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NOT FOR PUBLICATION JOINT COMMITTEE ON VACCINATION AND IMMUNISATION ee MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON FRIDAY 7 NOVEMBER 1997 Agenda Item Number 2 JOINT COMMITTEE ON VACCINATION AND IMMUNISATION MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON FRIDAY, 7 NOVEMBER 1997 Room 102A-124A, Skipton House PRESENT: MEMBERS Professor Sir David Hull, Chairman Professor Roy Anderson Dr Robert Aston Dr Barbara Bannister Professor Keith Cartwright Dr Stephen Conway Miss Gillian Creighton Dr David Goldblatt Professor George Griffin ¢ Professor David Hall Dr David Joynson Professor Michael Langman Dr Karl Nicholson Dr Marie Ogilvie Professor Lewis Ritchie Dr Geoffrey Schild Dr Richard Smithson SECRETARIAT: Dr David Salisbury, Department of Health, HP3A Nick Adkin, Department of Health, HP3A INVITED TO ATTEND: Mr Robert Anderson, Department of Health, Economics and Operational Research Division Professor Jangu Banatvala, Chairman, Advisory Group on Hepatitis Dr Norman Begg, PHLS Dr William Bellini, CDC, Atlanta, USA Sir Kenneth Calman, Chief Medical Officer, England Dr Brian Edwards, MCA Dr Elizabeth Miller, PHLS, CDSC Dr Philip Minor, NIBSC Dr Mary Ramsay, PHLS, CDSC Dr J K van Wingaarden, Ministry of Health, The Netherlands

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