By Patrícia Kenney

Throughout this world, we become continuously aware of people who have been cured by the most varied means. There have been people who got healed through Allopathic medicine, homeopathy, phytotherapy, Reiki treatments, shamanism, acupuncture, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, chromo therapy, iridology, reflexology, orthomolecular medicine, etc… Summing up: human-beings cure can take place in infinite different forms. Each human being is different; has different ascendants; different cultural formation; and they can even go through different among circumstances in life that can differentiate him/her from siblings of the same blood. Each human being is the mirror of his/her own mind and personal beliefs, being the receptacle of those beliefs which they, themselves, do not remember why they have been adopted. Anyway, each of us is a unique human being, shaped up from an endless series of variables. Likewise we, being such different beings, what is capable of curing our body may also be different. The truth is, anything that makes you think differently will also make you a different person. The power of your faith, within whatever method, can also produce a cure as a final result. Any change on your way of thinking and feeling can alter the picture in which you are inserted. If you change your beliefs, becoming another person, you cannot be subjected to whatever had afflicted you before. We never remain the same person throughout life and, for this reason, we live and continuously attract new people and new circumstances. Any change will bring you new experiences - good or bad - according to the new beliefs adopted. As an example, I will quote a personal experience: After suffering a great loss, I decided to take a break from my life and embark on an adventure. I made a long trip working on a cargo ship up to Europe and spent three months there trying new airs and new cultures. The adventure, the freedom and receptivity, plus my will to become different, were so great that I noticed surprising differences, which reflected immediately on my body. To start with, my metabolism has changed in such way that I lost 15 kilos in two weeks. The curious fact was that I had never eaten so badly, as the money I had was just enough for eating “junk food”, but I ate it with pleasure and ate a lot and, contrary to what would be expected, I lost weight and looked beautiful, fit and healthy. In four months I did not have any headache or Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and not even had any physical discomfort. I was sheer light and power. In real practice, I discovered that not even what you eat can interfere on what you are, if you are living your life intensively. The fullness of being commands your body, and influences your mind. That was, of course, a kind of "coffee break" in my life. Because of my great loss, I was convinced that nothing worse could happen to me, then, was not afraid of anything else. This kind of thing gives you an unprecedented freedom. When you go through what terrifies you most, you become, then, free. The way back home brought me to the former reality and to my old and small problems, but I never forgot that when you feel yourself safe and relaxed inside the

world, living fully in the present, without worrying about the future ... when you are open to the experience without any expectation and anxiety, you discover that the joy of living is being in God, and becomes a living being, pure and healthy as you always should be. No matter your past experiences. You can jump from pain to fullness if you know how to get rid of the limited person that you believe you are. Unfortunately, tied down to our daily life, we get overcome by the reflexes of this limited existence. We live deepened into uncertainties, because man‟s world does not give assurance to anybody. We carry our ego‟s burden and its history, whether it is good or bad. We have, also, our families and duties and nothing of this would be a problem if we could live this context remembering who we really are: God‟s children, created to His image and similitude and, therefore: we should be light, loose, healthy, handsome and full of life! This divine state of mind only exists when we are sure in God. And this does not mean a state of religious contemplation, sobriety, and introspections - far from that… God wants to see us in a state of full confidence and jubilous joy: the kind of joy that gives us the will to sing and dance through the living room, "I have overcome the world" means to live in the world, but not ever be stuck with it. The true Cure is, therefore, the spiritual cure, the one that releases the human being from what you think you are, and let you live the plenitude of the divine. All the repertoire and methodology that I have cited at the beginning of this article deals with the earthy man, the ego, the „persona‟ of this life, who feels chained down to the human universal beliefs. The spiritual being that you are is never sick. This higher self is the loved Son of God, created to the image and similitude of the Father and, therefore, perfect. When you live conscious of this fact, your world on Earth is transformed. The sick-being is ALWAYS the human Ego. This character tied to the world is not to be blamed for his/her disease as every form of disease is a universal belief on the power of fear, pain, hunger, misery, infirmity, virus, etc. It is the belief in a power and in an existence separated from God; it is the belief in a reality created by men. No one should feel guilt or imagine that they were the ones who produced that disease or limitation. If that was so, small children could never get sick. As human beings, we are the genetic portrait of our origin and of social context. We absorb and reflect the human world almost by osmosis, by sheer and natural contact. Thus, if you ask yourself which is the best form of cure, you will discover that all available methods can help, especially if they are believed. God‟s son has the power and everything that he conceives as real, so it will be in his world. While you wish to “repair” a physical person, any method will do, However, there are moments in which it seems that nothing can help us, and only when there is no more hope do we claim for God. When we recognize that nothing can be done by ourselves, and our human resources have run out, do we claim for Him, then we open that magic door for the spiritual being that we are and the miracle takes place. God‟s world manifests itself, showing that our world is not real as we think it is, that God is all there is and, in His world, the Being is wholesome.

The definite cure comes from the awakening of the spirit towards the only true reality: the children of God that we all are. When we face the reality of “the Father and I are One”. Or “My kingdom is not from this world.”, or when we remember the “Be still, and know that I am God” And also: “Search first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added to you” we rest safely on His Being. Under these conditions, no disease has ever had any power and no limitation or shortage can reach you, never.

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