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Number 410171 Date 6/8/2012 Status Assignee Actual Savings Amount Disputed Estimated Savings Open Offril, Wency V $0.00 $780.00 $0.00

Location Seattle - Lemon Law (Motor Veh. Arbitration) NAICS 541920-Photographic Services

Name Lynn Barry Tompkins 835 Stivelt Rd Strasburg, PA 17579 Phone Day (267) 664-0485 Phone Evening Email (267) 664-0485 m

Name Getty Images 605 5th Ave S Ste 400 Seattle, WA 98104 Contact Phone (206) 925-6753 Toll Free Email copyright.complian m

Name Contact Phone Contact Phone Email

Code 404 Practice Collection Practices

Date Added 6/8/2012 6/8/2012 Activity Type Email to Complainant Email to Respondent Activity C First Letter to Consumer To: R First Letter to Respondent To:


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RK-00570 PRR-2012-00283

Catalyst Report
Complaint Description
Description My wife and I (Owner of Mom/Pop leather shop) received a disturbing notice fro GETTY IMAGES of Seattle, WA demanding $780.00 for a small image that was on our site. ( along with other intentions of further actions if we did not pay up within 14 days from receipt of this letter. The image used had NO markings of any kind tthat would lead us to think it was copyrighted or otherwise. We removed the image immediately but they are now calling and demanding payment. GETTY IMAGES CASE NUMBER is: Is this legal? We have read MANY cases regarding this company and it appears that this may well be a money scheme. Please advise asap as we are at that point where they intend further action. Being a 2 man business we never know nor intended to infringe on anyone but am relunctant to dish out what little we have. Thanks for your help...we need to know how to handle this issue. Lynn and Sandy Tompkins 1208058 Expected resolution details: Just allow us to remove the image without penalty.

RK-00571 PRR-2012-00283