ENIGMA Written by James Liu

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EXT. YASENEVO DISTRICT, MOSCOW -- NIGHT Heavy snow falls down amidst a crowd of civilians. PULL BACK to reveal NIKOLAI VIKENTI, Russian spy, back to us. Briefcase in hand, he walks toward the Foreign Intelligence Services building. INT. SVR HEADQUARTERS -- NIGHT Nikolai walks to the elevators. Completes a badge and retina scan, waits. “Nikolai Vikenti. Agent Confirmed” appears on the scanner. He enters, elevator doors close. INT. OFFICE -- NIGHT At a solitary desk sits MIKHAIL STEPANOV, director of the SVR. He types away on a computer. NIKOLAI (O.S.) You needed me? Mikhail looks up at Nikolai standing in the dark. MIKHAIL Nikolai, have a seat. He sits. Mikhail shifts his monitor to face Nikolai. “EN7GMA” in silver metallic letters is plastered across the screen. NIKOLAI Enigma? MIKHAIL The notorious hacker organization. We received a cryptic message from them this morning via spyware that managed to infiltrate our computer system. They are threatening to hack into our embassy database and leak our files. NIKOLAI How do you know they’re not bluffing? MIKHAIL They’re not. (short beat) Some intel just arrived. Apparently they’re setting up their operations at the W Hotel in Washington D.C. tomorrow.


NIKOLAI How much time do I have? MIKHAIL Less than forty-eight hours. Nikolai gets up to leave. MIKHAIL (CONT’D) Wait. He stops. MIKHAIL (CONT’D) You’re going to need help. NIKOLAI I work alone. MIKHAIL Not this time. M pulls out an Intel-Inspired Ultra book- thin, sleek. Places it on the desk. Nikolai takes it and leaves. EXT. VARIOUS DOWNTOWN LOCATIONS -- NIGHT Aerial views of Washington D.C. encompass the screen. INT. CAB -- NIGHT Nikolai stares out the window. It’s a calm, wintery atmosphere. EXT. W HOTEL -- NIGHT The cab pulls in front of the W Hotel. The porter opens the door. Nikolai steps out and observes the scenery. INT. W HOTEL -- CONTINUOUS Nikolai walks through the lobby, luxurious decor and black and white marble floors decorate the place. He arrives at the front desk where an attractive female receptionist stands. RECEPTIONIST Good evening sir, welcome to the W Hotel. How may I assist you today?


NIKOLAI I’d like to check in. RECEPTIONIST Certainly. Name? NIKOLAI Jeremy Quinn. Q-U-I, double N. RECEPTIONIST Got it. Okay Mr. Quinn, I have you down for seven days. You’ll be in room 501, enjoy your stay. (hands him the room key) NIKOLAI Thank you. (turns, stops, turns back) Wait, did you say seven days? RECEPTIONIST (looks at monitor) Oh. Excuse me, sir. I meant two days. NIKOLAI Why did you say seven? RECEPTIONIST I’m sorry, I’m a little out of it today. I just got back from sick leave. He looks at her, then turns and leaves. INT. ROOM -- NIGHT Nikolai enters his room, the Extreme WOW Suite- a breathtaking modern room equipped with wooden floors, virtual fireplace, luxury furniture, art pieces and glass chandelier. He sets his Ultrabook on the bed and looks out the window- a 10th floor view of the Lincoln Memorial. INT. ROOM -- LATER Nikolai sits at a desk with his Ultrabook. CLOSE ON: The monitor shows a virtual map of the hotel infrastructure. He clicks on various areas to monitor hotel activity.


Real-time backscatter X-RAY imaging technology in grey and black colors of each location are shown. People are going about their business, hotel staff are busy at work. He clicks on a different area. “POV Roof Terrace” displays on the top. The phone suddenly RINGS. Nikolai, startled, walks over. NIKOLAI (picks up) Hello? (no answer) Hello? A dead dial tone is heard. He hangs up and pulls out his GUN. A LETTER with a red ribbon is slipped under the door. Gun drawn, he slowly walks over. He cautiously picks up the letter. In cursive, it reads “Come experience the best D.C. has to offer. See you at the Roof Terrace.” He quickly opens the door, looks both ways- hallway empty. EXT. POV ROOF TERRACE -- NIGHT Nikolai, tailored suit and tie on, black laptop bag strapped around the shoulder, sifts through the crowd as guests and staff acknowledge him in passing. Monuments and landmarks can be seen in the snowy backdrop. A stunning brunette in a velvet red dress bumps into him. NIKOLAI Excuse me. BRUNETTE A little disheveled, are we? NIKOLAI I’ve seen better days. He walks past her, sits at a table- White House view. He takes out his Ultrabook, it boots up instantly. CLOSE ON: The monitor. An X-Ray display of the rooftop in real-time is shown. “Broadband Activity: High” pops up on the bottom. The brunette walks over. BRUNETTE Well. Aren’t you gonna offer to buy me a drink? NIKOLAI Any other day perhaps. Not today.


BRUNETTE You here with the wife? NIKOLAI Not exactly. BRUNETTE (sly smile) Men. You all are an enigma to me. NIKOLAI What did you say? The brunette turns to walk away. A waitress comes over. WAITRESS Hello sir. May I offer you a drink? A martini perhaps? Nikolai gets up with the Ultrabook and walks after the brunette. NIKOLAI (calling out) Wait. He stumbles through a crowd of people. She gets further away, cuts a corner. He SPRINTS after her, pushing people aside. He turns the corner and sees her in an elevator, smiling. He RUSHES to the elevator as the doors CLOSE just in time. He takes out the Ultrabook and a black wire with a PANEL at the end. ATTACHES the panel to the elevator buttons, connects the other end to the Ultrabook. He furiously types. CLOSE ON: The monitor. A long red bar is filling up, nearing 100%. Success. “Unlocking Complete.” The elevator doors open. Nikolai looks down the shaft- a DIZZYING DROP. He grabs the Ultrabook, pulls out a CABLE LAUNCHER shaped like a gun, JUMPS. He quickly aims to the sky and FIRES a cable to the top of the shaft. He GLIDES down the cable, landing on top of the elevator. INT. ELEVATOR SHAFT -- CONTINUOUS Nikolai takes out a silver LANDMINE, attaches it, takes cover. The landmine flashes red... then EXPLODES. INT. ELEVATOR -- CONTINUOUS He FALLS into the elevator with a pile of debris. The brunette SCREAMS.


