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this state-of-the-art facility in Savli has comprehensive capabilities for the manufacture and final assembly of carbodies and bogies and is equipped to rival the world’s finest in the production of modern rail vehicles. Savli has been performing from day one. innovation. complemented by the latest manufacturing technology and a strong management team. propulsion systems manufacturing facility and software development centre for signalling and traction applications in India and for other Bombardier Transportation projects around the globe. to provide a cost-competitive product without compromise to quality. The latest new BOMBARDIER* MOVIA* metro trains for the city of New Delhi will help to move over 4 million passengers every day. Following an investment of 33 million euro (Rs 200 crores). to deliver to schedule.000 square metres of covered production facilities. but not least.000 square metres of land. India in 2007. We are determined to make Savli site as one of the best in the world with a common and focused goal to be a lean site with flexibility. Bombardier accelerated the development of this greenfield project to reach the current manufacturing rate of one car per day. the Savli site in Southern Gujarat is already proving its merits as an integral part of world-leading rail equipment manufacturer. Celebrating the manufacture of the 500th car 2 3 . as well as handing over its first vehicles from a prestigious contract. respect for the environment and a customer-oriented approach. located within 165. This is indeed a remarkable achievement by global industry standards. Bombardier. General Manager Celebrating the manufacture of the 500th car In an industry first. Making the transition from a greenfield site to a modern. Bombardier Transportation demonstrated its strategic commitment to the Indian market by becoming the first foreign multinational company to set up a wholly-owned rail vehicle manufacturing site in Southern Gujarat. consisting of around 700 employees.650 mm width. With 55. Savli site has facilities and capabilities to manufacture cars for all gauges including broad and standard gauge and wide cars of 3. fully-equipped and production-ready factory in just 18 months. ensures that Savli can deliver the highest levels of quality demanded by the world’s modern railway operations today. Savli site has been contributing to the modernisation of India’s transportation network. “Having established a modern coach building facility at Savli in mere 18 months. A highly skilled team.” Dilip Jadeja.Administration building Final Assembly hall World-leading rail investment in India Savli in Vadodara is home to a new world-class rolling stock manufacturing plant. Delivering its first production vehicle in May 2009 for Delhi Metro and the manufacture of the 500th car in August 2011. to develop a trusted and quality network of local suppliers and last. The four main cornerstones of our philosophy are: to ensure top quality of our product and all deliverables. Foreword from the General Manager We are now committed to strive for flawless execution in all our projects and I have a highly motivated team which is focused to realise the above goal. Gujarat is home to our railway vehicle manufacturing site. Savli.

around 8. Our FLEXX bogies cover the complete range of railway vehicles. 1. carbody completion fixtures and roof-rotary fixtures for pre-assembly of interiors of the carbody shells. from light rail vehicles to heavy haul locomotives. In terms of our bogie products. Our site is capable of producing 1. Testing The test facility at Savli enables testing of up to 8 car-sets as well as an initial high voltage testing of DT cars. including robotic manufacturing equipment enabling precision-based automated spot welding of carbody components. State-of-the-art Spot welding The new Savli carbody manufacturing hall incorporates some of the most advanced production equipment available today.036 FLEXX Metro 3000 bogies have already been delivered out of Savli factory Our final assembly hall is based on the world-renowned cell manufacturing concept. 55. Bogie assembly Roof assembly 4 5 . the Savli site has been planned and supported to deliver excellence. With many of our skilled personnel trained to the latest bogie technologies and best practices in our European Bombardier Bogies sites. Critical elements such as welding.036 BOMBARDIER* FLEXX* Metro 3000 bogies in Savli. which provides a flexible approach to accommodate customised production of different designs.000 m2 dedicated to bogie production and around 3. In addition.Committed to being the best In every stage of its development.000 m2 for car body manufacture and final assembly.000 m2 of office facilities house Bombardier’s highly skilled team of local engineers and management staff. The modular approach to carbody manufacturing adopted for our MOVIA metro cars allows optimum efficiency and ease of final assembly as it enables work to be carried out simultaneously on different parts of a vehicle. Bogie production Equipped with the latest technology and equipment. the FLEXX bogie families focus on bogie designs with valuable benefits for the operator: safety. reliability & robustness. At each station of the assembly process a quality check gate ensures inherent performance is built in at each stage. Operating two parallel production lines.000 square metres of custom-designed. as well as spot welding jigs. a modern traverser for broad and standard gauge rails and a road/rail shunting truck with push/pull capacity up to 200 tonnes to move trains or cars around the site. Our 2. The Savli site is well integrated in the Bombardier Bogies Business Unit network and benefits from the company’s extensive experience– gained over more than 160 years – in developing and manufacturing reliable and innovative bogies that combine safety and reliability with low maintenance costs. Final Assembly The Savli site is destined to be a Bombardier centre of excellence for stainless steel metro vehicle production in India and the region.7 km rail track provides a connection with the main Western Railway line.500 assembled bogies a year. final assembly and testing are carried out by our trained and certified technicians. 2. from metro to high speed trains. covered facilities accommodate three large production and assembly halls.000 m2 allocated for testing. our bogie production hall was constructed and productionready in record time. With a worldwide reputation for quality and dependability. our bogie production site has become a centre of expertise for Savli site layout and production process flow production and servicing of bogies across the region. The production area consists of more than 30. It was the first of our workshops to be completed in October 2008 and we have already manufactured 1. Bombardier’s FLEXX portfolio is the most comprehensive in the world. Other facilities on the site include cranes and compressors. Savli has the capacity to produce around 32 cars in a typical 6 day week.

