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Some of "The Best Perfume" Oils in the World..

Some people are not aware of some of the best perf umes in the world. So I write this blog in order t o tell people of some of the ones that I am well a ware of that are considered to be some of the best natural perfumes ever created or better known as Indian Attar. Attar "Perfumes" are Some of the Best "Perfume Oil s" ever created, especially for those in search of "Natural Perfumes". They are considered to be Som e of The Best "Perfume" Oils in the world, they ar e worn and made mostly in India, Pakistan and the Middle East and now they have started to become kn own in America as well. Some of the best ones are "Majmua Oil", "Bint el Madina", "Jannatul Firdous" , "Patchouli Oil", Superior "Egyptian Musk" and Mo re, they consist of different varieties such as "R ose Oil", "Musk Oil","Amber Oil" and "Flower Oil". Now since they are all Natural Organic "Perfume O ils", they can be worn on the skin or clothing and they can also be used just as "Body Oil","Scented Oil","Aromatherapy Oil" and "Essential Oils" as w ell, most of them are very strong and only takes a bout a drop to be applied as perfume.. But anyway, a few years ago, I myself didn't reall y know much about them, even though I was already wearing some of them, because I used to buy them a t a few local convenient stores that sold them and from a few people that I knew as well, but they s old them in big bottles and they also had some add itves included in the bottles as well but the only thing I knew was that mostly everybody always ref erred to them as Imported Oils but never called th em Indian Perfumes. So I started to do a little research myself to try to get more information about them, because they were imported and therefore not made in the United States and upon my research not only did I discov

er the true origin of these perfumes, but I also s aw that they were all natural and this is what mad e me more interested because I had also tried some domestic perfume oils, but Indian Perfumes are fa r greater than any domestic oils that I have tried and I know that most of the oils sold and made in the U.S. mostly consists of alcohol and other add itives and only contains a very little amount of p erfume in the bottle, which is only about 10% of t he bottle. But what I decided to do was find a supplier to bu y from so that I could order some more of these pe rfumes, because I wanted to be able to try some ot her fragrances that I had not tried before, so I p laced my order for a few bottles and I received my first package in the mail within a few days. Once I opened the package and went through some of the perfumes I was amazed, some of the first ones that I tried was Superior Egyptian Musk, Rose Amb er, Black Musk and a few others, I was amazed at t he way they smelled, so I decided to order more an d once I received my second package in the mail, I tried the Habshoosh Musk and Bint El Madina, I co uld not believe how good they smelled and after th at I made a decision, I said that I was going to s ell some of these on ebay which is how I stated ou t and later I built a website, I wanted to be able to make these perfumes available to the public fo r the lowest prices possible.. And after trying a lot of these perfumes and selli ng them online, I have not had any complaints from anyone, the people that buy these perfumes, but h ad never tried them before, were truly amazed afte r trying some for their self and could not believe how good they smelled and they all agree with me that these are some of the best perfumes ever crea ted, some have just started to leave comments on m y new site, that I have recently built and have st arted telling alot of other people about them as well.

I can truly say after all my research on other per fumes, that Indian Perfumes are Some of the Best P erfumes in the World, especially since they are al l natural without any additives, some other countr ies have adopted some of the same methods as Weste rn Perfumes especially here in America, using alco hol and other additives in their perfumes but Indi an Perfumes are all natural organic perfume oils w ithout any additives. The only place that comes close to Indian Perfumes is the Middle East, which is also known for some of the best natural perfumes, incense and much mor e, but even some of their perfumes are inspired by western perfumes, so a lot of them are not 100% a ll natural as some of their other perfumes, but am ongst some of their best natural perfumes is Oudh, which is highly sought after all over the world a nd has been around for a very long time, Oudh to m e is on the same level as these indian perfumes, s ince I have tried some myself and I plan to make s ome of this available to as time goes on.(God Willing) But for now I plan to expand my business and let e veryone know about these perfumes, so I included m y site below so that people can get a glimpse of w hat I am talking about in this blog and for those that have never tried these perfumes below you wil l be amazed and there is no minimum to order and s hipping prices are very low and I ship worldwide f or all international buyers. You know my most favorite perfumes are Majmua, Bin t El Madina and Superior Egyptian Musk, these are also available on the site and these are the main three that I wear and to me are some of the best p erfumes ever created, so for those who have never tried Indian Perfumes here is your chance, just or der some online..