FADE IN: EXT. SKY - NIGHT A stormy night. It’s raining HARD, not showing any sign of stopping.

Thunder BOOMS and lightening CRACKS the sky casting a bright color. CUE: AN AIRPLANE -- FLIGHT 101. It’s shaky. Going through problems. The plane can’t handle being up in the air much longer at this condition it’s going to need to land. LIGHTENING STABS AGAIN SMASHING THE FRONT OF THE PLANE. PRELAP: A LOUD SCREAM. SMASH TO: INT. COCK PIT - FLIGHT 101 ON THE FACE of a PANICKED stewardess’ face. PULL OUT to see -- the two pilots KNOCKED OUT. Another woman runs in, AMBER, bea utifully stunning. Protective and brave. AMBER Jess, what the fuck happened? JESS The storm! The plane rattles, light flashes. JESS (CONT’D) Oh my god, we’re going to fucking crash! AMBER Calm down, my brother was a pilot. MORE LIGHTENING -- the PLANE SHAKES VICIOUSLY. PARENT (O.S.) What the hell is going on? KID (O.S.) Mommy I’m scared. JESS Oh my god, Amber we’re going to die. AMBER NO. Don’t say that. We’re not going to fucking die. I’m not going to fucking let these people die. THUNDER BOOMS. LIGHTENING CRASHES -EXT. SKY FLIGHT 101 is a mess now. Cracked glass. Burned left wing. They’re SCREWED.

INT. COCK PIT STEWARDESS (O.S.) EVERYBODY. Relax, it’s all going to be fine. (stammers) Our top two stewardess are trying to help land the plane. Please remain calm. AMBER tries to work the controls. It’s tough. AMBER Radio for help! Jess nods. Tries the dial. MORE THUNDER. RAIN beats against Amber’s face. Jess get s something. JESS HELLO?! KERRRRR. Amber eyes Jess. JESS (CONT’D) ANSWER ME! MAN (O.S.) Hello? JESS Our plane is caught in the storm. Our pilots are out cold, please help us! MAN Relax. (KERRR) You’re…(KERR)near we see you… (KERRR) AMBER We’re having a hard time steering! MAN You need to rely on your right wing. Your left wing is broken off a bit. THUNDER BOOMS. MAN (CONT’D) YOU HAVE TO (KERRR) … (KERRR) JESS HELLO?! SIR? SIR?! NO! We’re going to die! AMBER RELAX JESS! Amber slowly pulls down. The plane shakes and rattles, but follows her command.

AMBER (CONT’D) (over thunder) Easy. Easy…easy! LIGHTENING STRIKES AGAIN. The PLANE SHAKES UNCONTROLLABLY. EXT. SKY THE LEFT WING IS COMPLETELY TORN OFF. The plane lunges down. INT. COCK PIT Jess holds a manual. AMBER WHAT BUTTON?! JESS THIS ONE! Jess hits one. The plane wheel button. AMBER NOW WHAT? JESS WE JUST FUCKING LAND THIS SHIT! AMBER’S POV: The ground is coming up faster and faster. NORMAL POV. AMBER I can do this. I can do this. FASTER AND FASTER. THUNDER ROARS LIKE A MONSTER AS -EXT. PLANE STATION SLAM!!!! The plane SMASHES on the ground and skids across. Before coming to a st op. The sky gives one loud SCREECH of thunder. As it goes quiet. INT. FLIGHT 101 Amber and Jess cheer excited. The two hug. Passengers hug their family, glad the y survived safely. EXT. MEMORIAL - DAY Lots of people sit. Listening to Amber. She stands next to the mayor and Jess. AMBER (O.S.) I’ll never forget that day…The horror. I’m just glad that everyone is safe. Guess you never really think about life until you’re about to meet death. I’m thankful That I survived, that everyone survived. Amber and Jess hold hands as people begin to CLAP and CHEER for them


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