The passenger information system includes predefined messages and notification of upcoming stations. DMRC will be operating a fleet of 614 Bombardier MOVIA metro cars. In a design specially customised for the Indian market. the international team developed and supported the introduction of a brand new vehicle in just 18 months. maintainability and low-life cycle cost. Already in operation in major worldwide cities including Shanghai. In Delhi. A completed Delhi Metro train ready to be tested Bombardier MOVIA Delhi Metro train approaching the station 6 7 . one of the largest in the world. The first 36 vehicles were produced in Europe. highlighting journey progress. as well as a digital route map. Atypically for a Metro. Guangzhou.480 passengers in a four-car train. The lightweight design of the FLEXX Metro bogies enables maximum vehicle capacity utilisation with minimal energy consumption. the seats are physiologically moulded for comfort. At 3. CCTV and open gangways ensure security and visibility throughout the train. Bucharest and Berlin. Subsequently with the new order of 76 metro cars in August 2011. specifically adapted by our engineers to suit the existing infrastructure. The flexible.2 metres wide and around 22 metres in length. Bombardier’s global standards and processes have also been applied to the design and layout of the site in Gujurat supported by comprehensive investment in equipment and training. Additional orders for 84 and 114 MOVIA cars were placed in April 2008 and July 2010. with trains incorporating a pantograph and circuit breaker. Shenzhen. the MOVIA trains are already making their mark in Delhi and a tangible difference to passengers commuting in this major city. while at the same time establishing a new production plant in India. Another new feature is the inclusion of a safety egress door via the driver’s cab for passenger evacuation in the event of an emergency. such as stainless steel car bodies and the latest BOMBARDIER* MITRAC* propulsion and control system. modular MOVIA for Delhi Metro is equipped with our FLEXX Metro 3000 bogies. the Bombardier MOVIA train for Delhi Metro is designed to comfortably accommodate large numbers of passengers with capacity of around 1. Four double sliding plug doors per car provide maximum reliability and ensure that passengers can board and disembark quickly and efficiently. continents and sites. Bombardier invested in its new purpose-built site in Vadodara. MOVIA customised for Delhi The MOVIA metro vehicles integrate the world’s most advanced technologies in metro vehicle manufacture. as part of its commitment to localisation. safety. emergency speaker units provide the opportunity for the passengers to communicate directly with the driver. with the remainder of the fleet of almost 500 vehicles manufactured in Savli. Made from sand-blasted stainless steel. the new trainsets include air-conditioning for the passengers and also in the driver’s cab. Involving 10 Bombardier sites. International collaboration Around 60 employees were seconded in stages from Savli to Bombardier’s Görlitz site in Germany to receive extensive training alongside their colleagues in Europe. In July 2007. Bombardier Transportation was awarded the contract by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (DMRC) to supply 340 MOVIA metro cars for operation on New Delhi’s rapidly expanding metro network. MOVIA metros have a track record for high performance and reliability. supervisors and assembly staff from Europe travelled to India to assist in the training required for localised production. countries. This enabled the local Savli team to replicate Bombardier’s approach to delivering the highest standards of quality in metro vehicle production. India and transferred its leading-edge technology to create fully localised production at Savli. Similarly. power is provided by 25kv AC. these new trains will help to transport over 4 million passengers daily.Project Reference The first prestigious contract undertaken by the Savli site has been the production of MOVIA trains for Delhi Metro. This project is a prime example of collaboration between Bombardier and its customer across cultures. Designed for maximum reliability. Its longitudinal seats are also designed for high capacity. BOMBARDIER MOVIA Delhi Metro For this landmark project. benefiting from economies of scale in both acquisition and maintenance costs. Also. an extremely robust and reliable design.

