Prologue The screen pans up to a small village and the sky is blood red.

In a hut, middle aged mother and father and their teenage son and daughter, a poor family of rebels. Father: They are coming. Mother: Why us? Why are they after us? Father: The children. They want the children. Mother: No. They can’t have them. They are our children. Godfrey: Mother… Father… What’s going on? You are scaring Grace. Then in a matter of seconds, massive air craft’s soar through the sky. Then the army's of Apokolips drop down in full battle armor and land on the ground. The villagers quickly get out of their homes and start to panic. The army grabs hold of their weapons to attack. They start to set the land on fire and burn all of the homes. The family, that we saw earlier, sits quietly and still. Then a soldier kicks open the door and shoots the mother. The plasma of the gun denigrates her into ashes. Godfrey: (Screams) Mom! Father: (Screaming) Run! The rest of the family gets up on their feet and starts to run. Many other soldiers run after them and shoot their father in the back. The brother grabs his sister and they run for their lives, but they come to a deep ravine and they have to stop. He looks around for a way to get across but the army has them surrounded. A soldier separates the two and the boy punches the soldier. The soldier falls on the ground and his sister tries to escape but she is captured. Godfrey: (Screams) Grace! He grabs the soldier’s gun from the ground and shoots his way towards his sister. He quickly sprints and dodges the men. He punches and shoots them. Then a guard blocks him off and holds his gun up to his face. Granny: No! Leave him. (We do not see her face yet.) Granny: You and your sister may be an advantage to me my boy. You have nothing left anymore, so join me. And you'll life will be spared. (Granny, older looking women harden by her year as general and head of the Orphanage.) Godfrey: What else can I do.... everything was stolen from I have no choice. Granny: You are wise boy….Very wise indeed. She laughs(evil) and the troops take them to the Orphanage, a brainwashing center where children are trained to serve Granny. The main title WONDER WOMAN appears on the screen. Scene 1

Thousands of years ago, the Greek pantheon held a meeting, convened by the goddesses. Athena: We desired to create a race of humans that would champion our ideals. Zeus: (arrogate) Mankind… Mankind would never forget the Gods. It does not matter whether they have champions or not. Ares, being the god of war, did not desire anyone promoting peace. The other male gods did not seem interested, and Hera did not wish to go against her husband. Zeus: Go! Do what you must but I will have no part of it. Therefore, it fell to the Greek goddesses Demeter, Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite, and Hestia. The Paradise Island Amazons were created by the Greek goddesses of love, wisdom, law, justice, and the hunt. They took the souls of all the women slain by the hands of men throughout time and sent them to the bottom of the sea. The souls began to form bodies with the clay of the sea bed. Once they reach the surface the clay body became flesh and bone “Amazons”. Scene 2 The first one to break the surface was Hippolyte and thus was titled the “Queen of the Amazons”. As a symbol of her leadership title, Aphrodite and Athena gave her the “Golden Girdle of Gaia” and the “Lasso of Truth” which enhanced her strength and abilities. Hippolyte led the Amazons for years; creating a great city called Paradise Island a mist the Aegean Sea and was to be the guardians of a great evil that lay beneath the Island. Scene 3 They were to forever safeguard “Doom’s Doorway” (A doorway to the underworld). To prevent anyone from entering, but also vanquish any evil that tried to come out. The Amazons continued to live on the island guarding the door, and paying homage to the gods, for several thousand years. As long as they remained on the island, they would be immortal--though they could be killed, and some were over the many long years and the many battles they had to fight against the evil that would try to escape. For over 3,000 years, here they remained, with Hippolyte their queen all that time. Scene 4 After so time Hippolyte grew weary of life for reasons known only to the goddesses. Seeking council, she talked to Menalippe, the oracle of the island and link to the gods, learning of her past live as pregnant cavewoman. Her man has been mauled by a saber-toothed who has eaten his hand, and thus he's been cast out of the tribe since he can't do a man's work anymore. In a rage thinking he's lost his masculinity, he kills her. Telling her there still remained one soul in the sea, that of Hippolyte’s unborn child, as she was pregnant with it when she died.

