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Detailed course stracture of QA training Functional Testing Tools:QTP Test Managment Tool:QC Duration:40 Hours

Testing Time Technologies

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This course is designed for the new QTP user and builds a solid foundation in the concepts Almost every topic is cover with real time examples and scenarios QTP runs on VB script so course is enhanced with vb scripting This course uses the Flight reservation Application ,which come along With QTP


At the end of the course students will be able to: Write Test script Executing test scripts Gaining solid foundation on all components of QTP Course Prerequisites: None



T W D D Pa D A O S O D


DT from Key Board

esting on web Application

DT from Data table(Global , Action Sheets)

eb table Methods

DT from Flat File

DT with using Import Data From Excel Sheet

DT from Flat File with using split

ser defined functions

ssing Parameters to actions

bject repository

ata Base Connection

DT with using if Condition

OM ( Automation Object Model )


bject identification

ystem Util & Invoke Application

mart identification

egular expressions

bject spy

ecovery manager

escriptive programming

Quality Center QC 4-6 Hours

Description: Quality Center is a web-enabled test management tool.Quality Center helps you organize and manage all phases of the application testing process, including specifying testing requirements, planning tests, executing tests, and tracking defects. One can also create reports and graphs to help review the progress of planning tests, executing tests, and tracking defects before a software release. Topics Over view Requirement Module Requirement Module Overview Creating Requirement tree Creating Parent & Child requirements Understanding the Description tab Understanding the History tab Uploading attachments to requirement A glance at various columns in requirement Types of views in requirement module Requirement grid view Requirement coverage view Test Plan Module Creating folder structure Create test cases Template test cases Requirement coverage Test Lab Module Overview of Test Lab Detail of various tabs Execution Flow tab Test Set Properties tab Linked Defects tab Running Tests manually Running Tests automatically Viewing Test results Quality Center Defects Overview of Defects Creating defects after test execution Adding defects in defect module

Creating defects during test execution Linking Defects How to close a defect Closing defects after retest

All Students will get: Running notes Soft copy material Referecnce books E-books..

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