A STUDY ON Supply Chain Strategies & Warehouse Operation AT VALUE FORMAT RELIANCE FRESH STORE Ravi Takiz,BBSR.

Submitted By Name-Santosh Kumar Sahu Roll Number-11DR004,IMIS



The project work includes collecting data as management trainee at Reliance Value Chain. For this I went to Reliance Fresh store near Ravi tokiz .EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In Today’s Competitive Scenario Many Retailers Are Dealing With The Same Kind Of Business. Intention of this assignment supply chain strategies and warehouse operation of Reliance Fresh for knowing how the things are being executed practically in supply chain. Also this assignment gave me a practical insight of the execution of supply chain and it helped me to learn many things regarding supply chain. On the base of those questions I asked questions and recorded her answer. So Competition level Is Very High.So In order To Sustain In The Market & To Increase The Overall Sell By Earning Profit As Well As Retaining Customer You Need To Adopt A Very Effective And Proactive Logistic & Supply Chain.I interacted with the store manager for that I had my questionnaires with me. So The Only Place Where They Can Make The Difference Is Logistics & Supply Chain . . Questionnaires had total twelve open ended questions. .


staples. This is quite different from what the firm had originally planned. The company already has in excess of 560 reliance fresh outlets across the country.INTRODUCTION TO THE COMPANY : Reliance Fresh is the convenience store format which forms part of the retail business of Reliance Industries of India which is headed by Mukesh Ambani. A typical Reliance Fresh store is approximately 3000-4000 square. and partly due to its inability to create a robust supply chain. Reliance Retail has decided to minimize its exposure in the fruit and vegetable business and position Reliance Fresh as a pure play super market focusing on categories like food. Reliance Retail is moving out of stocking fruits and vegetables. FMCG. West Bengal and Orissa. with food accounting for the bulk of the business. These stores sell fresh fruits and vegetables. The company may not stock fruit and vegetables in some states. it has decided not to compete with local vendors partly due to political reasons. . it was mentioned recently in news Dailies that. home. groceries. fresh juice bars and dairy products. Though Reliance Fresh is not exiting the fruit and vegetable business altogether. feet and caters to a catchment area of 1-2 km HISTORY: Post launch. consumer durables. Reliance plans to invest in excess of Rs 25000 cores in the next 4 years in their retail division. IT and wellness . in a dramatic shift in its positioning and mainly due to the circumstances prevailing in UP.

Reliance Fresh. . starting with Bangalore. The idea the company spoke about was to source from farmers and sell directly to the consumer removing middlemen out of the way. Reliance Wellness. Reliance Digital. Reliance Timeout and Reliance Super are various formats that Reliance has rolled out. Reliance Trendz.When the first Reliance Fresh store opened in Hyderabad last October. Reliance Mart. not only did the company said the store’s main focus would be fresh produce like fruits and vegetables at a much lower price. Reliance Jewels. Reliance Footprint. but also spoke at length about its “farm-to-fork’’ theory. In addition. Reliance Retail has entered into an alliance with Apple for setting up a chain of Apple Specialty Stores branded as iStore.

as well as on educational products and services. Reliance Retail. groceries.PROFILE OF COMPANY : Reliance Retail. India : Retail : Public Company : Operating Subsidiary Company Size: 10. operates as a subsidiary of Reliance Industries. apparel and footwear. Ltd. lifestyle and home improvement products. operates retail outlets in India. and flowers. travel services. Its retail outlets offer foods. India. and health and wellbeing products. Ltd. The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Mumbai. It focuses on consumer goods. The company’s outlets also provide vegetables. entertainment and leisure. and farm implements and inputs. fruits. electronic goods. consumer durables.001 or more employees Founded : 2006 . Headquarters : Industry Type Status Bombay Area. Ltd. energy.




