Rudy Palos

United States, 1978-

Here It Is (2012)
Original Music on Acetate (10 in Aluminum disc, Nitrocellulose Lacquer) On Behalf of Border Corps Savings and Loan I am an educator and I make music. I have over a decade and a half of experience in the Southern California independent music scene. I hold an M.A. in Educational Technology from San Diego State University and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Southern California. I know debt. I consider myself a craftsman. I like tinkering, solving problems and making things. When presented the project by my colleagues in the Border Corps, I was immediately on board with this idea of a conceptual banking experience with social action at San Diego Museum of Art. I mixed the soundtrack for the “Come And Get It” Salon Series piece on July 6. I received a $200 “loan” from Border Corps Savings and Loan to put a piece of art together. Working on the soundtrack leading up to the performance was a wonderful collaborative experience. After the performance, I latched on to the notion of conflict as a theme in the performance and the overall piece. Art vis a vis commerce, economy vs culture. What is the social value of artistic production? In a culture where virtually everyone has the means to produce art? How does that effect the role of the Museum today? For my piece I took three samples from the soundtrack as starting material. I then created a suite of original electronic music, using those samples as rhythmic starting points for three distinct sections. Included in the piece is audio of audience reaction from the “Come and Get It” performance. I had the final music cut onto an acetate reference disc or "dubplate". I am presenting the record on a removable mount. (I am uncertain how many sound recordings SDMA holds in its collection?) An acetate looks and plays exactly like a record but is an aluminum disc with a layer of lacquer on top. An acetate is a quick way to reproduce music in record format. The main drawback being that they wear out quickly (30-50 plays). Why present this modern music work on such an old and obscure technology? Conflict. Conflict and it sounds better. Also it’s more fun to handle your music. Sound hangs in the air, a record gives it matter, makes it subject to gravity. See the YouTube playlist below to learn more about record production. This was an exciting project to work on. I wish all loans and debts were this fun to pay off. Maybe we have a new repayment paradigm; will work for art! I give my sincerest gratitude to BC S&L and SDMA for the opportunity to work on this. acetate mastering by MP3 You Tube Playlist Original Soundtrack

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