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Remember, you need photographic proof of all these missions.

Make sure the photo

clearly has the place/thing and YOU in it!

5 – 100 Pet a non-domestic animal (the more unusual the better)
20 Wear a prom dress to the dollar store or a grocery store
20 Put glitter in Eric Kalver’s hair
8 Win at mafia (co-players signing a document saying so)
12 Wear a wig in the Temple of Music (Roger Williams Park), and a black
robe, with a hammer (try to look judgelike)
25 Bring a live fish on a bus
10 Play an instrument on the Gaspee route
10 Bury an egg in on or around Cranston West field
7 Bury yourself up to your waist
3 Leave a secret message(s) in a book at a bookstore
50 Find out exactly what is going on with the old movie theater across from
East. (Official documentation a must)
26 Flash the statue of the man holding a bird in Roger Williams. Boys, this
means you show him your bare chest. Girls, this means you show him
your bra.
100 Make Chun flip out
75 Get your picture on the front page of the Journal
45 Hide homemade doll of yourself at Providence public library by the book
Rocks around the world by Stefan Glowacz
15 eat spaghetti with custom made fork and spoon fashioned to be 5x larger
than your own
100 become legally able to perform a wedding
30 make shoes made of bubblegum
10 make a soap sculpture of something you'd find in the Lincoln bedroom
15 make your own matching hat, belt, and tie
25 make Cranston east monopoly
50 holding a sign promoting equal rights for eggplants at 5 of the potato
50 Fill a pool with Jell-O
40 Ringing a bell in a bell tower, if you are Amy it cant be at your church
10 Crawling across a bridge
320 Doing a good deed
2 Biting into a peanut butter sandwich (if you’re allergic to nuts, jelly
Places (you must be in the picture)
12 50 yard line in the Stadium
6 In front of the statehouse
8 outside Nora Crowley’s old house
8 Somewhere obviously out of state
13 On 95 N/S, taken from outside your car (by another person, don't park on
a major highway)
90 Roof of East
2 Hope’s pool
4 On a boat
1.5 In a hammock
14 Rhode Island mall
25 1st Dels
10 Underwater
23 Alan Shawn Feinstein’s front steps
35 A cave
20 All 5 Cranston public library branches, 5 extra points for Arlington
reading room
10 Waterfire, 15 extra points for on a gondola
20 Providence Journal printing company
90 Inside a scientology church
Things (you must have them, not just a picture of them)
10 Piece of CHSE rubble (w/ a picture of you with it outside CHSE)
10 A strand of Duncan’s hair w/ Duncan
7 An AARP brochure
7 A Cranston Parks and Rec brochure
2 Beach sand
10 Dust from Miranda’s car
18 Over 200oz of mayonnaise
3 Del’s lemonade
15 RI license plate with your initials (adjacent ones, sucker)
15 Toilet paper from the courthouse
10 Dry ice
20 Ratatouille, the food
People (you must be with them)
8 Someone in uniform
20 A picture of the mayor of your town or city
20 Sylvia the palm reader, 0 if you’re Hope and Amy
7 Liz at Friendly’s
7 Sara playing the trumpet
7 Brit at Coldstone
20 Chun
25 Cushman, 30 extra points if he’s at his parents house
30 Pando
14 A man more than four times your age
56 Someone dressed as Dora the Explorer
34 A stranger in a yellow dress
5.5 A baby
20 Man with a handlebar mustache
100 a Mormon named Norman (copy of ID required)
11 Spell your name in people
9 Mimic a statue (must include statue)
16 Mimic a comic book pose (must include comic)
7 Mimic a catalog pose (must include original picture), -7 points if it’s a
boring pose
7 Do exactly what a sign says, -7 points if it’s a boring action
5 Hang upside down in a RI elementary school playground
10 Riding in a shopping cart
30 Doing the YMCA in front of the YMCA (four pictures or 4 friends)
50 Sitting in a dentists chair outside of a dentist’s office
30 Pirate pose, dressed as a pirate, on a yacht club dock
30 Playing london bridge with a fireman
Disobeying the law (all done at your own risk)
If fined for any of the below +200% of the point value
66 No one may bite off another's leg.
30 Impersonating a town sealer, auctioneer, corder of wood, or a fence-
viewer is against the law.
100 Riding a horse over any public highway for the purpose of racing, or
testing the speed of the horse is illegal.
70 It is considered an offense to throw pickle juice on a trolley.
15 It is illegal to challenge someone to a duel, or accept a duel; even it is
never actually fought.
20 It is illegal to place a windmill within twenty-five (25) rods of any
traveled street or road.
15 It is illegal to coast downhill in your car with your transmission in
neutral, or with the clutch disengaged.
15 You cannot smoke a pipe after sunset, as to not endorse smoking bubble
pipes are permitted
25 It is illegal to wear transparent clothing.
15 You may not sell toothpaste and a toothbrush to the same customer on a
Sunday. -make sure you're holding a newspaper or other proof of it being
West Warwick
10 It is illegal to use water on even-numbered days for the sole purpose of
watering plants, gardens, or lawns. If you break this law there is a fine of
$25-$100. (make sure you're holding a newspaper or other proof of the
even-numbered day)

End date: Midnight of July 31st.