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Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day
Jonathan Bergmann and aaron SamS

Two experienced practitioners of the flipped classroom explain a powerful approach to teaching where students watch recorded lectures for homework and complete their assignments, labs, and tests in class. Discover how this approach helps struggling students, differentiates instruction, and increases opportunities for classroom formative assessment.
(Copublished book from ISTE and ASCD, 2012) 5 1/2” x 8 1/2” ,112 pages.

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Raise student achievement in the new school year
Trust ASCD to keep you informed of new ideas and resources to make improvements in your classrooms and schools for the year ahead. Educators depend upon ASCD to provide programs and services for K–12 professional development more than any other organization.*
* From a national survey conducted by the independent research firm Education Market Research.

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“aScd resources have established the gold Standard in K–12 professional development.”
– Douglas B. Reeves, author and researcher

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New Ideas to Support Your Work
Our new books help you improve instruction and close achievement gaps.

How to Create a Culture of Achievement in Your School and Classroom
douglaS FiSher, nancy Frey, and ian PumPian

Aim High, Achieve More: How to Transform Urban Schools Through Fearless Leadership
yVette JackSon and Veronica mcdermott

Sometimes what can make or break your learning community are the intangibles—the relationships, identity, and connections that make up its culture. That’s why you need this book that explains how to build school culture through procedures that include welcoming students and stakeholders, teaching moral and ethical principles, pushing students to go beyond the minimum, and creating and holding everyone accountable.
(ASCD Premium Member book, May 2012) 7” x 9”, 226 pages.

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Teaching Reading in the Content Areas: If Not Me, Then Who?, 3rd Edition
Vicki urquhart and dana Frazee

When you want to succeed in the tough landscape of urban schools, you need more than just passion, faith in your own ability, and a sense of urgency. You need real skills. This book comes to your rescue with practical suggestions, examples of successful practices, ideas to support you and your team, and an inspirational message about how to be a fearless leader in undersupported, under siege big-city schools. Two veterans of urban education describe how a leadership approach consisting of affirmation, inspiration, and mediation (AIM) can change urban schools from places of oppression to flourishing communities of potential and growth.
(ASCD Premium Member book, August 2012) 6” x 9”, 144 pages.

Make the teaching of reading a practical goal in every subject with the principles and strategies from this book. The authors explain instructional strategies that work best in your subject and how to optimize your classroom for reading, writing, and discussion. This all-new edition draws from new research on the impact of new technologies, the population boom of English language learners, and the influence of the Common Core State Standards.
(ASCD book copublished with McREL, 2012) 8 1/2” x 11”, 280 pages.

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Understanding How Young Children Learn: Bringing the Science of Child Development to the Classroom
Wendy l. oStroFF

$25.95 (ASCD Members) $33.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #112024Z29

Learning Targets: Helping Students Aim for Understanding in Today’s Lesson
connie m. moSS and SuSan m. Brookhart

Discover how to write and use learning targets—lesson-sized chunks of information, skills, and reasoning processes that students need to know deeply. Two popular ASCD authors describe all kinds of learning targets and equip you with what you need to start using learning targets to achieve curricular standards, promote higher-order thinking, and foster student goal setting, self-assessment, and self-regulation.
(ASCD Premium, Select, and Institutional Plus Member book, July 2012) 7” x 9”, 222 pages.

Because little kids can’t tell you how their minds work and what makes them learn, you need this book about scientific discoveries that explain how young children learn and what teachers can do to use those findings to enhance classroom teaching. Discover where the desire to learn comes from and what occurs during children’s development to wire their brains for attention, language, curiosity, and memory.
(ASCD book, 2012) 7” x 9”, 200 pages.

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$19.95 (ASCD Members) $26.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #112003Z29

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Welcome to the Art and Science of Teaching
For the first time ever, new information about the science of teaching—what’s been learned from research on schools and studies about the brain and learning—is merging with the collected wisdom of teachers: the art of teaching. The result is an opportunity for you to take your practice to unprecedented levels of effectiveness.

The Art and Science of Teaching: A Comprehensive Framework for Effective Instruction
roBert J. marzano

Effective Supervision: Supporting the Art and Science of Teaching
roBert J. marzano, tony Frontier, and daVid liVingSton

Robert Marzano provides you with a comprehensive framework for effective teaching that combines the science of researchbased instruction with the art of great lesson planning and formative assessment. Discover how to make sure every lesson and unit establishes learning goals, engages students, keeps the classroom focused, and responds to your students’ progress.
(ASCD Premium and Select Member book, July 2007) 7” x 9”, 220 pages.

$20.95 (ASCD Members) $26.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #107001Z29

Find out how to create a teacher supervision and evaluation system that’s reflective of The Art and Science of Teaching. Going way beyond scripted observation routines and typical value-added measurements of teacher effectiveness, the authors open your eyes to broad principles of effective supervision that apply to all kinds of schools.
(ASCD Premium Member book, May 2011) 8” x 10”, 185 pages.

