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Whos Mika Lasko: Micha asko is a Polish volleyball player naturalized Italian. His role is opposite spiker.

Now he is playing in a Polish team called Jastrzbski Wgiel but he is also the opposite spiker of Italian National Volleyball Team. When he plays with Jastrzbski Wgiel his number is one while he plays in National his number is seven. Mika was born in Breslavia the 11th March 1981. His father is Lech asko blocker of Polish volleyball team who won a gold medal in Montreal Olympic Games of 1976. He has got a brother, Jakub, also called kuba a blocker who plays in Metalsider a B2 series Italian team. Mika and his family arrived in Italy when he was 4 but he has ever said that he feels Italian. He began to play volleyball when he was 6. He started playing for Sisley Treviso youth team. He debuted in Serie A1 in 2001 with Treviso, after moving to Verona where he remained four years, playing in A1 and A2. After a year at Vibo Valentia, he was engaged by BreBanca Lannutti Cuneo in 2006. In 2008, together with Simone Parodi, he moved to Blu Volley Verona. His Next Competitions: London Olympic Games are near so Mika is training hard to win a gold medal like his dad. Hes holder but this doesnt means that he doesnt have to train a lot or he doesnt have to be careful in the court. Only good players go to the Olympic Games and Olympic team is composed by only 6 players. He need to train a lot in June and July. He is improving his service and his spike in June with training with the ball and without it. But in the last week of June hes playing World League Series in Lyon, France. Afterwards in the last week of July and the first two weeks of August hes taking part to Olympic Games and when he finishing in London he is leaving to Seoul to continue World League Series in last two weeks of August. Hes going to win both competitions. This year isnt full of competition but next year Mika is playing World Cup and European Cup so Mika must be fit also next year if he wants to become Most Valuable Player. Which Things He Must Do: Mika is first choice player so he mustnt make a lot of mistakes, he mustnt be distract, overweight or lazy because these expects engrave on his performances, but also is protection plays an important role in a sport like volleyball: If he doesnt protect his body he can break his bones. Mika must wear kneepads because he has to dig if the ball falls down and if he doesnt use kneepads he can break his knees. He always need medical scotch tape that he use on his left hand and sometimes both hands. If he doesnt use the medical scotch tape he can break his fingers when he spikes and blocks the ball. So all of these actions are possible only if he is fit. If he isnt busy: Mika is a successful volleyball player but hes also a brilliant student, in fact he went to Scientific Secondary School and he took diploma but he was also going to the university when he saw that his time wasnt enough for volleyball and study. So he left school and began to play volleyball full time. So if he leaves volleyball he can value this possibility, he can return to university, finish to study and took a diploma and become architect. So if he leaves volleyball he will be an architect. Mika hasnt got enough time because he trains full time but if he isnt busy he goes to the cinema, plays guitar, sings and goes

out with his friends. He has got also a dog and when he is at home he walks out it. Mika is also a romantic boy and he says that when he leaves volleyball he will live in an ecohouse in Verona, his favorite city and he will leave with his fianc. What he wants to do at the Olympic Games: London Olympic games began the 27th July and Mika is going in joint with his team mates. Joint is in Monza and team is training and playing test matches to test teams condition. Then hes leaving to London and hes staying at the Olympic village where he can train, eat, watch other competitions, write to his family. Mika wants to win a gold medal like his father but it isnt so easy because there are strong teams like Cuba, Poland, Usa, China and Brazil. In the last Olympic Games edition Italy was 4th and Mika broke his left shoulder while he was spiking. So he had to leave the game and he was watching the match at hospital. So this year he feels very fit and he want to become Olympic Champion. How he began to play volleyball: Mika began to play volleyball very early because his father saw that he was a talent and decided to subscribe him in a volleyball team. Mika was growing up very fast and also his coach saw that he was a talent so Mika began to play in the 1st team in B2 series. He was too clever to B2 series so he was engaged by Vibo Valentia after Lanutti Cuneo in a team formed to win Italian titles but team wasnt playing very well and Mika couldnt be constant so he was passing from MVP matches to dismal performances. After two years he was engaged by Blu Volley Verona where he was skipper and he played brilliant matches. So for 2011-12 season is engaged by Jastrzbski Wgiel and the next season is arriving also his mate Martino.

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