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Media summer work

Audience and Institution ( The amazing Spiderman) An explanation of the films plot In The amazing spiderman an inter-species genetics student, Peter Parker, (Acted by Andrew Garfield) is given the opportunity to visit a top inter-species development lab seeking the answers to some of his late fathers greatest work. However after discovering a new manufactured species of genetic spider, he develops spider like abilities, giving him the ability to become the notorious spiderman and assist with crime across New York. Only to discover that his fathers best friend, Dr. Connors has also experimented with inter-species genetics and the mutation as taken serious effects on him. The films genre & Rating The film was classed under the sections Action Fantasy and Thriller and given a rating of 12A but in my opinion, anybody who is interested in superheroes and fantasy stories would be interested in this film, regardless of age. The films budget and directors The amazing Spiderman was directed by Marc Webb, who is also known for directing films and series such as 500 days of summer, The office and even discographies for Greenday making this film a little different to the type of movies he is used to directing. It is estimated that it cost an overall total of around $230,000,000 to create, direct and produce the film. Actors, technology and release dates The main actor throughout the film is Andrew Garfield who plays the role of Peter Parker, otherwise known as Spiderman. The Amazing Spiderman has been Garfields largest and most successful work so far. Alongside Garfield, was actors such as Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans who play the characters Gwen Stacy and Dr. Curt Connors. Technology wise, the film was released in digital 3D and also 2D, meaning it had the edge on the three previous spiderman films as none of them were filmed in 3D, this also added to the overall budget of the film. The film was released in USA on the 8th june and in the UK on the 3rd july. Production The latest spiderman film had been talked about and discussed in magazines, tv articles and other reports long before its arrival. This included market advertising such as posters being put up outside many cinemas and movie premiers, trailers being shown on television and cinema adverts, along with the huge hype that was going around in day to day conversations within the public eye.

Representation in TV drama or Soap opera Task 1 Tv Drama/Soap Misfits Genre of tv drama/soap Comedy, Thriller, Fantasy Actor Nathan (Acted by Robert Sheehan) Name Nathan Young Age- 24 Ethnicity Unknown Religional Identity Atheist Costume usually includes Cheap casual wear and orange jumpsuits provided for community service Sum up lifestyle in 5 words Have fun at all times. Friends include Other members of the public who are serving community service that have been given superpowers, similar to him. Interests Using his super power of immortality to kill himself for money. Motivation in most situations Make a joke whenever possible, laugh it off. Love life Constantly moving from one girl to another Problems in life Being homeless and completing his community service Key Moment in series Getting killed for the first time to discover he is immortal Prediction for future narratives How is the audience supposed to react? Usually they would react with laughter to his comical lifestyle. Task 2 Own scene Pre-Notes : During this scene, Nathan is seen to be arguing with a girl whom he has had feelings for, for the past few months. They are now arguing over Nathans ability to die and come back to life, this is when Nathan realises that he will never grow old and die with a loved one or friends, he shall remain alone forever. Scene: Community centre locker room Nathan: You dont know what its like, Kelly. Kelly: Well explain! Youve never told anybody anything about this, nows your chance.

Nathan: Its not as easy as that. Youll never understand, nobody will. Kelly: (Begins to walk over to Nathan) Look, I.. We can help you, okay. Nathan: (Turns his back to Kelly) I dont need your help, Ill deal with this alone, like everything else. Kelly: You know maybe if you werent such a stubborn arsehole all the time, youd get somewhere. Nathan: (Turns around to face Kelly) You have no idea, do you? Nathan: You have no idea, because at the end of the day, you arent the one who has to stand by and watch each one of his friends and family die, knowing that you will never join them because of this stupid power. You dont know what its like and you never will. Kelly: (Goes to hug/comfort Nathan) Nathan: I dont need your sympathy, I dont need anything from any of you. Nathan: (Slams locker shut and leaves the room, leaving Kelly alone)

Task 3 Looking at the age and behaviour of the characters in my chosen drama (Misfits) they are presented very well for the roles that they have to play. Considering each one of the characters are old teenagers/ young adults and varying in age from 19-21 they are shown to be a very stereotypical group of youths who know nothing but to cause trouble and disobey whatever they are told. I think the directors have made the characters look this way to portray the typical UK image of chav like image to fit well with the role of them serving community service within the drama. Fortunately, the actors that play these characters are in no way similar in real life. I think that the way the characters are shown in this drama are very different to the way that youths act in real life. Well, the majority.

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