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Title of Play

Need a few lines of introduction to the play to go here. As an example, here is the introduction to the A Handbag proposal: At first, it seems as if we have jumped into a production of The Importance of Being Earnest and the famous Lady Bracknell scene - but we soon realise that we are actually watching a dress rehearsal for a production of Wildes play. Gradually, we realise that the production is taking place in some sort of institution, probably for young offenders, although there may be a psychiatric element to the institution. As the rehearsal falls apart, the characters argue about whether or not to go on - and their own stories begin to emerge and we get clues as to why they might be in the institution. Its very much a naturalistic piece and its interest is in the relationships between the characters and the way they hide or betray their secrets and their histories. Its not a long play, very funny in parts but also quite poignant. The play is set today.

Title of Play
Here, you will need to note your ideas about the style of the piece and its key ideas. You should include details about the stage layout you want to use as well as notes about any specific requirements - you might need a window that someone can jump out of, for example! Its also a good idea to include pictures here. Here is the set design brief from A Handbag as an example: As Ive suggested, this is very much an exercise in naturalism. The set doesnt change and we really need to create a set within a set. The rehearsal is taking place in a room in the institution that the young inmates have been allowed to use for their rehearsal - and this needs to be very realistically created, without making it too obvious that we are in an institution. Within that set, there needs to be some sort of set for The Importance of Being Earnest - but it would be the sort of set that would be possible for a production of this type - in an institution, virtually no budget, no expertise or assistance from anyone else. Its important that the realism of the main set is impressive and that the Earnest scenery is realistically poor. There needs to be enough of it to establish the Edwardian setting of Earnest without creating a sense that we have just built a rubbish set!! There is a feeling of being trapped in the play - doors might be important - they seem to provide a way out but, if they are locked, they remind you that you are trapped, of course.

Title of Play
Here, youll need to give very brief character sketches of each character together with any ideas about the costumes as a whole - you might have thoughts about the period you want to suggest, or the colours you want to use. Again, youll need to note down any specific requirements - does one character have to have a pocket in which to keep a vital prop, for example? The age of the character is important here. Again, pictures are very helpful here. Here is the costume design brief from A Handbag: As with the set, we need the Earnest costumes to be realistically poor without it looking as if weve just made/hired rubbish costumes. As the rehearsal starts to fall apart, there might be scope for characters to take off parts of the Earnest costumes. Rose (Lady Bracknell) About 19. She is trying to grasp the world around her and is not at ease as Lady Bracknell. Rose lives by the rulebook - she might be the product of a great deal of therapy! George (Jack Worthing) About 19. Middle class and quite articulate - he seems to be in charge of the production. Allan (Algernon Moncrieff) Similar age. Has a rough intelligence. Specs Similar age but not in Earnest costume - he is acting as the prompter. Has thick glasses, a terrible stammer and is described as a mess. Irene (Gwendolen) Written to be a tough Glaswegian. Not at ease with herself physically and quite aggressive. Described in the text as not attractive. There is

a suggestion that she has self-harmed in the past and shell need some scars on her arms - not too prominent but visible. Kinsey (Lane, the butler) Similar background to Irene - in fact, the two grew up together. Again, quite aggressive.

Title of Play

Here you need to note down your ideas for lighting and sound - the ideas only need to be quite generalised at this stage but youll need to give an idea of the effect you want light and sound to create. Again, pictures can be very useful here. Youll also need to note down any particular requirements that are essential to the production - the sound of a car passing, a follow-spot, a night-time scene etc. This is also the place to note down any particular requirements from props - a dagger with retractable blade, a security camera with flashing light which moves, for example.

Title of Play
Need to include some thoughts about any publicity you want for the production. This might include a poster - or a broad idea for a poster but it could also include any other ideas to make the production attractive to the audience.

Title of Play
Role Director Stage Manager Stage Management Team Set Designer Costume Designer(s) Costume Team Lighting Designer Lighting Operator Sound Designer Sound Operator Make-up Designer Make-up Team Set Construction Team Front of House Name(s)

Role Photographer


Title of Play
To be completed after auditions

Role Character Name Character Name Character Name Character Name Character Name Character Name Character Name Character Name Character Name Character Name Character Name Character Name Character Name



Role Character Name Character Name



Title of Play
These key dates need to be in line with the detailed production timetable (available on the Moodle.)

Stage of Process Pre-Production Auditions Read-through Rehearsal Period Start of Final Fortnight Start of Production Week Technical Rehearsal Dress Rehearsal Performances



Title of Play
The total budget for the production should be agreed with MSF.

Item Royalties Set Construction Costumes Make-up Props Technical equipment hire Miscellaneous

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