Scene 5

Menalippe instructs Hippolyte to fashion a body for her unborn child and pray to the goddesses while holding the image of her desire. With the dawn’s rising sun, The Goddesses watched as the last soul left the sea and blessed it with these words: “We, Goddesses of Olympus, Grant her power and strength like that of the Earth itself, Give her great beauty and loving heart, grant her wisdom, give her the eyes of the hunter and unity with beasts, grant her sisterhood with great fire that may open men’s hearts to her, and give her speed and power of flight.” The soul enters the clay body Hippolyte had fashioned and came to life, and she became Diana, more beautiful than Aphrodite, wiser than Athena, swifter than Hermes, and stronger than Hercules. Scene 6 As she grew, she learned everything about her Amazonian heritage. She learned how to hunt with the best Amazon hunters. She learned to fight with the best Amazon fighters. She even learned to read and write from the best Amazon philosophers. Meanwhile on Apokolips, A rebels group gathers to start a rebellion. Grace, a beauty with powers to manipulate the will of others, is preaching opposing the tyrant’s words and encouraging them to revolt, gaining momentum as she speaks the group rally in spirit. Marching towards the gates of the palace they are surrounded by the Furies (Big Barda, Stompa, Lashina, and Bloody Mary) a powerful group of young women trained in combat and military tactician. One by one the rebels are slaughtered as Granny look down upon them. Grace reports, “I see all has gone according to plan?” Granny replies, “Yes…. I have another mission for you.” Scene 7 Now an adult, Diana has free rain over Paradise Island. Having explored the island’s many features knowing every cave and waterfall. She has bested every Amazon and has learned everything to know about the Island. Training with Artemis, one of the Island best warriors, Diana asks “If she’s ever been of the island?” Artemis is confused and replies, “Why would I want to?” Distracted Diana takes her down. “You taught me never to lose focus Artemis, something you should keep in mind” Diana says in triumph. Menalippe Stands before Hippolyte gives her word that an unknown evil has befallen mankind. For this reason the Gods need a champion to go to the world of man to prevent an unspeakable horror. The pre-effects of a World War III are felt all over Paradise Island because the island is link to the fate of mankind. Menalippe tells Hippolyte that a champion must be chosen to face this threat. Hippolyte decides to hold a tournament in order to select the perfect warrior. On Earth at the Air Force Base in Bedford, Lt. Col. Steve Trevor talks to his second in command Lt. Etta Candy about an unauthorized project he heard of from one of Gen. Kohler troops. She tells him that she cannot find a record of it anywhere. Lt. Candy asks “Should I contact Wayne Enterprises and see if Lucius Fox has any records on such a project?” “No” Lt. Col. Trevor replies. This worries Steve as he is summoned by Gen. Kohler to his office. Scene 8

Hippolyte’s declares “Whoever succeeds in the tournament and the “Trail of Flashing Thunder” will be decorated with a hero’s raiment and go forth to be the champion of the Gods”. Diana volunteers to participate in the tournament, but Hippolyte forbids it. Alone that night as Diana prays to the gods for purpose to her life, Athena answers her and instructs her to enter the contest. She secretly enters the tournament, her identity concealed by a battle helmet. The next day the tournament begins as the coliseum fill with the remaining unwilling Amazons. Two hundred contestants enter the coliseum, masked so there will be no hesitation to best a sister. Contests involve archery, stick-fighting, racing over hurdles, and pushing giant boulders. The contest lasts at least two days. Amazon performs as only an Amazon with thousands of years experience can. But one thrills more than the others. She is keenest of eye, most fleet of foot... and her might is beyond compare. Diana overcomes every obstacle and wins the tournament. Hippoltye declares “This is your Champion.” As the whole coliseum cheers she tell the Champion to remove her helmet to reveal it to all her sisters. Hippolyte is horrified to see Diana remove her helmet revealing herself to the assembly. Hippolyte argues with Diana that she forbid her to participant. Menalippe silences her protests by telling her that this is the will of the gods. Hippolyte has little choice but to obey the will of the Gods and Diana participates in the final challenge the “Trail of Flashing Thunder”. Scene 9 She is outfitted with twin silver bracelets (A reminder of her people’s years in abuse). First, she stands fifteen paces away from one archer, then two, then three, and final four, she deflects each arrow with ease. The entire coliseum cheer as Diana stands strong, while Queen Hippolyte is proud of her skills. The Amazon warrior uses a weapon of Man’s world (a handgun) and fires it at Diana. Diana succeeds in deflecting the bullets with her impervious silver bracelets. By the end of the trial there is no longer any doubt. Diana is destined to become Paradise Island’s champion. Scene 10 A terrible storm racks the island as Diana prepares to depart on her mission. She was given her Hero’s raiment from the statue in the honor hall. The statue was of Diana Trevor, a woman from Man’s world who fought and died at the side of the amazons many years ago. Hippolyte told Diana this is who I am honoring by naming you Diana. Diana hugs her mother then continues to prepare for her mission. She dons the raiment of Diana Trevor and waits for more instruction from Gods herself.