PROCESS FOOD AND BEVERAGES: Under this sub category they are dealing with process food like ready to cook and ready to eat..etc.When sell happens to a particular point than the system automatically places order to its distribution center for new order..onion etc and fruits like graphes.. 2. 1. Otherwise store maneger decides it on the base of two parameter that is MBQ(maximum bin quantity) & no of items available inside the store.For ex:for maggie reorder point is 150 peices.tomato.green apple.apple. DECISION FOR LEVEL OF INVENTORY & REORDER POINT Normally in reliance fresh the decison for inventory they follows their it.MBQ is used for stapple items & no of items uded for products . 3.baby care .beverages like soft drinks dairy products.atta ..NON FOOD FMCG: Under this they are dealing with all kind of personal care products.like-brinjal.etc.orange.potato. .FRUIT AND VEGETABLES: Under this category reliance fresh deals with all kind of vegetables. 4.rice.SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGIES AND WAREHOUSE OPERATION PRODUCT CATEGORIES Normally in reliance fresh Ravi Tokiz they have broadly divided their product categories into following type.For this this theY have installed sap software & the level of inventory depends on the sell.as wll as fmcg consumer durables.But store manager madam told me that when there is an offer they normally don’t follow anu rules because at that time they get maximum number of products from their distribution center.home care.etc.STAPLE: Under this category they are dealing with dal.banana...

MODES OF TRANSPORTATION .SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGIES FOLLOWED BY STORE MANAGER.Cuttack other one is for orissa store is at Kolkata and their head distibution center is at Mumbai. Normally in reliance fresh they use road as their route for transportation. DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS .Friday.Truck is the only veichle that is used widely as modes of transportation at reliance fresh.they takes the decision.The main distribution center is near Pahal.In reliance fresh 90% items are first being collected to main distribution center Mumbai from various supplier then they send it to regional distribution center from main dc.They do buy vegetables from local farmers but for this they have their distribution center locally and nationally.For collecting vegetables and fruits from local farmers sometime they use small veichle like auto .They only follows that .Also when some goods remain unsold in their store for a longer period of time they do send it to other reliance fresh store.Normally for ravi tokiz store they recieves the inventories thrice in a week.saturday & Thursday. Store manager madam told me that mormally strategie of supply chain is decided at their corporate level. For reliance fresh Odisha they have three major distribution center. .From regional distribution center they further end it to various reliance fresh store based on region.van.

. The worth of every one point is equal to 70 paisa.TYPES OF TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM. For this Reliance Fresh has its membership card for its loyal customer.Also relianve has got its own control by adopting in-house transportation system. In reliance fresh all transportation system are in-house. KEY ADVANTAGES OF IT Reliance Fresh uses sap system in their store.It also helps them to mantain the database of customer.This system enables them to track the position of different merchandise in supply chain as well as inside the store. CUSTOMER RESPONSIVENESS.This helps them ti build a cost effective and smooth flow of supply chain.It helps them to reduce shrinkage because every store manager of reliance fresh has an unique password and he/she is only allowed to open the store at morning and if someone else tries to do the same than alaram automatically activates and produces a huge sound. Reliance Fresh also believes in retaining customer by giving them value for their money not only this but also they always tries to give some kind of extra benefit to their loyal customer. By availing this card a customer can get points at every purchase and after some period when he/she will b having at least 100 points he/she can get discount.

Maximum customer comes to reliance fresh because it is near by their home.RAVI TOKIZ. 4.vegetables.They don’t maintain their store properly because you can see the products inside the store looks dirty as well as messy.BBSR While I was reliance fresh store during my interaction with the store manager I found that the store was an average store. . 8.Their is a shortage of manpower inside the store. 5. 7.Their main catchment area is within 2 km from the store.beverages. Reasons: 1-Their associates seems confused while serving to their customer.MY OBSERVATION ON RELIANCE FRESH . 2-They don’t have any product knowledge because for the normal customer query they seeks the help of their store manager. 6.stapples.They mainly targets the local community.60% of Reliance Fresh customer visits the store at least twice in a week. 3.Maximum customer purchase only household goods like. 5.

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