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Tulsa Women’s Soccer

Weekly Newsletter: Issue 2 Aug. 27, 2012

From the Desk of Coach Kyle Cussen
Friends & Family of the TU Women’s Soccer Program:
First and foremost, I want to thank the 1,700+ fans that came out this week to watch us play against Notre Dame and Nicholls State. The Friday night game was an incredible atmosphere and really showed what TU soccer is all about. We have great support not only from our administration and students but from the surrounding community as well. I’m very proud of the way that we are playing right now. We are consistently performing at a very high level and continuing to better ourselves everyday. • •
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Upcoming Matches:
Friday, August 31 o 7:30pm o Missouri State @ Home Sunday, September 1 o 4:30pm o Northwestern State @ Home

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From the Desk of Coach Cussen continued:
After a big game on Friday, it is common for teams to struggle to find that enthusiasm and energy for the Sunday afternoon game. Our team did not let down from Friday to Sunday and I was extremely proud with the level and effort put forth on Sunday, which led to a 7-0 result. Several players stepped up including Claire Nicholson, Cammi Pelley and Stephanie Aitken. Cammi and Stephanie each had 2 goals and 2 assists and it was great to see Claire Nicholson get her 2nd career hat trick! Not to mention, we had another shut out which is tremendous for our backline. This weekend we are hosting the Tulsa Invitational Tournament. I am very excited for Missouri State on Friday at 5:30pm and Northwestern State on Sunday at 4:30pm. I am looking forward to another great weekend of soccer! GO TU! Coach Cuz

Save the Date!
Tulsa Invitational Soccer Tournament

Come support Tulsa Women’s Soccer as we take on Missouri State on Friday and Northwestern State on Sunday!

Thank you to our FANS!
Even though the result of the game did not turn out how we wanted, we could not be more thankful for all 1,707 fans that came to support us last Friday. In fact…TU set a record with all 1,707 who packed the Hurricane Track and Soccer Stadium! At one point during the game, we looked up and did not see an empty seat in the house, what a fun and exciting atmosphere to play! Thank you fans, you are the best! We will be back in action this weekend and would love your continued support of Tulsa Women’s Soccer!

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Player Q&A:
Get to know our team on and off the soccer field! Who: Becky Handley Year: Senior Position: Forward
Where is your hometown? Saint  Louis   What is your major? Marketing   Best thing about playing at Tulsa? The  best  thing  about  playing  soccer  at  TU  is  the  relationships  I  create   with  my  teammates  and  the  rewarding  feeling  of  succeeding  as  a  student-­‐athlete.   Who is the funniest person on the team? Jordan-­‐  her  ADHD  whims  are  a  much  needed  distraction  from   our  hectic  lives   Do you have any pre-game superstitions? I  have  to  put  my  left  shoe  or  sock  on  before  I  put  on  my  right   shoe  or  sock.  The  feeling  of  putting  my  right  shoe  on  first  makes  me  feel  lop-­‐sided.   What is your favorite food?  "Black  and  Blue"  hamburger  cooked  medium  with  sweet  potato  fries   What is your favorite movie? Nightmare  Before  Christmas  and  American  Beauty   What is your favorite color? Green   What is your favorite TV show? Keeping  Up  with  the  Kardashians   What is your favorite book? A  Brave  New  World   If you could drive any car, what would it be? Mercedes  Benz  White  G  Class  with  tan  leather  interior   Favorite spot on campus? Collins  Fitness  Center     You have a dinner reservation for four, who would you pick as your three guests? Tom  Hardy  as   Bane,  Robert  Downey  Jr.  as  Iron  Man,  Johnny  Depp  as  Captain  Jack  Sparrow   What is your favorite thing to do outside of soccer? Work  out,  learn  various  nutritional  information,  and   hang  with  my  friends/hubby/and  fam.   Favorite thing in your closet? Leggings.  