Scene 11

Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Steve Trevor has been summoned to the office of General Kohler. Kohler has long hated Trevor for his pacifist views. Steve often challenged the Generals mission and projects. He sends Steve on a mission to test, the Phantom a secret spy jet developed by Wayne Enterprises, intended to kill him and be done with him once and for all. Steve hit the storm over Paradise Island fighting the storm in his jet, and losing it. On the island, the Amazons watch as they see a metal bird fall from the sky. A power possesses Steve’s Co-pilot, and turns him against Steve, he attacks. He tries to kill Steve and accidently drops a bomb towards the island below. Diana uses her Lasso to toss the bomb away, where it explodes violently, but harmlessly, away from the island. Steve’s plane crashes into the sea, but Diana recues him. The amazons treat the wounded and unconscious Steve. Aphrodite appears tell Diana that this is the man that will help you with your task take him home and begin your mission. Scene 12 Questions start to center on Steve’s mission and whether he was authorized to take off. This is planned by Kohler to discredit Steve claims of a secret project. Diana lands in Bedford, leaves Steve at a hospital. Diana marvels at the grand scale and beautiful buildings, thinking them out of place with what she was told about Man’s world. Steve, though still unconscious, has been arrested as part of an investigation into his flight mission. Diana is also arrested and held for questioning. Diana then meets Lt. Etta Candy, where she begins asking her questions. Diana shows her the Lasso of Truth, and at its touch, her mind is flooded with images. Etta is amazed and realizes she has to help the strange girl. One of Grace’s follower watches from a far and depart to tell her what he saw. Grace, meanwhile, meets with her followers, moving along with the plan. Scene 13 Steve wakes up in hand-cuffs. He discovers that he was arrested for going on an unauthorized mission. Trying to plead his case to one of his superior officer, unsuccessful he asks to use the head. A woman walks down the hall and sucks the life out of the security detail. Bloody Mary enters the room disguised as a nurse, she started to show the officer horrific images which excited a heart attack. Steve manages to escape after she leaves and tries to find shelter in the office of Lt. Etta Candy. Steve gets there and Etta is nowhere to be founded. He decides to wait and figure out his options. Grace meets her followers in North Korea to push forward with the plan. To win the approval of her master, Grace informs her followers of a new threat Diana. Scene 14 Etta takes Diana to her house. She tells Diana to wait there until she figure every out and goes back to her office. Stompa, an expert in combat and strength to create earthquakes, appears with a surprise attack. Stompa smashes Diana through the house. As Diana faces off against her, Stompa brings down the house on her. Diana flees from the collapsing building just in time as the house collapses Stompa gloats and takes Diana’s tiara for her own before leave. Diana gets her bearings and starts to take off after Stompa, but Stompa is gone.