A Handbook for the Art and Science of Teaching
roBert J. marzano and John l. BroWn

$21.95 (ASCD Members) $27.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #110019Z29

Implementing the action steps from The Art and Science of Teaching is much easier when you use this resource for workshops, professional learning communities, teacher training, and self-help. Hundreds of samples, guidelines, checklists, and activities help teachers in all grades and subjects become instant experts on Robert J. Marzano’s breakthrough framework.
(ASCD book, 2009) 8 7/8” x 10 7/8”, 320 pages.

Effective Supervision: Supporting the Art and Science of Teaching DVD
In this DVD, Robert J. Marzano presents a framework for observing classroom instruction based on The Art and Science of Teaching. Explore a detailed observation protocol, and learn how you can use it for analyzing classroom instruction and encouraging professional dialogue among teachers. As you observe teachers in a variety of classrooms, Marzano and a panel of teachers identify critical aspects of instruction that can help all teachers move their practice from good to great.
(ASCD DVD, 2012) One 55-minute DVD.

$22.95 (ASCD Members) $29.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #108049Z29

The Art and Science of Teaching DVD Series
The framework of action steps from The Art and Science of Teaching comes to life in this series of DVDs, so educators can see exactly how to implement this comprehensive approach to promoting high levels of student achievement. Robert Marzano explains the scientific basis for effective teaching, the three main teacher-level factors that significantly influence student achievement, and the relationship between teaching as an art and as a science.
(ASCD DVD, 2008) Two 45-minute DVDs.


$279 (ASCD Members) $349 (Nonmembers) Stock #608074Z29 Program 1: Effective Instructional Strategies Stock #608075Z29 Program 2: Effective Classroom Management Strategies Stock #608076Z29 PRICE PER PROGRAM: $159 (ASCD Members) $189 (Nonmembers)

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Implement Classroom Instruction That Works
First published in 2001, ASCD’s landmark guide Classroom Instruction That Works has been reenergized and reorganized for today’s classroom with new evidence-based insights and a refined framework that strengthens instructional planning.

Classroom Instruction That Works: Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement, 2nd Edition
ceri B. dean, elizaBeth roSS huBBell, hoWard Pitler, and BJ Stone

This second edition of the ASCD blockbuster Classroom Instruction That Works helps you take your classroom practice to a higher level of effectiveness. Explore new research explaining the impact each of the nine teaching strategies has on student achievement. A completely rethought Instructional Planning Guide makes it easier for you to know when to emphasize each of the instructional strategies.
(ASCD Premium, Select, and Institutional Plus Member book copublished with McREL, January 2012) 8” x 10”, 210 pages.

$21.95 (ASCD Members) $28.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #111001Z29

Classroom Instruction That Works DVD Series
The Classroom Instruction That Works framework for research-based instruction has helped countless schools and districts on their roads to academic success. Now you can see firsthand exactly how one district is using the nine instructional strategies that have been shown to raise student achievement. This DVD series brings to life the Instructional Planning Guide from the second edition. Join coauthor Ceri Dean and a group of elementary, middle, or high school educators as they put the framework’s strategies to work. Sit in on a planning session between Dean and the teachers and support personnel. Then watch how the lessons unfold with students—through success and challenge. And listen in as the team reflects on what they learned from using the strategies. Here’s your opportunity to show teachers in your school or district how to immediately take classroom practice to a higher level of effectiveness.
(ASCD DVD, 2012) Three 50-minute DVDs.

Wall Chart for Classroom Instruction That Works, 2nd Edition
Use this colorful wall chart as an essential tool for institutionalizing the framework for instructional planning from the landmark book Classroom Instruction That Works, 2nd Edition. Put it in every classroom so that teachers and students have a constant reminder of the nine research-based teaching strategies that are more apt to increase achievement.
(ASCD poster copublished with McREL, 2012) 11” x 17”, single-sided, full-color wall chart printed on glossy stock.


$279 (ASCD Members) $349 (Nonmembers) Stock #612061Z29 Classroom Instruction That Works: Elementary School Stock #612062Z29

Classroom Instruction That Works: Middle School Stock #612063Z29 Classroom Instruction That Works: High School Stock #612064Z29 PRICE PER PROGRAM: $169 (ASCD Members) $199 (Nonmembers)

AVAILABLE IN PACKS OF 25. $25 (ASCD Members) $30 (Nonmembers) Stock #112053Z29

McREL’s power Walkthrough Software
Take your implementation of Classroom Instruction That Works to the next level with McREL’s Power Walkthrough Software! McREL’s Power Walkthrough seminar and software help school leaders turn their regular classroom observations into “power walkthroughs” by using an iPad™/iPhone®/ iPod Touch®, BlackBerry®, Android™, or Tablet PC device loaded with McREL’s web-based software. For more information: www.mcrel.org/powerwalkthrough

Using Technology with Classroom Instruction That Works, 2nd Edition
elizaBeth roSS huBBell, hoWard Pitler, and matt kuhn

One of the most effective ways to implement the research-based instructional strategies from Classroom Instruction That Works, 2nd Edition is to use them with educational technologies, such as computer applications and the Internet. This book shows you how and gives you lesson-planning ideas and strategies for every grade level and subject.
(ASCD book copublished with McREL, 2012) 7 7/8” x 9 7/8”, 242 pages

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Get ready for the Common Core
Get the tools you need to introduce your learning community to the Common Core and help support its implementation. Common Core pD In Focus Channel
The perfect source for job-embedded professional development on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is our new Common Core Channel for PD In Focus. Complete with videos, readings, and other resources, the Channel helps your Professional Learning Community or CCSS team collaborate on key questions related to CCSS.

