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CONTACT INFORMATION Professor/Dr. Surname RAMAIAH d d m m y y y y 0 3 1 0 1 9 6 8 Middle name First name SARAVANAN
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: PROFESSOR AND HEAD Mobile: 09843095714 Off. Telephone: 0451 2554413 Res Telephone: 0451 2460181 Fax: 0451 2554249 E-mail:

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, PSNA College of Engineering and Technology, Tamil Nadu, Dindigul Pin: 624 622 M5, 6th Cross, R.M. Colony, Dindigul Tamil Nadu Pin: 624 622 Airport Madurai

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Railway Station: Dindigul

Bank detail (for e-transfer of TA/DA/Honorarium payment etc.) M/S Vijaya Bank, KMH Road, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu Name & Branch Address IFS Code : VIJB 000 3027 Account Number : 302701141000010 Present Status (please tick whichever is applicable) In Service Self employed. (associated with) N/A Organisation Name/address PSNA College of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul Retired (pl give detail) N/A PAN NO: AOUPS0523

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Tech.75 Presented in conference National 3 International 2 Others -- No.2006 27. Guest Lecture etc Educational credentials (starting with PG Degree) S.E Electrical & Electronics Engineering B.E 1994 TOTAL YEARS OF PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ( in Nos.07. Chennai Publications (Please enclose details of the papers etc.2006 27.07.2006 27. Department Administration.07.E Computer Science & Engineering B. Madurai Madurai Kamaraj University.) Teaching R&D Industry Consultancy Doctoral Anna University. Madurai Discipline ICE ( Information &Communication Engineering Computer Science & Engineering Electrical & Electronics Engineering 2 M.07.E Mechanical Engineering B. Information Technology 2 Duration of Accreditation 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years Date of Accreditation 27.2006 27. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Name of Program UG B.E Electronics & Communication Engineering B. 1 PhD Degree Year 2010 University Anna University.07. in a separate sheet) No. No.E Civil Engineering B.2006 . of papers/ publications Journals [in Nos] National 2 International 5 ‘H’ Index 0. Taking class for the students. No. Mentoring the students. of program{s} accredited in your employer institution [if applicable] Sl.PRESENT POSITION Pay Scale & present Pay JOB DESCRIPTION Professor and Head Rs 37400-67000 Preparing the Accreditation process. specify) Total 16 Years 12 Years 7 Years 3 Years 2 Years (Please write here the name of the University/Organisation for respective activity) Research guidance PG Anna University. Chennai Madurai Kamaraj University. Chennai Any other(pl.07.2006 27.E 2000 3 B.

AICTE committee member Department to public relation activities 3 Institutional Policy & Administration Public Relations Governing Board Functions . if any Experience in the field of Administration and Finance Area Faculty Administration Institutional Administration Description and background As a Head for the dept for last five years. Member in IEEE USA 2. New Delhi. AICTE committee member. Convenor for International Conference Institutional Accreditation team member. I am administering 38 faculty members Institutional Accreditation team member. Member in ISTE India Professional expertise (Please tick applicable column& Please specify discipline) Engineering & Management Technology 15 Years Pharmacy Architecture Information Technology 10 Years Applied Arts & Crafts - Areas of general expertise (Please identify areas you have significant experience and/or expertise. Member in IE India 3. please briefly describe your background – if need be enclose additional sheet. For each identified area. Some indicative areas are given below) General Education Curriculum Critical Analysis &Reasoning Oral/Written Communication Skills Technological Competence Primary Management Skills Presentation Skills Strategic Planning Taking Class for both UG/PG students for more than ten years Providing Placement training to the students with these area Good written and Communication skill Worked in Industry for more than three years Dept head for more than five years and managing 35 faculty members Presented papers in various International Conference Doing strategic planning for the department for every semester Performance Appraisal & Development Syllabus Committee member and Camp officer for Systems in Technical Education Anna University Past Experience for Imparting Training Attended various training programme offered by NBA.Membership of professional bodies Capacity Member Member Member Member 1. Provide training to Faculty members in SDP Training Module designed for AICTE sponsored Staff Development Programme (SDP) Twice Training Module Designed. Member in CSI India 4.

Attended various accreditation awareness programme 3. 2012 Participated in Accreditation awareness programme held at Anna University. Chennai on December 2011 2011 Accreditation Awareness programme Additional Information Relevant To Accreditation Programme 1. Self Study Institutions. Assessment /accreditation workshops during last five years Year 2012 Programme WOSA Capacity in which participated Representing the college College Team member Details of the programme Participated in First World Summit on Accreditation for Higher Education held at New Delhi on March 22-24. of Accreditation visit made in the past Participation in Annual Conference. In-charge for Accreditation process during the year 2006 4 . etc in the field of Higher Education Policy Formulations. Placement Admissions Career Development Counselling Student Support & Services Placement In-charge for AICTE Online submission for admission Project and Placement training Counselling the department students Convenor for student society activities Provide placement training to the students Description Involved in SAR preparation and accreditation process for two times (2006&2012) Department convenor for Accreditation process. Evaluate/Assessment the department for various event Department convenor for Accreditation process Assessment/Accreditation Related Activities Self Assessment Reports & Related Experience Evaluation/Assessment Team Participation Institutional Experience Related to Assessment/Accreditation Process Membership of/contribution to Commissions/ Committees Syllabus committee member. Camp Officer for Anna University central valuation. Enrolment. Experience in the field of Student support and development.Budgeting/Fund Allocation Others In-charge for department budget preparation College Sports In-charge. Camp officer for Anna University Valuation No. Preparing the SAR for the department 2.

Dindigul . UNDERTAKING I Dr. Tamil Nadu. PSNA College of Engineering and Technology. Depending on the requirement of the individual institution/organization.  I shall effectively participate in Orientation Workshops as and when required by NBA Signature: Name: 5 . R. 6th Cross. Dindigul.M. be advisable (not mandatory) if the data sheet is endorsed by the Head of the Institution/ organization.Saravanan . R. Colony. therefore. Tamil Nadu hereby declare that:  The information/particulars about me provided to NBA in prescribed format are true to the best of my knowledge & belief. residence of M5. Professor and Head] Department of Computer Science and Engineering.Signature with Date: Name: Note: Engagement as Chairperson/expert (volunteer) may entail occasional absentation from present engagement. it would.

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