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Player Q&A: Becky Handley
If you could play another sport, what would it be and why? I  would  play  volleyball  because,  in  turn,  I   would  HAVE  to  be  tall,  skinny,  and  in  shape   Who do you look up to and why? Jennifer  Aniston-­‐  she's  a  successful,  prevalent  woman  figure  who   supports  and  promotes  causes  that  I  also  believe  in   Do you have any hidden talents? I  can  role  my  tongue  in  a  wave   What's one thing about you that most people do not know: I  have  night  terrors   What is your Favorite Pro Sports team? Cardinals   Who is your Favorite athlete of all time? Lebron  James   What is your favorite drill in practice? Four  v  four  v  four  transition  (close  cropped)   If you could have only three things on a deserted island, what would they be? A  puppy,  a  tub  of   Qdoba  queso,  and  Sam   When did you start playing soccer? Year  before  preschool  on  a  preschool  aged  team   What are your goals for the season? Go  further  than  any  previous  TU  women's  soccer  team  has  gone   before!!   If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? A  desolate  Italian  shoreline   How did you choose your jersey number? I  have  worn  #12  since  I  started  playing  sports   What's your favorite class at TU? Theatre  Design   What's the one thing you can't leave home without? My  iPhone   What is your favorite holiday? Christmas!!!     How would your teammates describe you? Loud,  obnoxious,  and  TMI   What's your favorite song(s)? S&M-­‐Rihanna;  Titanium-­‐Sia   If Hollywood made a movie about your life, what actress would you choose to star as you? Hilary   Swank      

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Goal Club Registration

Join the Goal Club!
The TU Goal Club is a great way to support Women’s Soccer at The University of Tulsa. Contributions to the TU Goal Club are utilized for special program needs or projects which enhance the student-athlete experience. Members of the TU Goal Club donate a specific dollar amount for every goal scored and shutout earned during the 2012 Golden Hurricane Women’s Soccer season(# of Goals or Shutouts x Pledge Amount = Total Donation). You may also choose to make a one-time donation. Contributions to the TU Goal Club are tax deductible as allowed by federal income tax law minus the value of benefits received. Donors should consult their tax advisor in regard to all tax deductions resulting from charitable contributions. To register for the Goal Club and support Tulsa Women’s Soccer please contact: Jim Rhein 918-631-5485

Alumni Spotlight: Jamie Sutton
2002 - 2005
After being out of school for more than 6 years I continue to realize how truly blessed I am with the friends & opportunities while at The University of Tulsa. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering and a Minor in Math while at TU along with playing on the women’s soccer team. The University of Tulsa and being a part of the women’s soccer program has really helped shaped the person I am today. My husband proposed to me on the soccer field after one of our home games during my junior year in school. Four of my bridesmaids, the pianist, the singer & the guest book attendants were all from the soccer team. I still love staying in contact with them to hear about what is going with each of them. Thanks to four different summer/part-time internships I received working for different oil & gas companies during my time at TU I was able to secure a job prior to graduation. I got married in June, following graduation, to my husband Cory. My first job was with Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, working as a production engineer in The Woodlands, TX (north of Houston). My wells were in East Texas & it was a great introduction to the oilfield! I also coached for the local youth soccer club Texas Rush & I really enjoyed sharing my passion for soccer with girls that reminded me so much of myself at their age! I ended up moving back to Tulsa after a year, to work for Apache Corporation, another independent oil & gas exploration & production company. We brought home our first pet, a boxer named Riley, who is 5 years old now. I also gave birth to my son, Ryder, in November of 2009. He is almost 3 now & loves sports! His favorite is of course soccer & I am excited to bring him back to Tulsa to watch a women’s soccer game soon. I have now worked for Apache going on over 5 years & since transferred to their Midland, TX office. Fluctuating oil & gas prices is always shifting activity & is one of the things I like about the industry. One day is never like another, as you are always working on different projects & challenges in various locations. I enjoy the fast pace environment & travel, which reminds me a lot of trying to prioritize my time during college to juggle everything between academics, athletics & sometimes a social life! I also do recruiting for new engineering talent from TU for Apache & I am always surprised (& jealous of course!) by the transformations on campus. It is amazing how many improvements they have made in such a short period of time, or so it seems & what an impact this school has had on my path up to this point. The only thing I would change would have been to take more golf & shooting lessons while in college & learn how to hunt & fish. These hobbies are a necessity in my industry in order to get away sometimes & I was definitely not a natural!


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