Understanding Common Core State Standards
John kendall

Circulating multiple copies of this guide throughout your school will help your staff get an overview of the new standards in English language arts/literacy and mathematics, highlighting their key aspects. Plus, there are numerous suggestions on transition activities for teachers and districts to consider.
(ASCD booklet copublished with McREL, 2011) 6” x 9”, 72 pages.

$9.95 (ASCD Members) $13.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #112011Z29

Common Core Standards for High School English Language Arts: A Quick-Start Guide
SuSan ryan and dana Frazee; edited By John kendall
A q u i c k - S tA r t G u i D E

Learn more online at www.ascd.org /pdinfocus. Sign up your school or district today! Contact Jean Pride at jpride@ascd.org.

for High School


High school teachers and leaders with responsibility for English language arts need this handy guide to successfully implement the Common Core. Getting a copy for every staff member ensures they’ll understand the four strands throughout the standards and how anchor standards prepare students for college and career. A lesson design template based on Classroom Instruction That Works, 2nd Edition with three sample lessons is included to jumpstart your implementation.
(ASCD booklet copublished with McREL, 2012) 7” x 9”, 128 pages.




English Language Arts

Common Core and Mathematics professional Development Online Suite
Help fulfill the promise of the Common Core State Standards by enrolling teachers in these Professional Development Online courses on teaching Mathematics. Each course engages participants in a blend of media-rich learning featuring experts and practitioners. Choose the right courses for your school based on grade level: • Common Core and Mathematics: Grades K–5 • Common Core and Mathematics: Grades 6–8 • Common Core and Mathematics: Grades 9–12

Susan ryan Dana Frazee

$12.95 (ASCD Members) $17.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #113010Z29

Common Core Standards for High School Mathematics: A Quick-Start Guide
amitra SchWolS and kathleen demPSey; edited By John kendall
a q u i c k - S ta r t G u i D E

for High School Mathematics

Shifting your high school’s math program to new Common Core standards is much easier when teachers and leaders have this handy guide. Getting a copy for every staff member involved in the process is the ideal way to introduce the six conceptual categories throughout the math standards, the modeling standards, and the practices standards. A lesson design template based on Classroom Instruction That Works, 2nd Edition, with three sample lessons, is included to jump-start your standards implementation.
(ASCD booklet copublished with McREL, 2012) 7” x 9”, 160 pages.

Common Core and Literacy Strategies professional Development Online Suite
Ensure your school’s instruction in literacy aligns with Common Core State Standards by enrolling teachers in a suite of courses on literacy strategies across four subject areas. Each course introduces the most relevant topics facing teachers implementing the Common Core and provides robust content you can use to customize your professional development program.

amitra Schwols kathleen Dempsey

$18.95 (ASCD Members) $24.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #113011Z29

Learn More About ASCD PD Online Courses
GO TO www.ascd.org/pdonline
6 Order Online: SHOP.aScd.Org

Register Online at www.ascd.org/pdonline. For schoolwide or districtwide purchases, contact ASCD Program Director Jean Pride at jpride@ascd.org, 1-800-933-ASCD (2723), or 1-703-578-9600, ext. 5634.

Implement the Common Core
An ideal model for implementing the Common Core State Standards is the renowned Understanding by Design® framework from Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe.

Unpacking the Common Core Standards Using the UbD Framework DVD
Drawing from the popular Understanding by Design® (UbD™) framework, this DVD explains an approach to implementing the Common Core that ensures a results-oriented curriculum with fidelity to the standards. UbD authors Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe introduce key concepts from UbD that apply to implementing the Common Core. Experts on curriculum design explain how to unpack standards for developing a powerful improvement plan focused on desired outcomes. Hear educators from the field explain how to use UbD’s backward-design approach to create units and lessons that reflect the Common Core’s goals. Both English language arts and literacy standards and content and practice standards for mathematics are addressed throughout the program.
(ASCD DVD, 2012) One 55-minute DVD.

$169 (ASCD Members) $219 (Nonmembers) Stock # 612059Z29

Understanding by Design® and UbD™ are trademarks owned by ASCD and may not be used without permission.

Understanding by Design, Expanded 2nd Edition
grant WigginS and Jay mctighe


The Understanding by Design Guide to Creating High-Quality Units
grant WigginS and Jay mctighe

Since 1998, thousands of educators have used Understanding by Design® framework to create more rigorous and engaging curriculums. Two renowned authorities describe how to design curriculums that lead to increased student understanding and mastery of subject matter. Lots of examples demonstrate how schools and districts have used this popular framework.
(ASCD book, 2005) 8 1/2” x 11”, 370 pages.

