Fuse Cutout

Drop-out fuse cutout and load switching fuse cutout are of outdoor used high voltage protective device. Drop-out fuse cutout and load switching fuse cutout are of outdoor used high voltage protective device. To be connected with incoming feeder of distribution transformer or distribution lines it mainly protects transformer or lines from short circuit and overload, and on/off loading current. Drop-out fuse cutout is com-posed of insulate insulator supports and fuse tube, static contacts is fixed on two sides of insulator support and moving contact is installed on two ends of fuse tube. Fuse tube is composed of inside arcextinguishing tube, outer phenolic compound paper tube or epoxy glass tube. Load switching fuse cutout provides enforced elastic auxiliary contacts and arc-extinguishing enclosure for switching on/off loading current. At normally wording via fuse link tightened the fuse tube is fixed to form up of close position. In case system occur false, fault current result in fuse melt immediately and take place electric arc, which let arcextinguishing tube being heated and explode a lot of gas. This will produce high pressure and blow off the arc along with tube. After fuse link melt moving contact has no tightened strength again, mechanism is locked and fuse tube drop out. Cutout now is in open position. When it needs to switch off during cutout loading, operator shall via insulating operating bar pull the moving contact, at its beginning main contact and auxiliary static contact is contacted still. Whiling pulling the auxiliary contact is separated between auxiliary contacts there occur electric arc and the arc will be lengthened in arc-extinguishing enclosure gap and meanwhile arc-extinguishing explode gas to blow off the arc during current passing zero.

The principle of the outdoor high-voltage dropout fuse
Outdoor high-voltage dropout fuse 35kV and the following outdoor high-voltage dropout fuse is mainly the dropout high-voltage fuse. Mainly uses in protecting the transmission line and the distribution transformer. This kind of fuse is composed of the fixed support and the active fuse tube. The fuse tube (melt tube) to be made by the resin level volume cardboard, middle lining by asbestos. Bakes the silk both sides to compression-join the knitting copper wire which respectively section of connections use, it passes through a fuse tube, use screw fixed high and low both sides' moving contact, the movable contact is been fixed by the fuse tautness, and "the duck mouth" the raised brace is caught by on static contact on, the fuse is in "the circuit" the position, the fuse melts is on the new time. In the fuse tube produces the electric arc. The tube bakes' inner wall to produce the much gases under the electric arc function, the high gas spouts outward, has the intense free function, has extinguished the electric arc when the electric had passed the normal current. At the same time, after the fuse link break, blows a fuse on tube's on The contact loosens, as a result of fuse tube dead weight, but "the duck mouth” slides from on static contact, the rapid instep falls. After this fuse's tube break. Depreciation automatic, For makes the fuse indication and also causing one obviously, to separate the distance, plays the f disconnecting switch's role. Also for it may use the high-pressured insulation drag bar the operating lever, pulls gathers when the idling line or the 560kVA following power distribution idling transformer (pulls the floodgate, only uses the high-pressured insulation

but in the automatic reclosing also promotes to the low-power 35kV transformer uses the instep to fall the type fuse protection. When the knife switch closing.30. namely Rw5 35. . use in replacing old product type _Rwl 35 high-voltage fuse. Can connection idling circuit). another set taking advantage of the automatic heavy re-closing floodgate. The dropout fuse may also make a re-closing floodgate. It is similar with the 10kV dropout fuse. it has two set of fuse tubes. Dimensions are bigger (two static contacts use two stand-off insulators fixedly). asked that separates one fixed time with (about 0. only fuse tube is bit longer.5s). blows a fuse tube namely to be able the instep to fall the cut-off idling circuit voluntarily. Use the insulating stud to push the fuse tube one by one to come up. only one set of fuse tube connection after the fuse cutout.operation mast top to move "the duck mouth". SO the dropout fuse have a wide use in the electrical power distribution system. In normal.

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