safety. the team is already supporting its international colleagues in Bombardier with other projects around the globe. Areas of expertise include electrical and mechanical systems. low life-cycle cost we also create a competitive advantage for our customers.000 job opportunities have been created in the local supply community. this growth is set to continue. as well as carbodies and installations. Bombardier has a strong focus on the quality of its welding activities in Savli. around 3. with a focus on continuous improvement according to sustainability criteria. Bombardier’s Design for Environment principle is based on a vehicle’s entire lifecycle. Given the excellent prospects for expansion and modernisation of the rail sector across the region. Additionally. with around 60 certified welders and fitters trained according to EN 287-1 and ISO 3839-2 for vehicle carbody production and around 53 welders employed in bogie production. With 15 Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application (CATIA) workstations in place and 15 engineers with CATIA background. the rail operators. efficiency and most importantly. Bombardier’s highly motivated management team. from development to recycling. quality and environmental processes including: production at Savli continues to meet the essential standards of quality and environmental practice. Bombardier’s Savli site has created around 700 skilled jobs in India. backed by the strong foundation of the Bombardier Operation System will ensure that Spot-welding robot Testing of bogie Environmental Performance Bombardier has a commitment to producing vehicles that are best-in-class in terms of their environmental performance. noise reduction. Economy and Ecology. BOMBARDIER’s* ECO4* formula for train performance balances the four cornerstones of Energy. The MOVIA vehicles produced for Delhi Metro fit perfectly within this portfolio as they feature low energy consumption. which is reflected in the vehicles produced at Savli. Bombardier’s quality processes are also applied to its local suppliers to ensure that they too meet the international benchmarks required by the company.Quality and the Environment Already the Savli site has achieved the highest international standards for the management of its safety. Engineering Excellence The local team of engineering specialists encompasses around 30 managers with a strong track record in the rail sector together with an implicit understanding of the products and processes. Efficiency. IRIS certification EN ISO 9001:2008 OHSAS 18001:2007 EN ISO 14000:2004 ISO 3834-2:2005 EN ISO 15085-2 – Quality Management – Quality – Health & Safety – Environmental Management – Quality for fusion welding – Welding of railway vehicles & components The achievement of these certifications is a testament to the strong management of operations. documentation and processes. minimal noise emissions and are up to 90% recyclable. By enhancing our products in terms of environmental friendliness. 8 Investment in People Representing its largest ever investment in Asia. 9 .

With the production of high quality made-in-India trains. Committed to customer satisfaction Our production activities are complemented by after sales service. propulsion and complete transportation systems. to ensure proximity to its customers for ongoing product support. That is why. They are designed for sustainable mobility throughout their lifecycle. a multi-national team is brought together to ensure the optimum combination of skills from relevant specialisms to harness Bombardier’s extensive global knowledge base. Kolkata and Chennai.000 employees worldwide. With a rapidly developing rail market. Gujurat is also home to Bombardier’s Propulsion Systems Manufacturing Facility and Software Development Centre for signalling and traction applications in India and also for other Bombardier projects around the globe.The Climate is Right for Trains Bombardier Transportation Best Practice Bombardier is committed to bringing out the best – in its products and in its people.000 vehicles in operation worldwide attest our unique strengths in project management and innovation. For decades we have enabled millions of people every day to reach their destinations in comfort and style. Over 100. supplying India with many advanced rail products. rail control solutions. with both on and off-site training and regular correspondence between our technical experts and railway personnel. India is also strategically located to supply our state-of–the art locally built Bombardier trains and components to its neighbouring markets. managing one of the densest commuter rail networks in the world. Our products and services combine energy conserving technology with optimal safety. manufacturing and servicing advanced transportation solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s railways. in turn. locomotives. has resulted in a great increase in customer satisfaction and confidence in our products. Bombardier’s goal is to promote localisation. Equally. In addition to its Propulsion and Control and Software Development Centre in Vadodara. thereby improving reliability and extending product lifespan. Bombardier places environmental sustainability firmly at the top of the agenda. design and technology. bogies. Bombardier is a truly international business. As a global leader in rail technology. Bombardier Transportation is dedicated to developing. Bombardier is supported in India with an Engineering Centre in Hyderabad. we strive to be the partner of choice for all the world’s rail operators. Bombardier is poised to support India to become a world leader in rail transportation. The bigger picture Bombardier has been in present in India for over 40 years. Headquartered in Berlin. 4 Sales and Marketing offices in New Delhi. which provides local support. Our portfolio of rolling stock and services encompasses passenger vehicles for urban and mainline operations. This. Bombardier believes that India can become a hub for railway expertise for the region. Germany. Present in more than 60 countries and with some 35. reliability and cost efficiency. as well as vehicle modernization and maintenance. Bombardier Transportation is part of Canada based Bombardier Inc. Mumbai. These measures have strengthened our understanding of the customers’ needs. from the WAP5 and WAG9 electric locomotives to highly sophisticated Traffic Management Systems in Mumbai. for each project. as well as project and depot offices in New Delhi. It generates annual revenues in excess of US$ 9 billion. 10 11 .

com If you no longer require this data sheet please recycle it Learn more about our commitment to sustainable mobility on: www. All rights reserved. or its subsidiaries. for further details click onto: www.bombardier. Vadodara 390013.bombardier. Printed in Singapore/10991/PGR/09-2011/en . India Tel +91 265 235 30 68/69 Fax +91 265 235 58 91 *Trademarks of Bombardier Inc.theclimateisrightfortrains. GIDC Industrial Estate Phase III Savli.724. Bombardier Inc. © 2010. Bombardier Transportation Plot no.transportation.Bombardier Transportation has an active set of environmental print guidelines. or its subsidiaries.

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