Whether you are an experienced curriculum designer or new to Understanding by Design® (UbD™) framework for curriculum, assessment, and learning, you will benefit from the latest design tools and the updated UbD unit Template 2.0. UbD authors Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe share their insights and the practical tips that have helped thousands of educators design curriculums based on the UbD framework. The Guide features a set of modules containing guiding worksheets and exercises that take you through the three-stage unit design process.
(ASCD book, 2011) 8 1/2” x 11,” 119 pages with over 100 more downloadable pages available online.

$19.95 (ASCD Members) $26.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #109107Z29

The Understanding by Design Guide to Advanced Concepts in Creating and Reviewing Units
grant WigginS and Jay mctighe

$25.95 (ASCD Members) $32.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #103055Z29

Regardless of your stage at implementing the design tools and using the improved unit template for Understanding by Design® (UbD™) framework, this companion to The Understanding by Design Guide to Creating High-Quality Units is essential for taking your work to a higher plane and measuring the results of your efforts. This Guide features a set of modules containing worksheets, exercises, examples, and assessments that take you through steps that are essential to building better units. Modules and downloadable forms address such topics as unpacking standards, building high-quality rubrics, differentiating the learning plan, and obtaining and using feedback.
(ASCD book, 2012) 8 1/2” x 11”, 134 pages.

$19.95 (ASCD Members) $26.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #112026Z29


The Core Six: Essential Strategies for Achieving Excellence with the Common Core
harVey F. SilVer, r. thomaS deWing, and mattheW J. Perini

Discover research-based strategies that can help you respond to the demands of the Common Core State Standards, particularly the English language arts standards that affect every subject area and grade level. Drawing from the research on which classroom strategies are your “best bets” for improving student achievement, the authors recommend six winning instructional approaches and provide what you need to ensure your lessons reinforce the Common Core.
(ASCD book, 2012) 7” x 9”, 89 pages.

$10.95 (ASCD Members)

$14.95 (Nonmembers)

Stock #113007Z29

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How to support the diversity of your school
We can help you to address the needs of the many types of students you serve every day.

Turning High-poverty Schools into High-performing Schools
William h. Parrett and kathleen m. Budge

Total participation Techniques: Making Every Student an Active Learner
PérSida himmele and William himmele

Based on lessons of high-poverty, highperforming schools that take control of what they can to disrupt the cycle of poverty and close achievement gaps, the authors synthesize realworld practices to provide you with a Framework for Action that ensures your school builds leadership capacity, fosters a supportive school environment, and focuses intensely on learning.
(ASCD book, 2012) 8” x 10”, 220 pages.

Learn about incredibly effective alternatives to the “stand and deliver” approach to teaching, explore dozens of ways to engage K–12 students in active learning, and allow them to demonstrate the depth of their knowledge and understanding.
(ASCD Premium, Select, and Institutional Plus Member book, July 2011) 8” x 10”, 135 pages.

$18.95 (ASCD Members) $24.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #111037Z29

Minding the Achievement Gap One Classroom at a Time
Jane e. Pollock, Sharon m. Ford, and margaret m. Black

$22.95 (ASCD Members) $30.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #109003Z29

Do teachers have the power to close achievement gaps? The authors of this book boldly claim they do and lay out a blueprint for how to make small, specific adjustments every day, on a classroom-by-classroom basis to help students who are falling short of standards.
(ASCD book, 2012) 7” x 9”, 150 pages.

$17.95 (ASCD Members) $23.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #112005Z29

When Teaching Gets Tough: Smart Ways to Reclaim Your Game
allen n. mendler

Where Great Teaching Begins: planning for Student Thinking and Learning
anne r. reeVeS

This book presents practical strategies for how to make the job of teaching easier and more rewarding by overcoming day-to-day frustrations.Veteran educator Allen Mendler offers easyto-use strategies that immediately help with the challenges of difficult students and too few resources.
(ASCD Premium, Select, and Institutional Plus Member book, April 2012) 6” x 9”, 192 pages.

Starting with the premise that “great teaching” is not about what the teacher does but what the students learn, this book provides you with a step-by-step process for designing instruction that is centered on student outcomes. Explore can’t-miss strategies that help you plan lessons with learning-focused objectives, authentic assessments, and engaging activities that incorporate targeted content and necessary thinking skills.
(ASCD Premium, Select, and Institutional Plus Member book, November 2011) 7” x 9”, 215 pages.

$19.95 (ASCD Members) $26.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #111023Z29

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$19.95 (ASCD Members) $26.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #112004Z29


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online stUDY GUiDe inclUDeD

Focus on vision for school improvement
Research shows that school leadership has a significant effect on student achievement. Use these resources to help you leverage that power.

