The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 - 1954), Monday 30 November 1891, page 3



what to say ou cannot undertake We evidenoe we ought to believe in the flesh Other travellers beside Mr. eating plant. it, but unfortunaacross Dunstan have cometely it never occurred to them to forward a It of the botanical horror to Kew. specimen found again in Nicaraappears to have been gua, and Lucifer is responsible for the followits faults the vampire Whatever ing story. vine can play the part of a very excellent gooseberry," and in emergencies can "big old acquaintance take the place of our " Mr. Dunstan, naturalist, the sea sorpent. from Central who has recently returned nearly two years in America, where he spent of the country, the study of the flora and fanna relates the finding of a singular growth in which surround the great one of the swamps engaged in He was lakes of Nicaragua. entomologioal hunting for botanical and specimens, when he heard his dog cry out, as in agony, from a distance. Running to the animal's cries came, the spot whence Mr. Dunstan found him* enveloped in a perfect network of what seemed to be a fine The rope-like tissue of roots and fibres. entirely plant or vine seemed oomposed resembling stems, of bare, interlacing else, the branches than anything more of its of the weeping-willow denuded foliage, but of a dark, nearly black hue, that and covered with a thick viscid gum

exuded from the pores. Drawing his knife. endeavoured to cut the animal Mr. Dunstan free, but it was only with the greatest diffi onlty that he succeeded in severing the fibres. To his horror and fleshy muscular that the the naturalist then saw amazement dog's body was blood stained, while the skin appeared to have been actually sucked or puckered in spots, and the animal staggered In cutting the, vine exhaustion. as if from like living, sinuous -fingers the twigs curled about Mr.Dnnstan's hand, and it required no slight force to free the member from its clinging flesh red and blistered. grasp, which left the of a The gum exnding from the vine was greyish.dark tinge, remarkably adhesive, and of a disagreeable animal odour; powerful and The native servants nauseating to inhale.

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manifested who accompanied Mr. Dunstan which they the greatest horror of the vine, full of call ' tho devil's Bnare,' and were was Ho stories of its death-dealing powers. little about the nature able to discover very of the plant, owing to the difficulty of
can only be for its grasp with the loss of skin and even torn away Dunstan Mr. but as as of flesh; near ascertain, ita power, of suction is could uontained, of infinitesimal a number in ordinarily Sloutns oi ktM® "uvkerSj whicbj closed, for the reception of food. open



is animal, the bleed the substanoe or refuse then drawn off and the carcase meat being thrown dropped. A lump of raw it, ia the short space of five minutes the blood will be thoroughly- drunk off and the Its voracity is almost aside. thrown mass




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