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Number 351725 Date 10/22/2009 Status Assignee Actual Savings Amount Disputed Estimated Savings Closed Blodnick, John $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

Location Seattle - Consumer Protection Division NAICS 541920-Photographic Services

Name David J Fruchtman 12655 Washington Blvd Ste 205 Los Angeles, CA 90066 Phone Day (310) 915-6110 Phone Evening Email

Name Getty Images 2101 4th Ave Ste 500 Seattle, WA 98121 Contact Phone (206) 695-3400 Toll Free Email licensecompliance@

Name Contact Phone Contact Phone Email

Code 999 Practice Other/Miscellaneous

Date Added 10/28/2009 10/28/2009 11/18/2009 11/18/2009 Activity Type Email to Complainant Email to Respondent Email to Complainant Email to Respondent Activity C First Letter to Consumer To: R First Letter to Rrespondent To: Csup Closing Adjusted with Enclosure To: Rsup Closing Neutral To:


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RK-00993 PRR-2012-00283

Catalyst Report
Complaint Description
Description I recently received a very disturbing letter from a business that I understand is a Washington based business Getty Images. Approximately a year ago I hired an out of country web development firm to make some changes to my website. In doing so they added several graphic images. A couple of weeks back I received a letter from Getty Images indicating that my use of two images was unauthorized, as I did not have a license for them. They also demanded that I pay $1500 to them. I immediately contacted the web development firm and asked for an explanation, and for them to remove the images. They indicated that they only use images which are free, or which they have on a purchased cd. I explained this to Getty Images and they did not back off. I offered to pay the regular licencing fee for the photos, which (the best I can tell from their website) would be $30.00 or less, each. (Please note that I would not have paid for these images had they been offered to me for this price at the time my site was being modified, as similar images are available for free, or I would simply have take my own with a digitial camera and used them). They would not back off of their demands. We are a small business which gets on average between 3 and 10 hits per day. The graphic images are not creative or original or important for our site in any way. It appears that Getty Images is preying on small businesses by threatening large lawsuits. This is unfair and unethical. Please do something about this. It would be cost prohibitive for me to have to fight this in court, and I hate to see a company such as Getty Images do this to us and I bet many others. Expected resolution details: Back off from their demands and threats

RK-00995 PRR-2012-00283

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RK-01005 PRR-2012-00283