Focus: Elevating the Essentials to Radically Improve Student Learning
mike Schmoker

Set a course for true principal effectiveness with principal Compass™
Powered by a partnership between Pearson and ASCD

Best-selling ASCD author and renowned consultant Mike Schmoker explains why and how to take a “first-things-first” approach to school improvement and focus laser-like on only three essentials: coherent curriculum, sound lessons, and purposeful reading and writing. Schmoker lays out a complete plan for implementing Common Core Standards, infusing authentic literacy into teaching, and radically improving schools.
(ASCD Premium, Select, and Institutional Plus Member book, January 2011) 6” x 9”, 238 pages.

Principal Compass is a series of online learning modules and other tools that build the competencies of highly effective school leaders. The modules correlate to your leader rubric and the Marzano leadership assessment framework with classroom and practitioner videos to strengthen your current program or build a brand new curriculum for principals and principal candidates.

Learn More Online: Find out how to sign up for an individual subscription to Principal Compass at www.ascd.org/compass. Or for multiple subscriptions, please contact Jean Pride at jpride@ascd.org.

$20.95 (ASCD Members) $27.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #110016Z29

A World-Class Education: Learning from International Models of Excellence and Innovation
ViVien SteWart

How to Teach Now: Five Keys to personalized Learning in the Global Classroom
William PoWell and ochan kuSuma-PoWell

Surveying the policies and assessment results from multiple countries,Vivien Stewart brings you up-to-date on high-performing education systems in other countries and how they are advancing best practices in critical areas of education.
(ASCD Premium Member book, February 2012) 6” x 9”, 190 pages.

$19.95 (ASCD Members) $26.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #111016Z29

Based on the wisdom of teachers at international schools, this book outfits you with ideas and strategies for embracing the paradox of personalized learning in the global classroom. Explore ways to know your students better, understand your own cultural frame, personalize curriculum, and help students learn how to learn.
(ASCD book, 2011) 7” x 9”, 176 pages.

Insights into Action: Successful School Leaders Share What Works
William Sterrett

$18.95 (ASCD Members) $24.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #111011Z29

Simply Better: Doing What Matters Most to Change the Odds for Student Success
Bryan goodWin

Giants in the field of educational leadership— Baruti Kafele, Rick DuFour, Carol Ann Tomlinson, and James Popham—explain how to lead more effectively, strengthen your learning community, and meet today’s most difficult challenges.
(ASCD Premium Member book, December 2011) 6” x 9”, 131 pages.

$16.95 (ASCD Members) $22.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #112009Z29

Drawing from the research base that informed the ASCD’s best-selling series of What Works in Schools titles, education research expert Bryan Goodwin separates the school improvement ideas that really work from those that just appear to work and provides you with a What Matters Most Framework that focuses your school on how to change the odds for underserved children.
(ASCD Premium Member book copublished with McREL, August 2011) 7 7/8” x 9 7/8”, 184 pages.

$19.95 (ASCD Members) $26.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #111038Z29

TOll-Free Ordering: call 800-933-2723 Or 703-578-9600, tHen PreSS 1


Improve the results of your RTI efforts
Whenever assessments alert you to student learning problems, you have to be able to intervene quickly with a proven approach that is research based. That’s where ASCD resources come in with interventions that will work for your learning community.

Enhancing RTI: How to Ensure Success with Effective Classroom Instruction and Intervention
douglaS FiSher and nancy Frey

Find out how to add to the effectiveness of the Response to Intervention (RTI) plan that your school already has in place or get you started in the right direction. While guiding you through the steps of creating and implementing this improved approach, the authors describe what undermines most approaches to RTI and how your RTI effort can lead to improved curriculum and instruction for all students.
(ASCD Premium Member book, May 2010) 7 7/8” x 9 7/8”, 160 pages.

$20.95 (ASCD Members) $26.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #110037Z29

What Every School Leader Needs to Know About RTI
margaret Searle

Implementing RTI in Secondary Schools DVD Series
Go way beyond the theory of Response to Intervention (RTI) to see exactly what schools do to help struggling students and close achievement gaps. This powerful DVD set follows an entering high school freshman through an RTI approach that emphasizes Universal Screening, Diagnostic Assessment, and a Three-Tiered Instructional Intervention. Learn how teachers, administrators, and specialists use the results of universal screening and diagnostic tests. And go in depth into the problem-solving process that involves teachers, specialists, parents, and students coming up with innovative strategies to use in the classroom and at home.
(ASCD DVD, 2010) Two 45-minute DVDs, each with a professional development program.

Cut through the confusion about Response to Intervention (RTI) and ensure that your approach to RTI represents the very best of successful school and district implementations. Written by a seasoned expert on standards and intervention, this book gives you an RTI framework that ensures no students fall through the cracks.
(ASCD book, 2010) 7” x 9”, 200 pages.