BRUNETTE What are you doing here?! NIKOLAI (getting up) What do you know about Enigma? BRUNETTE What?! NIKOLAI ENIGMA. The hacker group. Are you working for them? BRUNETTE I have NO IDEA what you’re talking about. NIKOLAI Who are you, really? INT. W HOTEL -- NIGHT The elevator opens. He grabs her and they casually walk out. NIKOLAI Just come with me, and nobody has to get hurt. The pair, roughed up in appearance, walk amongst hotel guests, who give them strange glances. NIKOLAI (CONT’D) Let’s go in here. He takes her inside a room. INT. LIVING ROOM -- NIGHT They enter LIVING ROOM, one of the hotel’s many lounges. Chandeliers with LED Lights, large cathedral windows, and swanky furniture adorn the place. They pass by the bar. NIKOLAI Men are an enigma. When you said that, you had a look on your face. BRUNETTE You must be out of your mind.


NIKOLAI Maybe. But that’s what makes me effective. He breaks stride, stops. Turns to her. NIKOLAI (CONT’D) I’m not opposed to causing a scene. BRUNETTE (leaning forward, whispering) You’re too late. NIKOLAI What? BRUNETTE They’re two steps ahead of you. NIKOLAI What are you talking about? BRUNETTE I would check Studio 1 if I were you. He lets her go, begins running. INT. CORRIDOR -- CONTINUOUS Nikolai RUNS down a corridor. He arrives in front of STUDIO 1 Meeting Room. He pulls out a gun- ready to kick the door down. He puts the gun away, takes out the Ultrabook instead. He holds the Ultrabook in front of the room. The monitor, in X-RAY IMAGING, reveals a RECTANGULAR TABLE of seven people with laptops dressed in black clothes and GUY FAWKES MASKS. This is EN7GMA. INT. STUDIO 1 MEETING ROOM -- CONTINUOUS The leader stands up. LEADER It’s time. Time to oppress the oppressors. We are Enigma. Expect Us.


Suddenly, the lights CUT OFF. The door is KICKED open. Nikolai, ULTRABOOK in hand, unleashes a roomful of DIGITAL SMOKE, streaming from the laptop’s webcam. The EN7GMA members pull out guns and shoot aimlessly. One by one, the hackers are taken down by a series of punches and kicks. The smoke fades, lights turn back on. Nikolai stands in the center among a group of fallen hackers. Mission accomplished. EXT. W HOTEL -- NIGHT Police escort the hackers out the hotel as Nikolai watches from a corner. INT. ROOM -- NIGHT Nikolai sits at his desk, talking to his director from the Ultrabook monitor. NIKOLAI The threat has been eliminated. MIKHAIL I told you the help was needed. If your ego had left with you out that door, the consequences might have been disastrous. NIKOLAI (grins) I’ll keep that in mind next time. He closes the Ultrabook shut. INT. ROOM -- DAY Nikolai, suit on, picks up the phone and dials the front desk. NIKOLAI Hello, I’d like to check out please. INT. FRONT DESK -- DAY The CONCIERGE, male, 50s, holds the phone.


CONCIERGE Certainly, Mr. Quinn. Did you get a chance to try our club sandwich? INTERCUT: NIKOLAI No, I did not. CONCIERGE Well perhaps on your next stay, when you have a bit more time on your hands. And we hoped you thoroughly enjoyed your stay at the W in D.C. And that it has given you all the inspiration you needed for your next spy adventure. Set in our nation’s capital. NIKOLAI Excuse me? CONCIERGE Your new spy novel, sir. The one you’re working on. My son is a big fan of your work. INT. ROOM -- CONTINUOUS Nikolai hangs up. Thinks for a moment. Opens the Ultrabook. CLOSE ON: Microsoft Word. “TRACKING ENIGMA: A Nick Vikenti Story by Jeremy Quinn”. He scrolls through the document, 158 pages in length. Completed. He smiles. INT. LOBBY -- DAY Jeremy, carrying luggage, walks by the front desk. The same female receptionist upon his arrival stands behind the desk. RECEPTIONIST Have a safe trip back, Mr. Quinn. JEREMY Thank you.


EXT. W HOTEL -- CONTINUOUS He steps out to the front of the hotel. The brunette from the Roof Terrace, now donning a turqouise dress, steps out and walks past him. She glances back and they exchange smiles. The porter greets Jeremy. PORTER Good morning, sir. JEREMY Morning. PORTER Headed to the airport? JEREMY Yes. The porter hails down a cab. Opens the door for him. PORTER Take care, sir. JEREMY You too. Jeremy steps in the cab. INT. CAB -- CONTINUOUS The door closes as Jeremy sits. DRIVER Where are you headed? JEREMY Reagan Airport. The cabbie begins driving. They stop at a red light. Jeremy looks out the window. A bright red D.C. Tour Bus pulls up on the opposite street. Families and children onboard. He squints his eyes. The seven members of the EN7GMA group, masks on, sit on the bus. They wave to him. He waves back. The light turns green and the cab takes off.


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