A 3000 Year Old Secret is Revealed

Today I want to reveal a 3000 year old secret. A secret that will lift any nation and its people to the greatest levels of riches and wealth the world has ever known. Political leaders have waged wars, they have even starved there own people to guard this secret. When I reveal this secret to America, we will all rise to a great and wealthy new world. As the title of our TVP® Platform says, “Make all the people rich, including the poor.”

In order to open our flight into riches we must close our fall into poverty. The rule of man is responsible for poverty on earth, around the world, and throughout history. These countries, through the most suppressive rule of man, to the poorest, most oppressed countries that lead themselves into inescapable suppression and tyranny. To rid the rule of man, we must remove the fundamental ingredient that nourishes the rule of man. That fundamental ingredient is initiatory force. You see, the rule of man must force its population into obeying its political leaders. Obeying their man-made laws, their man-made regulations, and without force there would be no ruling class, there would be no rule of man.

protecting the people from those violating. no matter how right they believe in what there doing. The government should use force when necessary to protect its people – self-defense force. That one valid purpose is protecting its people. or threatening force against them. or from the conservative right. it makes no difference because their surpassing the one and only proper purpose of government and that’s to protect the people. threatening force against us. I talk about the one valid purpose of government. the liberal left. or threatening us. To protect its people from those initiating force against them. Now on my writings. lead its people without the power of force?” Let’s take a moment here and let’s look closely at the concepts of lead and force. Governments should lead a nation. and begins pushing its agenda on the populous. “How can government lead a nation. whether that be from the left. and it . should lead its people. When government moves beyond that one valid purpose of protecting the people. So when government expands beyond the parameters of protecting us from those initiating force against us. At that point.Yet one may ask. their pushing their agenda on the people. The only way to have the people obey those man-made laws and regulations is through initiatory force. by force if necessary – to protect them. nevertheless. initiating force against them. when government progresses beyond that purpose. no matter how good their intentions may be.

as nearly flawless as they were. the next parameter of initiatory force. Man was ultimately in charge. there must be consequences. “No. They must have initiatory force. or ask me. we had man enforcing the law. politicians. All civilizations throughout history have inherently had the rule of man in the governing bodies. that dimension where initiatory force was inherent in the governing body. still we had man creating the law. our governing body. throughout all history. . we had man interpreting the law. and ultimately through prison.” As great as the checks and balances were. through monetary fines. or any in between. My answer is. it’s been allowed – even in our great America. the Forefather’s idea. all civilizations. So I must say. when government. because even America. it’s been permitted. People say. is to bring America back to the founding principles. that’s when the rule of man takes over. if my purpose. still was in that dimension. that all nations. the man-made laws and regulations. initiatory force. Consequences are enforced. The rule of man is inherent within our ruling body.doesn’t matter if it’s the left. there all in the same dimension. early America. and concepts. the Twelve Visions Party®. and as great as the divisions of power were. When government moves beyond its valid purpose and goes into the next level. have been in one dimension. or the right. through force. not at all. They must have consequences that if certain segments of the population do not obey the law. when regulatory bureaucrats progress beyond the one valid purpose of protecting us then they enter the parameter of initiatory force.

as I describe. no nation. . including. The rule of man is in charge once again. throughout my writings. or The Constitution Party. People come to me and make comparisons. however. articulate. a dimension in which initiatory force is not permitted in a governing body. The Libertarian Party. and especially in the governing body. there’ll be prosperity and wealth the likes of which the world has never seen before. Why is that? Because no political structure. To go into that next dimension requires The Prime Law. Initiatory force in prohibited. the Libertarian Party is still in the only dimension ever known to man. And that is the dimension in which initiatory force in inherent in the governing body. And in that dimension. Now that is an entire new dimension that the world has never known. to The Twelve Visions Party®. eventually like a resurging disease. A dimension in which. It’s true. man will adapt.despite the beautiful obstacles that were set in place in our Constitution to prevent. that next dimension would not exist. is eradicated from civilization. Without the Prime Law. to limit rule of man. no civilization has ever has been established in another dimension. the Libertarian Party moves in our direction. and really that comparison does not hold. attempt to make comparisons between say. eventually the disease of the rule of man will rise again as it has in America to take over our once great freedoms. man will evolve mutate.

with that background.None of these political movements could move into the next dimension. Article One No person. so you can see it in a new light. or government shall initiate force. or fraud against any individual’s self.” Once again. into this new dimension without The Prime Law. “I’d like to read The Prime Law. The function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose. Mark Hamilton says. The Prime Law IS the 3000 Year Old Secret that would lift any nation. Now with that in his video. or contract. by any person or group against any individual. . and its people to great wealth and riches. group of persons. property. threat of force. The Prime Law. fraud. The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily. So here we go with The Prime Law. property. the Fundamental of Protection Preamble. The Prime Law guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force. In fact. or contract. or coercion.

The rule of man is society’s . initiatory force from our governing body. imperfect man. driven by ego. let me just add that I believe everyone here understands the problem with the rule of man. Initiatory force is that ingredient that nourishes the rule of man. Thank You All. the rule of man is the cause for poverty.Article Two Force is morally and legally justified. Article Three No exceptions shall exist for Articles One and Two Now do you feel and see the Prime Law in a different light? The Prime Law is. the 3000 Year Old Secret. And before I part. eradicates. fooled easily. only for protection from those who violate Article One. it is. Flaw filled. easily corrupted. because The Prime Law prohibits. often ignorant. The Three Thousand Year Old Secret that will lift any nation and its people to levels of wealth and riches the world has never seen. it’s human nature in this anti-civilization to pursue selfish agendas at the cost of others. The Prime Law. power. and just the desire to control others when given the power. And why.

the only way to eradicate the rule of man is through The Prime Law. .disease.

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