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Number 306826 Date 12/4/2007 Status Assignee Actual Savings Amount Disputed Estimated Savings Closed Schmidt, Ada N $0.00 $1,400.00 $0.00

Location Bellingham - Consumer Protection Division NAICS 541920-Photographic Services

Name Elizabeth Logan 2465 Centreville J17-113 Herndon, VA 20171 Phone Day (571) 434-6459 Phone Evening Email (571) 434-6459

Name Getty Images 2101 4th Ave Ste 500 Seattle, WA 98121 Contact Phone (206) 695-3400 Toll Free Email licensecompliance@

Name Contact Phone Contact Phone Email

Code 999 316 Practice Other/Miscellaneous Billing Issues

Date Added 12/5/2007 12/5/2007 Activity Type Email to Complainant Resolution-INFO ONLY Activity C144_No jurisdiction- Referring to a private attorney To:


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RK-00827 PRR-2012-00283

Catalyst Report
Complaint Description
Description I have a website at that was from a template. 50 free templates were provided to me by the hosting company I was using. The implication was that there were no restrictions on the use of those templates. That company has now gone out of business but I received a letter in September from Getty Images stating that the small image on the front page was a copyrighted image for which they handle the licensing and demanding that I remove the image and provide licensing information or pay $1400 for use. I removed the image immediately and attempted to contact the host for licensing information - it was then I found out they were no longer in business. I received another demand today with Q&A's indicating that even though I did not know the image was copyrighted and even though I removed it immediately I needed to pay $1400 within 14 days or they would send this to their legal department for further action. I also checked their website and found that a low resolution 500KB file of all images they have,m including the one in question, is available for $49 license fee. I believe this practice is tantamount to extortion and am asking that you advise me as to the legality of their actions and investigate this practice by them of demanding payment for images that clearly have no visible or invisible watermarks to notify a person of their copyright.

RK-00828 PRR-2012-00283