Scene 15

Elsewhere, Etta finds Steve and he convinces her that he is innocent. They break into Gen. Kohler’s office at the base to finds evidence that Steve was being set up and find files for the Antilife project. As they depart, the news shows the rubble left at Etta’s home and Stompa attacking the city. Back in Bedford, Diana finally faces off against Stompa. Stompa seems unstoppable grabs hold of Diana and squeezes her, starting to weaken Diana is unable to overpower her. Diana uses her Lasso, binding Stompa. This helps as Diana knocks Stompa unconscious. As she recovers her tiara, Diana is set upon by a swarm of reporters. In the commotion, Stompa disappears. Not knowing what to say Diana flees. Grace sends Stompa back to Apokolips for punishment in the pit of fire for her failure to finish the Amazonian princess. The newspapers dub Diana with her hero name, Wonder Woman. Steve sees it and realizes she is the one who saved him and brought him back. He and Etta go to find her. Diana goes to Etta’s home where she finds Steve and Etta. They retreat to Etta’s “Winter Home” to try and regroup. Scene 16 Meanwhile, The Amazons try to contact the gods as the turmoil of mankind starts earthquakes on Paradise Island. Their only hope lies in Diana stopping Grace. Tensions and violence are climbing on earth. While Diana, Steve, and Etta are at the winter home try to determine what to do. Etta interprets the files, which reveals Grace’s Plan. Using the file they took from the base they match papers with the charts in the Anti- life project. She explains that when the papers are lay on the maps it show various nuclear bases around the world. Grace is going to start World War III. Just then the door is kicked in, it’s Bloody Mary and Lashina. Scene 17 Meanwhile, Grace with Kohler’s troops has captured the Air Force Base, planning to start the final war. Diana and the others are battling two of them, where Lashina, an expert with whips constructed of metal which can discharge electricity, sends two whips at Diana. Blood Mary has Diana's friends experience their fears: Etta is buried alive, and Steve fights spiders. Diana dodging each whips attack but is eventually wrap up. Diana's hair turns into serpents and inject venom into her. Breaking free she removes her tiara; Diana throws it at Bloody Mary decapitating her. Her hair goes back to normal and Lashina tries to flee but is lassoed by Diana. Learning that Grace has captured the base they go using the Furies’ transporter. Scene 18 General Kohler is prepared for them, and they are surrounded by Big Barda and Kohler loyal troops. The news reports the seizure of the base by General Kohler, Further report air of aliens fighting in Metropolis (Zod and Superman). On Base, Steve hatches a plan while the general and Grace boasts to their captives. As Grace departs and Kohler goes to enter control room, the plan is set in motion. Diana launches herself across the room, tossing Kohler aside and taking the launch key from him. The Steve and Etta throw grenades and open fire on the soldiers. Diana is overwhelmed briefly by numbers, but in that moment, Kohler gets the key back. Steve chases him into the control room. As Diana struggles to force the vault door of the control room open, Barda, the leader of the Furies, get behind Diana transported her away to another place.

Scene 19

Steve catches up to Kohler and shoots at him to prevent him turning the key, but Kohler turns around and tackles Steve. Elsewhere, Diana faces Barda. Barda tries to break Diana’s spirit by telling her how the world’s people are going to die or enslaved along with her friends. Barda proves quickly to be Diana’s physical superior, easily defeating her clumsy attacks. The gods despair that she has been beaten, but Diana rises again, and then uses her Lasso. The Lasso of Truth reveals the truth to Barda, That Barda was brainwashed by Granny to serve her, the world after World War III is done, Gotham and Metropolis nothing but dust. She relents, and then Grace shows up berating her upon her failure. Barda opens her transporter and spears Grace into it. Scene 20 Back at the base, Steve shots and kills the General as forces loyal to the government start to retake the base. Only Etta is badly wounded and Steve staggers from the control room. On Paradise Island, however, Diana transports back to the Island using the transporter left by Barda and she lies dying on the beach as the Amazons take the wounded Diana to the hall of Healing. Hippolyte pleads with Aphrodite to save Diana. Thanks to the goddess Diana’s body is healed and she is alive. Days later, Hippolyte and Diana discuss what happened to her and her mother doesn't want her to return to Man's World after she almost died. Diana expressing her wish to return Man's World as the Gods dictated. Hippolyte fears the Gods to be false here and asks the gods their will. She is surprised by an immediate answer from Aphrodite, who tells her Diana must return. Hippolyte reluctantly agrees, but lays down rules. Scene 21 On Apokolips, Grace kneeing before Granny who is about to give her punishment for her failure, her brother Godfrey stops her and offers to take the punishment himself. Then a shadowy figure enters the room all knees before these figure. We pan up from the floor to see Darkseid. Darkseid: No punishment will be dealt for she did exactly what I wanted her to do. This world intrigues me. I must know more.

In Gateway City, A business man approaches an old homeless bagger. Business man: I know of an Island that has all the knowledge you desire. Homeless man: What do you request for such a generous offer? Business man: Kill everyone on the Island.

The business man then waves his hand over the homeless man give him some of his power. The homeless old man turns young again and is revealed to be Felix Faust. Felix: You know who I am now who are you?

Business man: Just someone who knows the power of Knowledge. Felix then leaves and the business man transforms into Ares, God of War. After Credits In Gotham, Batman sit at the bat computer with a list of possible alias: Clark Kent/Superman, Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, Barry Allen/Flash, Wonder Woman?

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