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Pae Slur, Thailands super star, is the new ambassador for the Wish Your Love fundraising campaign

for HIV-positive children

Bangkok 27 August 2012 The HIV Netherlands Australia Thailand Research Collaboration (HIV-NAT), a sub-unit of the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre officially launched its first ever fundraising campaign for HIV-positive children: the Wish Your Love campaign, with Arak Amornsupasiri or Pae Slur, a leading singer and actor. Pae has embraced the HIV cause for children and is now Wish Your Love campaign ambassador. Pae, together with Pancake, Took Chanokwanan, Kae Chollada, Opal Panissara and other celebrities, introduced the Wish Your Love campaign on a 30-second television commercial which was supported by Pradpriew Studio, Me-D Studio and Hummingbird. The Wish Your Love campaign aims to raise money for the HIV-NAT Drug Fund that supports more than 400 children and families living with HIV in Thailand. The Drug Fund provides ARV treatment, psychosocial support and scholarships for underprivileged HIV positive children and their families. According to Professor Emeritus Praphan Phanuphak, Director of the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre and Co-director of HIV-NAT, more than 20,000 Thai children have HIV. A majority of these children are from impoverished backgrounds; many have lost their parents and hope. Yet, every child deserves a normal life, access to health care and educational opportunities. The Wish Your Love campaign also includes the Foster Family Program that allows generous individuals to contribute cash donations on a monthly basis to give under privileged HIV positive children and their families a sense of stability and security. For more information on the foster family program and other ways to support the Wish Your Love campaign, please visit HIV-NAT and its committed staff have been working to provide a better quality of life for HIV-positive children and families in Thailand for more than 7 years. The organization hopes to continue on this course for many years to come as there is a need for continued support for underprivileged HIV-positive children and their families. Campaign Organizer: HIV-NAT, Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre Tel. 02 652 3040-9, Fax 02 254 7574 Press Conference Catering: Supported by S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited For media inquiries, please contact: Project Leader: Dr. Wasana Prasitsuebsai Mob: 081 927 5223 Project Coordinator: Ms. Dararin Choomsai Na Ayuthaya Mob: 082 332 3993 Wish Your Love Call Center 087 818 0575 Websites:, Your tax-deductible contributions will make a difference in the childrens lives.

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You can make a donation directly to the Drug Fund: The Siam Commercial Bank, Sapha Kachat Thai Branch, Saving Account #045-5-64300-5, A/C Name: Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre (HIVNAT Drug Fund)

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