$18.95 (ASCD Members) $23.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #109097Z29

Building Your School’s Capacity to Implement RTI: An ASCD Action Tool
Patricia addiSon and cynthia Warger

Once your school has established the reason and the will to move forward with Response to Intervention (RTI), you still have to navigate all the difficult steps of implementing this complex process. That’s where this ASCD Action Tool comes in handy. The guide gives your leadership team all the tools it needs to plan RTI and determine how it will be implemented regardless of the RTI model being followed. Over 70 tools take your team through the steps of establishing core instruction and providing a multitiered system of supports with data-based problem solving, progress monitoring, and universal screening.
(ASCD Action Tool, 2011) 384 pages.


$309 (ASCD Members) $369 (Nonmembers) Stock #610011Z29 Program One: Diagnostic Assessments and the Three-Tiered Approach Stock #610060Z29 Program Two: Implementing Interventions and Building Resources Stock #610061Z29 PRICE PER PROGRAM: $179 (ASCD Members) $199 (Nonmembers)

$49 (ASCD Members) $69 (Nonmembers) Stock #111007Z29

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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Have students take on more of the work of learning
Our books on the Structured Teaching approach explain how you can gradually enable students to take on more of the “work” of classroom learning. The purposeful Classroom: How to Structure Lessons with Learning Goals in Mind
douglaS FiSher and nancy Frey

Discover how purposeful learning engages your students more meaningfully and increases their understanding of subject matter. To help you harness the power of purposeful learning, the authors include lots of specific tools and strategies that work in every grade and subject.
(ASCD book, 2011) 6” x 9”, 170 pages.

$18.95 (ASCD Members) $24.95 (Nonmembers) Stock # 112007Z29

Better Learning Through Structured Teaching: A Framework for the Gradual Release of Responsibility
douglaS FiSher and nancy Frey

Guided Instruction: How to Develop Confident and Successful Learners
douglaS FiSher and nancy Frey

Find out how to use guided instruction to get students to do the cognitive work of learning. Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey explain why a combination of questions, prompts, cues, direct explanations, and modeling is a better way to guide students’ learning.
(ASCD book, 2010) 7” x 9”, 140 pages.

$16.95 (ASCD Members) $22.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #111017Z29

Learn about Structured Teaching, a tried-andtrue method for gradually enabling students to take on more of the “work” of classroom learning. Two experienced teachers describe a purposeful classroom structure that relies on focused lessons, guided instruction, collaborative learning and feedback at every stage.
(ASCD Premium Member book, February 2008) 6” x 9”, 155 pages.

Checking for Understanding: Formative Assessment Techniques for Your Classroom
douglaS FiSher and nancy Frey

$18.95 (ASCD Members) $23.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #108010Z29

If you ever have students who are reluctant to tell you when they don’t understand something—or worse, tell you they understand when they really don’t—then here’s a book that gives you lots of ways to check for understanding. Explore formative assessment techniques that work in any subject area and grade level, for individual students or across multiple classrooms.
(ASCD Premium and Select Member book, September 2007) 8” x 10”, 164 pages.

$20.95 (ASCD Members) $26.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #107023Z29

The Formative Assessment Action plan: practical Steps to More Successful Teaching and Learning
nancy Frey and douglaS FiSher

Overcome student assessment challenges by using the improved formative assessment system in this breakthrough book. Explore a failsafe assessment system that leads to purposeful lessons, clear indicators of student understanding, and forms of feedback that improve student performance.
(ASCD book, 2011) 7” x 9”, 150 pages.

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$17.95 (ASCD Members) $23.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #111013Z29

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Become a more strategic teacher
Our series of resources on The Strategic Teacher help a team of teachers work together to learn, plan, and implement research-based teaching strategies for their classrooms.

The Strategic Teacher DVD
Show this DVD in your next professional development activity to convince teachers in every grade and subject of the need to acquire a repertoire of research-based strategies and to match those strategies to teaching objectives and student needs. Classroom scenes demonstrate how the research-proven strategies work and how teachers can use the strategies for lesson design and differentiated instruction.
(ASCD DVD, 2011) One 60-minute DVD with a professional development program.

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The Strategic Teacher: Selecting the Right ResearchBased Strategy for Every Lesson
harVey F. SilVer, richard W. Strong, and mattheW J. Perini

$169 (ASCD Members) $219 (Nonmembers) Stock #610137Z29

Compare & Contrast: Teaching Comparative Thinking to Strengthen Student Learning
harVey F. SilVer

This ultimate guide to teaching strategies gives you 20 of the most reliable, research-proven teaching strategies for every grade and subject. To help you choose the right strategy, the authors include a Strategic Dashboard that makes it easy for you to match your strategy to your instructional objectives.
(ASCD book, 2007) 8 1/2” x 11”, 300 pages.

Use sample lessons, student work examples, planning forms, and learning tools in this guide to make it easier and more effective for teams of teachers to engage in professional development using the Compare & Contrast family of strategies for building comparative thinking skills that help teachers understand Compare & Contrast.
(ASCD Strategic Teacher PLC Guide, 2010) 8 1/2” x 11”, 80 pages.

$21.95 (ASCD Members) $27.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #107059Z29

$15.95 (ASCD Members) $19.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #110126Z29

Inference: Teaching Students to Develop Hypotheses, Evaluate Evidence, and Draw Logical Conclusions
harVey F. SilVer, r. thomaS deWing, and mattheW J. Perini

Task Rotation: Strategies for Differentiating Activities and Assessments by Learning Style
harVey F. SilVer, Joyce W. JackSon, and daniel r. moirao

Reading for Meaning: How to Build Students’ Comprehension, Reasoning, and problem-Solving Skills
harVey F. SilVer, SuSan c. morriS, and Victor klein

Based on ASCD’s bestselling The Strategic Teacher, this guide takes a group of teachers through the steps of learning how to teach four major inference strategies. Use the activities, sample lessons, and examples of student work to learn why and how to teach students a skill that is critical to 21st century learning.
(ASCD Strategic Teacher PLC Guide, 2012) 8 1/2” x 11”, 113 pages

One of the hardest jobs in teaching is to differentiate learning activities and assessments to your students’ learning styles. But you and your colleagues can learn how to do this together when each of you has this guide to the Task Rotation strategy.
(ASCD Strategic Teacher PLC Guide, 2011) 8 1/2” x 11”, 98 pages.

Learn to use the Reading for Meaning strategy by using the sample lessons, student examples, and planning forms with your professional learning community (PLC) and explore more ways to help students understand what they read, make inferences, and support their thinking with evidence.
(ASCD Strategic Teacher PLC Guide, 2010) 8 1/2” x 11”, 90 pages.

$15.95 (ASCD Members) $20.95 (Nonmembers) Stock # 112027Z29

$15.95 (ASCD Members) $20.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #110129Z29

$15.95 (ASCD Members) $20.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #110128Z29


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online stUDY GUiDe inclUDeD

Develop the skills of a master teacher
Building on her runaway best-seller Never Work Harder Than Your Students and Other Principles of Great Teaching, Robyn R. Jackson has now authored guides that help you apply her framework for the Master Teacher.

Never Work Harder Than Your Students and Other principles of Great Teaching
roByn r. JackSon

How to plan Rigorous Instruction
roByn r. JackSon

Robyn R. Jackson explains how to develop a more fluid and automatic way to respond to students and deliver great teaching every time. Using a short set of basic principles and classroom examples that promote reflection, Robyn describes how to grow a master teacher mindset that ensures you apply the principles of great teaching to your own practice and advance to the next stage of your professional development. Lots of classroom tips, problemsolving advice, and tools help you begin practicing the book’s principles in your classroom right away.
(ASCD Premium, Select, and Institutional Plus Member book, January 2009) 6” x 9”, 250 pages.

$20.95 (ASCD Members) $26.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #109001Z29

Never Work Harder Than Your Students: The Journey to Great Teaching DVD
In her uniquely engaging and thought-provoking way, Robyn R. Jackson takes you through each of the seven principles described in her book.Video scenes show how teachers in all grade levels can apply these practices in their classrooms and bring them all together to ensure that students take more responsibility for their learning. As Robyn describes how her core teaching approach makes instructional decisions more automatic and effortless, she offers numerous tips that can help teachers in every subject. More of Robyn’s insights are included in an embedded professional development program that includes PowerPoint slides and handouts.
(ASCD DVD, 2009) One 90-minute DVD with a professional development program.

Learn how to plan more rigorous, engaging, and rewarding lessons that help your students go beyond a surface understanding of the material and see the connection between what they are doing in class and their ultimate learning goals. Lots of helpful worksheets, planning templates, and strategy sheets help you plan more rigorous learning units.
(ASCD Mastering the Principles of Great Teaching Series book, 2010) 8 1/2” x 11”, 124 pages.

$16.95 (ASCD Members) $22.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #110077Z29

How to Motivate Reluctant Learners
roByn r. JackSon

$249 (ASCD Members) $309 (Nonmembers) Stock #610009Z29

How to Support Struggling Students
roByn r. JackSon and claire lamBert

Find out how to give students the right kind of assistance to get back on track by preparing students for learning, planning for interventions, and applying remediation for students who need help. The guide’s self-assessments, checklists, summaries, tips, and links to online resources make it perfect for learning with colleagues or guiding your own professional development.
(ASCD Mastering the Principles of Great Teaching Series book, 2010) 8 1/2” x 11”, 124 pages.

Robyn Jackson offers advice on how to engage even the most resistant learners by identifying and shaping the key investments you want them to make in your classroom. She explains how to “start where your students are” and how to keep reluctant learners motivated over time.
(ASCD Mastering the Principles of Great Teaching Series book, 2011) 8 1/2” x 11”, 125 pages.

$16.95 (ASCD Members) $21.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #110073Z29

$16.95 (ASCD Members) $22.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #110076Z29

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New ways to rescue students who struggle
Explore new ways to raise achievement by changing policies, learning environments, teaching practices, and curriculum programs.

