Highlighted  Shared  Lane  Marking   Proposal      

Presented  by:     Michelle  Mowery   Sr.  Bicycle  Coordinator     Los  Angeles  Department  of  TransportaBon  Bicycle  Program     August  30,  2012      

Current  Standard  of  Shared  Lane   Marking  (SLM)  CondiBons  
  •  •  •  •  White  Shared  Lane  Marking  (SLM)   Assists  bicyclists  with  lateral  lane   posiBoning     Alerts  road  users  of  the  potenBal   locaBon  of  bicyclists     California  Manual  on  Uniform  Traffic   Control  Devices  (CA  MUTCD  3A.05  -­‐   Colors)  allows  for  the  use  of  black   “...where  a  light  colored  pavement   does  not  permit  sufficient  contrast   with  the  markings.”  


Physical  and  Natural  Problems    

•  Negate  the  desired  outcome  of  Standard  SLM  markings    
–  LighBng  condiBons   –  Faded  asphalt        


Experimental  Proposal    
•  Use  green  highlighted-­‐SLM   (HSLM)  to  determine  if  the   treatment  can  miBgate  the   effects  of  faded  asphalt  and   harsh  lighBng  condiBons   •  The  HSLM  would  take  the   exisBng  SLM  and  provide  a   green  backing  in  thermoplasBc   or  paint  to  conform  with  the   color  range  as  approved  by   FHWA  for  green  bicycle  lane   experimentaBon      
Courtesy:  SFMTA  

•  LocaBon;  West  Los  Angeles,   Gayley  Avenue  between   Weyburn  Avenue  and   Lindbrook  Avenue     •  SLMs  will  begin  at  Gayley   Avenue  and  Weyburn  Avenue   and  conBnue  every  200  feet   on  both  sides  of  the  street     •  LADOT  observaBon  vans  will   monitor  two  female  and  male   bicyclists  during  AM/PM  peak   hours  to  gauge  vehicle  and   bicyclist  interacBons      

Work  Plan    
•  IdenBcal  variables  will  be  collected   through  all  3  stages     •  Infographic    
–  vehicle  lane  encroachment    (low,   medium,  high)     –  motorists  behavior  (honking,  swerving,   braking,  aggressive  acBon     –  Stage  1:  ObservaBons  of  bicyclists  and   motorists  behavior  on  Gayley  Avenue   before  Highlighted  SLMs  are  installed     –  Stage  2:  ObservaBons  of  bicyclists  and   motorists  behavior  on  Gayley  Avenue   a]er  experimental  highlighted   thermoplasBc  SLMs  markings  are   installed  


Two  evaluaBon  stages    


Safety  and  Traffic  OperaBons      
•  LADOT  is  taking  the  necessary  measures  to   ensure  no  forseeable  adverse  safety  effects  or   traffic  operaBons  result  from  the  proposed   study  
–  Undocumented  LADOT  vehicles     –  Secure  equipment     –  IndisBnct  markings  to  guide  bicyclists  


Proposed  Timeline  

EvaluaBon  and  ReporBng  Procedures      
•  LADOT’s  experiment  will  assess  the  impact  of  green   backed  SLMs  for  cyclists  and  motorists  by  collecBng   and  analyzing  before  and  a]er  data.   •  Submission  of  quarterly  progress  reports  to  the  CTCDC   and  FHWA’s  Office  of  TransportaBon  OperaBons     •  Final  report  will  be  completed  within  3  months   following  the  close  of  the  experiment  and  data  analysis       •  If  advised  by  the  CTCDC  or  the  FHWA,  LADOT  will   remove  the  experimental  installaBons        

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