Our Island Story Monarch Timeline Grid

Created by Beth Kanning, June 2011, elizabethkanning@yahoo.com for personal use only please.

This file includes a timeline grid for each of the dynasties discussed in Our Island Story, by H.E. Marshall. The grids are divided into the different dynasties, and they include the name and picture of the monarch and the dates of their reign. They are also color coded by dynasty. The images are all in the public domain. Whenever possible, I tried to use an image of the monarch that was contemporary to their reign. The grids could be cut out and laminated for use as a timeline or graphic organizer. They are also useful as a visual aid to compare the different dynasties. I have also created a file with separate cards for each monarch. Enjoy!

Edward the Confessor (Saxon)

Harold II (Saxon)

Reigned 1042-1066 A.D.

Reigned Jan. 5 – Oct. 14, 1066 A.D.

William I (Norman)

William II (Norman)

Henry I (Norman)

Reigned 1066-1087 A.D.

Reigned 1087-1100 A.D.

Reigned 1100-1135 A.D.

Stephen (Norman)

Reigned 1135-1154 A.D.

Henry II (Plantagenet)

Richard I (Plantagenet)

John (Plantagenet)

Reigned 1154-1189 A.D.

Reigned 1189-1199 A.D.

Reigned 1199-1216 A.D.

Henry III (Plantagenet)

Edward I (Plantagenet)

Edward II (Plantagenet)

Reigned 1216-1272 A.D.

Reigned 1272-1307 A.D.

Reigned 1307-1327 A.D.

Edward III (Plantagenet)

Richard II (Plantagenet)

Henry IV (Plantagenet)

Reigned 1327-1377 A.D.

Reigned 1377-1399 A.D.

Reigned 1399-1413 A.D.

Henry V (Plantagenet)

Henry VI (Plantagenet)

Edward IV (Plantagenet)

Reigned 1413-1422 A.D.

Reigned 1422-1461 A.D.

Reigned 1461 to 1483 A.D.

Edward V (Plantagenet)

Reigned April 6-June 26, 1483 A.D.

Richard III (Plantagenet)

Henry VII (Tudor)

Henry VIII (Tudor)

Reigned 1483- 1485 A.D.

Reigned 1485-1509 A.D.

Reigned 1509-1547 A.D.

Edward VI (Tudor)

Mary I (Tudor)

Elizabeth I (Tudor)

Reigned 1547-1553 A.D.

Reigned 1553-1558 A.D.

Reigned 1558-1603 A.D.

James I of England (Stuart) James VI of Scotland

Charles I (Stuart)

Charles II (Stuart)

Reigned Scotland 1567-1603 A.D. Reigned England and Ireland 1603-1625 A.D.

Reigned 1625-1649 A.D.

Reigned 1660-1685 A.D.

James II of England (Stuart) James VII of Scotland

Mary II and William III (Stuart)

William III (Stuart)

Reigned 1685-1688 A.D.

Reigned together 1689-1694 A.D.

Reigned alone 1694-1702 A.D.

Anne (Stuart)

Reigned 1702-1714 A.D.

George I (Hanoverian)

George II (Hanoverian)

George III (Hanoverian)

Reigned 1714-1727 A.D.

Reigned 1727-1760 A.D.

Reigned 1760-1820 A.D.

George IV (Hanoverian)

William IV (Hanoverian)

Victoria (Hanoverian)

Reigned 1820-1830 A.D.

Reigned 1830-1837 A.D.

Reigned 1837-1901 A.D.