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Telephone (647) 465-6787 Email:

503 Perth Ave Toronto, Ontario Canada M6N 2W6


offering the following accomplishments and experience:
Skilled Call Centre Supervisor Offering Over 15 years of Bilingual Customer & Personal Service Experience

Proven History Managing Client & Advisory Services for Investment Funds & Financial Management Companies Main Contact Point for English/French Clients Improved Resolution & Decreased Recurrence Rates 10% Fluent in English, French & Spanish (read, write, speak, listen)
Motivated Manager with 7 years Leading Team Members Across Multiple Departments

Leading 12 Team Members in Achieving Set Productivity & Client Services Goals Supervising up to 15 Staff & Developing Job Accountabilities, Modelling Corporate Values
Exemplary Bilingual Sales Support & Sales Experience Achieving Sales 40% Over Set Goals

Serving as the Only Bilingual Non-Manager Support Member Supported Wholesalers & Regional Sales Office Offering Experience Providing Proactive Solutions & Developing Strategic Business Plans to Increase Sales Executing Successful Promotional & Marketing Requests for Products & Services

Held progressive positions supporting bilingual call centre efforts for publicly traded investment fund companies, overseeing $99 billion in fee-earning assets for over 1.7 million clients nationwide. 2002 to 2012

Participated in the management of call centres day-to-day operations for Advisor Service Centre team, as main contact point for bilingual customers, answered incoming English and French inquiries from clients, dealerships, and financial management advisors and planners. Managed Incoming Inquiries & Resolved Customer Issues ... for Call Centre Handling One Million Calls Annually Ensured smooth operations of client services support, assessed customer needs, evaluated satisfaction and prioritized issues. Successfully managed approximately 20,000 incoming calls and tracked over 840 monthly resolutions. Investigated and liaised with contacts within 14 departments, including administration departments, national advisors and branches across the country to resolve client account discrepancies; efforts improved resolution rates by approximately 10%. Maintained Financial Management Services & Products Subject Matter Expertise: Providing focused knowledge of advisor commissions; statement entries; reporting; resident/non-resident taxes; policies and procedures for purchases, redemptions and registered transfers; product information; estate requirements; and government registered plan program information such as HBPs, RESPs, TFSAs, LIRAs, LIFs, and other Locked-in plans. Product support of CI Mutual funds, CI Segregated funds (Sun Life, Transamerica, etc.), Managed Solutions and Alternative Investments such as deposit notes and hedge funds.
EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT Led 12 Team Members for Bilingual Client Services Supervised team members

daily activities and ensured members promoted corporate values and a consistent, high level of call quality to internal and external clients. Supported team with difficult issues, mentored and coached members in assessing and investigating client account discrepancies. Built strong team accountability while working with up to 20 administration department staff and management to address and deliver client services solutions and ensured satisfaction; resulted in a 10% decrease in recurrence of similar issues.
BILINGUAL SALES TEAM SUPPORT for 12 Wholesalers/VPs, Inside Sales & Assistant Staff at Sales Office As

the only bilingual non-manager support member, assisted French speaking advisors with assets under management totalling over $100 million. Served as Main Point of Contact for Quebec Dealerships/Advisors - Successfully specialized in resolving difficult, problematic, escalated, or time sensitive purchases, redemptions, reversals or adjustments issues, ranging to over $5 million. Effectively identified possible areas of conflict and liaised with up to 15 departments to correct internal and external errors; efforts resulted in over 95% success rate in correcting errors.

Telephone (647) 465-6787 Email:

503 Perth Ave Toronto, Ontario Canada M6N 2W6

FINANCIAL SERVICES ASSISTANT MANAGEMENT Employee Supervision & Departmental Support

Repeatedly promoted to progressive management positions for Canadas largest bank, with $74 billion in market capitalization, serving more than 15 million clients worldwide. 1998 to 2001
FINANCIAL SERVICES MANAGEMENT for Leading North American Diversified Financial Service Company

Promoted in 12 months to assist department management and employee supervision; recognized for demonstrated account management, accuracy and dedication; nominated for Outstanding Performance Award. Identified & Eliminated Excessive Departmental Costs Eliminated backlog of disputed client charges within three months; saved $80,000 in missed deadline losses. Aggressive investigation and costs challenging efforts helped department save approximately $2 million in write-offs and questionable charges.
CLIENT SERVICES SUPPORT for Cardholder & Employer Accounts Provided product and services information

through timely customer service, successfully negotiated with merchants favourable terms; saved over $30,000. Handled over 150 escalations with a 98% to standard satisfaction rate; won Outstanding Performance Award.

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Strategic Sales Planning & Departmental Coordination

Repeatedly promoted to progressive management positions with music retail chain, once the largest in Canada, with locations across the globe generating hundreds of millions in annual revenue. 1990-1995
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT for Retail Location with $1.5 Million in Annual Sales Gained extensive business and

employee management abilities, developed strategic sales planning, designed in-store advertising campaigns, and implemented resource allocation techniques; increased profit margin by over 5% while reducing inventory target level. Coordinated and led 15 staff in delivering effective sales and customer service procedures. Achieved Sales 40% Over Set Targeted Goal Opened Newmarket store, managed and trained 10 staff, applied successful sales, marketing and merchandising strategies; increased sales approximately $400,000. Increased Profit Margin by Over 5% Assisted in managing mall location, supervised staff and implemented sales promotions that increased profits by approximately $100,000, while reducing inventory to targeted level. Significantly Increased Profits by 25% Led 6 staff for specialized department and analyzed sales metrics, negotiated product terms with suppliers to receive more marketing support and augmented saleable inventory.


Held Progressive Bilingual Call Centre & Client Services Positions from 2002-2012: CI Investments 2005-2012; Portus Alternative Asset Management 2004-2005; Brandes Investment Partners & Co. 2003-2004; Unisen Mutual Funds, 2002-2003 Teacher; English as a Second Language, English Spanish House 2002 Held Varying Bilingual & Financial Services Positions: Royal Bank of Canada, VISA 1997-2001 Bilingual Client Services/Travel Agent, LMG(Air Miles) 1997; Progressive Positions: HMV Canada 1990-1995


Commerce Studies, Integrative Music Studies Program, Concordia University, Montreal Canada 1988-1991

Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate; Visa Canada Dispute Resolution Workshop IFIC Canadian Investment Funds Course; HMV-Sponsored Workshops: Conflict & Time Management, Security Loss Prevention, Customer Service/Awareness, Interviewing& Hiring Practices; Selected CI Internal Training: RESP, Segregated Funds, Mutual Fund & Segregated Funds, Taxation


Achieved fluency in Spanish, completed courses at Spanish Centre, Toronto; Fluent in English, French & Spanish (read, write, speak, listen). Very basic Japanese; World Travel: Europe, Middle East, Japan 2010-2011; Asia, Japan 2006-2007; USA, Mexico, Central America 2001-2002; Western Europe 1995