever-supportive dad got a good job that enabled me to study animation in the United States-- at New York University in New York City. After a year of studying short animation courses, I landed a job in a postproduction house, which made effects for a television network. Yes, before I knew it, I was already doing effects for TV movies. My dream had come true! I got to see my name in the small screen every week. Then one day, Fernando Poe Jr., then dubbed the king of action movies, enlisted our company to do the effects for a new movie he would be starring in. I got involved in the project and wow, my dream of seeing my name on the big screen was also fulfilled! I then realized the circumstances in my career path did not just happen. God knew my dream, my hearts desire, and all along, He guided me so my dream would come true. But God was not done yet. After five years, I quit my job, mainly because it ate so much of my time, nothing was left for other things I wanted to do like serving in the Light of Jesus. My parents also didnt like me working overtime. There were times I didnt go home because I had to work straight for a couple of days. My parents asked me to resign and just work for our family business. Remember, when I was this idealistic teenager telling Bro. Bo my dream, and he said I might just work for LOJ? What Bro. Bo said turned out to be a prophecy that would be fulfilled in 2010. Earlier, Bro. Bo had founded the Feast, the Sunday prayer gathering of the Light of Jesus which my family and I attended. In one of the Feasts, a television show titled Nakita Ko, featuring Feast Builder Alvin Barcelona, was announced. I found out the show was produced by Shepherds Voice Radio and Television (SVRTV) which Bro. Bo also founded to produce inspirational programs based mainly on his powerful talks and talks of other LOJ preachers. At the time, I was already thinking that I was wasting away my core gift. Our family business was doing great but I missed the joy of creating videos. I prayed for a place where I could use what Ive learned, but still have time for serving the Lord and our family business. And voila! Theres SVRTV. I lost no time in submitting my resume. Would you believe, I submitted my job application right at the time SVRTV was going to

6 THE FEAST September 2, 2012

launch two TV shows-- Inside the Fish Bowl, an inspirational show for teenagers, and Mustard TV, for kids. SVRTV took me in to assist in the Mustard TV production. SVRTV also produces the Kerygma Conference, known to be the biggest Catholic learning event in the country. At the time I applied for a job, SVRTV was also in the thick of preparations for the Kerygma Conference 2010, and I was assigned to help in the production of the videos for the conference. Id been involved in the production of Kerygma Conference 2011, and I am now deep in the preparations for Kerygma Conference 2012. Once I had a dream. Then I heard a prophecy. Now, I stand witness that God does hear our wishes and it is His pleasure to make them all come truenot the way we see or want itbut in His marvelous, perfect way. Editors Note: Have you a similar story how you have received blessings from God? Share! and let the world know miracles still do happen today to give hope especially to the lost. For details, email feasteditor@, or call 09399044065.

FLASHBACK. Rowena, through the years, top row: her co-LOJ Youth members with Bro. Bo Sanchez, then a young preacher taking care of the Group; seated extreme right, with Youth members, back row, from left: Kiko Tatad, Mike Fernan, and Roy Macapagal; front row: Dong Yambao and Tey Pasimio; wearing sunglasses during a trip to Bangkok with co-workers to finish filming a movie featuring Fernando Poe Jr.; with more members of the LOJ Youth. On opposite page, Rowena (back row, extreme left) with her SVRTV family, the production arm of Kerygma Conference.

THE FEAST September 2, 2012

Experience the Power of God In Your Life Experience the Power of God In Your Life

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)ti K e di u G r a ni m e S et el p m o c & h c n ul s e d ul c ni e ef (

I USUALLY attended the Feast with some friends. But that day, I was late 30 minutes. I knew my friends were waiting for me to join them at the lower right wing of the Plenary Hall. I was going to go look for them when an usher approached me, offering to find me a seat. I didnt want to bother her, but I wasnt able to turn away because just then, a couple in front of me pointed me to a vacant seat. So I took the seat. A petite lady, probably in her late 70s, sat at my left and a charming woman sat at my right. Strangers, I said to myself. I was down that day and the last thing I wanted was to find myself crying beside strangers! But I felt compelled to stay where I was. And so I stayed. I have a hope. I have a future. I have a destiny that is yet awaiting me. My lifes not over.A new beginnings just begun. I have a hope. I have this hope. Oh no... The opening worship song started to cause tears to well in my eyes. The song could have not been more stirring for me. You see, its been two years since my first boyfriend and I broke up. It was a fiveyear relationship and yes, like most girls, I really didnt see the end coming. Then, Bro. Bo Sanchez came onstage and said, I will read only one short verse. I didnt even bother to type it in the PowerPoint. From the book of Jeremiah 31:3 I held my breath. I have loved you with an everlasting love. My tears snaked down my cheeks unceasingly. I needed to close my eyes tight, bow my head so low, and try to let my long hair cover my undeniable emotions so that no one would notice me. To make things harder, all throughout the talk, lil grandmother beside me kept on talking out loud affirmations whenever Bro. Bo stated a very good point about self-worth, trials, and Gods love. Amen, the lady said. Lahat nga ng yan lilipas din. Everything will pass. God loves you!

Youre precious. At the back of my mind, I was already begging Lola to stop. I told myself, I really cant cry here! But that was to no avail. To divert my attention from Lola, I started writing on my journal. But now Lola was actually talking to me, sharing a little more about herself. At the end of Bro. Bos talk, we stood up to sing, Every day with You Lord is sweeter than the day before. My discouraged heart started to remember how great Gods love is. I remembered my past experiences and how Gods grace actually lifted me up. I whispered to the Lord, I believe that You will be sweeter to me more and more each day as I continue to just grow closer to You. After the closing prayer, the beautiful woman at my right asked for my name and introduced herself as part of the Media Ministry. She noticed that I seemed to be engrossed in writing and asked me if Id like to write a sharing. I remember when I was a kid, Id been wanting to be a writer. So I followed her suggestion and wrote this piece-- my first step of awakening my passion again. That day, I realized the man who broke my heart was not my real love. God is my first and my last love. His love is everlasting. He does not break His promises and I can believe in His word. I realized this through the two ladies I sat with.Through them, God just reminded me that He is in control and He would bring me to where I really should be. That Sunday, the two women I sat with at the Feast were actually no strangers at all. I met a familiar face just in strangersclothing. I met God. Name withheld upon request.

8 THE FEAST September 2, 2012

The FEAST, published by the Light of Jesus Family, is distributed during The Feast by the Manila Bay, a weekly prayer gathering of the Light of Jesus held at the Philippine International Convention Center, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Manila, every Sunday, 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.,10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and 3:45 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. The FEAST holds office at The Lighthouse, 60 Chicago St., Quezon City, with telephone numbers 725-9999, and email address

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LOST and FOUND If you lost or found an item, please approach any of the ushers who will guide you to our Lost and Found section.

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