Teaching with poverty in Mind: What Being poor Does to Kids’ Brains and What Schools Can Do About It
eric JenSen

Leading and Managing a Differentiated Classroom
carol ann tomlinSon and marcia B. imBeau

Veteran educator and brain expert Eric Jensen helps you understand why students raised in poverty are especially subject to stressors that undermine school behavior and performance. Learn how the effects of poverty can be reversed when educators employ the practices of turnaround schools that have a history of high performance among students raised in poverty.
(ASCD book, 2009) 6” x 9”, 184 pages.

$18.95 (ASCD Members) $23.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #109074Z29

Motivating Black Males to Achieve in School and in Life
Baruti k. kaFele

This breakthrough guide explains how to lead a class that is differentiated to individual students’ needs. The authors outfit you with everything you need to deal with time, space, materials, groups, and strategies that balance content requirements with multiple pathways for learning.
(ASCD Premium, Select, and Institutional Plus Member book, November 2010) 8” x 10”, 188 pages.

Award-winning educator and author Baruti K. Kafele explains why lack of proficiency in reading, writing, and math among black males is a symptom of deeper problems that can be addressed by changing expectations and daily instruction.
(ASCD Premium Member book, August 2009) 6” x 9”, 111 pages.

$20.95 (ASCD Members) $27.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #108011Z29

$12.95 (ASCD Members) $16.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #109013Z29

Teaching Boys Who Struggle in School: Strategies That Turn Underachievers into Successful Learners
kathleen Palmer cleVeland

Meeting Students Where They Live: Motivation in Urban Schools
richard l. curWin

The author of the ASCD classic Discipline with Dignity explains what every educator needs to know to succeed with students in an urban environment. Understand why urban youth are more difficult to motivate and how you can replace ineffective approaches with methods that relate to these students’ everyday experiences.
(ASCD book, 2010) 7” x 9”, 192 pages.

$18.95 (ASCD Members) $23.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #109110Z29

Kathleen Cleveland equips you with a flexible and practical framework for addressing the needs of underachieving male students. Instead of resorting to a one-size-fits-allboys solution, explore ways to respond to underachievement among boys who fall behind and stay behind.
(ASCD Premium, Select, and Institutional Plus Member book, April 2011) 7” x 9”, 232 pages.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

$20.95 (ASCD Members) $27.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #111028Z29


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online stUDY GUiDe inclUDeD

Implement a Framework for Teaching
The acclaimed Framework for Teaching from Charlotte Danielson is a benchmark for thousands of school systems and educators around the world. Only ASCD has all the resources you need to implement it systemwide. The Handbook for Enhancing professional practice: Using the Framework for Teaching in Your School
charlotte danielSon

Implementing the Framework for Teaching in Enhancing professional practice: An ASCD Action Tool
charlotte danielSon and otherS

This is an indispensable resource for everyone who uses Enhancing Professional Practice to support teacher education, evaluation, and professional learning. Drawing from the thousands of programs that rely on this research-based teaching framework, this handbook provides guidance in applying the 22 components of successful teaching practice across the entire teacher career spectrum—from preparation through self-directed professional development. Detailed charts, forms, and checklists help administer every step of a school- or systemwide effort to ensure highquality teaching.
(ASCD book, 2008) 8 1/2” x 11”, 179 pages.

$21.95 (ASCD Members) $27.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #106035Z29

It’s much faster and easier to implement Charlotte Danielson’s renowned Framework for Teaching when you have this collection of tools, examples, and assessments. Teachers can use the tools, either on their own or with their students, to integrate elements of successful teaching into the classroom and plan a course of action for teacher improvement. Whether you use the framework in teacher preparation courses, recruitment, mentoring, professional development, or professional learning communities, the nearly 100 tools and activities in this guide help make the components of successful teaching the standard for practice in your school, district, or personal career.
(ASCD Action Tool, 2009) 512 pages.

Enhancing professional practice: A Framework for Teaching, 2nd Edition
charlotte danielSon

This acclaimed framework for successful teaching practice—a benchmark for thousands of school systems and educators around the world—is now fortified with new applications for state standards, formative assessments, and school specialists. Use the book’s 22 components of successful teaching practice to support novice teachers who are concerned with day-to-day survival, experienced teachers who want to improve their effectiveness, and highly accomplished teachers who want to acquire advanced certification and help their colleagues. (Based on PRAXIS III Classroom Performance Assessments criteria developed by Educational Testing Service.)
(ASCD Premium Member book, February 2007) 10” x 8”, 208 pages.

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$59 (ASCD Members) $79 (Nonmembers) Stock #109047Z29

$21.95 (ASCD Members) $27.95 (Nonmembers) Stock #106034Z29

Enhancing professional practice DVD Series
Bring to life the components of successful teaching practice and classroom observation processes from Enhancing Professional Practice with this three-part DVD set.Video scenes from elementary, middle, and high school classrooms illustrate what successful teachers do in all four domains of effective practice. Plus, school leaders and teacher supervisors in all grade levels get to see exactly how to apply a growth model teacher-performance process.
(ASCD DVD, 2009) Three 30-minute DVDs.

$279 (ASCD Members) $349 (Nonmembers) Stock #609033Z29

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