Present Simple 1. My sister_______________ (read) a book. 2. Frank _______________ (not like) dogs. 3. My parents_______________ (do) the shopping. 4.

We sometimes ___________________ (meet) in front of the cinema. 5. _______________ (he go) to the doctor's? 6. Our friends _________________ (play) football in the park. 7. She _________________ (not go) to the park every Friday. 8. He _________________ (ride) his bike every day. 9. ____________________ (he have) the best ideas? 10. Carol ________________ (say) good bye. 11. She __________________ (be) the best singer in our class. 12. _______________ (your sister live) in a big house. 13. The children _________________ (not eat) hamburgers. 14. Bill _________________ (have) got nine posters. 15. I ____________________ (not be) at home. A An Some Any
We need ......... kilo of apples.

Have you got ......... water?

There's ......... newspaper on the table.

I've got ......... salad sandwiches for my lunch today.

I haven't got ......... tea. Can you go to the corner store and buy some more?

How about ......... cup of coffee?

There are ......... grapes in the fridge.

Is there ......... orange juice left in the fridge?

I need ......... money to go shopping.

We need to buy ......... rolls if you want to make hotdogs for your lunch.

There is / There are
1.In our living room _____________________ four chairs and a table. We have breakfast there every morning. 2.In our class we have students from Italy, Spain and Saudi Arabia but _________________ no students from France 3.In our school, every Friday ___________________ a 'Conversation Club' in the afternoon after lunch. 4.On Wednesday morning _________________ two students absent from our class. 5.Please look in the teachers' room. ______________________ any teachers in the teachers' room right now? 6.I don't like the garden in winter time. ___________________ any flowers. The only colour is green. 7.Excuse me. _____________________ a student called Andreas in this class? 8.When I was at school ______________________ any computers. But now every school has many computers. 9.This morning there is water on the ground everywhere. I think _________________ a lot of rain last night. 10.I can't have a cup of coffee this morning. ____________________ no black coffee in the coffee machine and I don't like coffee with milk. 11.Why ______________________ empty beer cans and wine bottles in the classroom this morning? Did somebody have a party in here yesterday? 12.Are there any students in the school from Switzerland? Yes, ___________________ one in class G and two in class A. In/ On/ At

1. Jane is arriving ____________ January 26 ____________l 2 o'clock _________the afternoon.
2. It snows here every year _________ December. We always go outside and play in the snow __________ Christmas day. 3. Michael is leaving ___________ Friday _____________ noon. 4. Frankie started working for her law firm ____________ 1995. 6. Normally, ___________ New Year's Eve, it's tradition to kiss the one you love _______ midnight. 7 Don't be ridiculous; there were no telephones __________the seventeenth century! The telephone was invented____________the 1870s. 8. The plane leaves _________________ tomorrow morning ___________ 8:00 AM. 9. The hills here are covered with wildflowers ____________early spring. 10. We met at the restaurant ___________6:30.


Complete the sentences with must or mustn't. You _________________ brush your teeth three times a day. You _________________ forget to do your homework regularly. You _________________ be nice to your classmates. You __________________ wear warm cothes when it is cold outside. You __________________ chew gum in class. You__________________ study hard if you want to pass your exams. You__________________ fight with your classmates. You __________________ play football in the classroom. You __________________ listen to your teacher very carefully. You __________________ forget your best friend's birthday. You __________________ be rude to your grandparents. You __________________ go to the dentist's twice a year. You __________________ stay in bed when you are ill. You__________________ feed zoo animals. You __________________ do your online exercises. Can / Can't
1. Monkeys _______________ talk. 2. Pigs _______________ fly. 3. I _______________ play the piano., but Cory can't. 4. You ______________ go on vacation. It's too expensive. 5. ________________ I borrow some money? 6. I don't know the answer. ______________you tell me? 7. Tony __________________ come tonight, he's too busy. 8. Jim makes great food. He _________________ cook really well. 9. Excuse me, we _______________ see the movie. 10. It's too noisy. We_______________ study well.

Countable / Uncountable Nouns

Children / milk / tea / Scientists / butter / windows / classroom./ glue / waiters / water /
bread / Drivers / policemen / bottles / juice / camp / oil / exercises / babies / programme./ people Countable: Uncountable: