ISSUE #2 AUGUST 31, 2012

Principal’s Message
MARCH 23, 2012

VVE: A GREAT Place to Be! We are proud to announce that Ventana Vista has earned a letter grade of “A” from the2010 , Arizona Department of Education, as well as a prestigious Title I “High Performing Reward,” released just last week. The A-F letter grade system, used for the first time in 2011, is based on academic outcomes and on growth. Academic outcomes amount to 50% of our letter grade score, ‘XZXC0000 and are derived from the percent of students passing the AIMS test, as well as the progress of our English Language Learners. The other 50% of our letter grade score 09 comes from the growth of our students: 25% is from the growth of all students, and 25% is from the growth of our lowest performing students (the bottom quartile). This academic growth is determined by comparing the change in AIMS test scores from one year to the next for similarly achieving students across the state. This is done to 2009 APRIL 24, evaluate how well a school is growing its students, academically, as they advance from one grade to the next. Please see the letter from Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal later in this , 2008 newsletter that informs our school community of this latest honor. Eye on Improvement


Despite this high achievement, we are continually focused on how we can better serve our students. At the district level, our strategic plan provides direction that we have determined is important to our continual growth. We expect all of our students to develop expertise in each of the CFSD 21st century skills, with a particular focus on the traits of self-direction and critical thinking. We also want to increase the level of engagement of all of our students. We want them to be personally invested and interested in their learning, not just compliant in their work. As a staff, we have recently analyzed a variety of data sets to determine our site-based needs and professional development for the year. Based on this analysis, we will be focusing upon the area of mathematics as a school this year. Many of you are aware that we are in our second year of implementing the Common Core State Standards for both English Language Arts and Mathematics. In Mathematics, there is a strong emphasis on eight specific Mathematical Practices. The Mathematical Practices are taught across all levels, K-12, and describe characteristics and traits that mathematics educators should seek to develop in their students. Look for more information about our ongoing work in these areas in future newsletters, as well as in what your children are doing in school this year!

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Principal’s Message continued… These practices rest on important “processes and proficiencies” with longstanding importance in education, and they are well aligned with the traits and qualities we seek to develop in the realm of Critical and Creative Thinking. The Mathematical Practices are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. Reason abstractly and quantitatively. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. Model with mathematics. Use appropriate tools strategically. Attend to precision. Look for and make use of structure. Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.

Look for more information about our ongoing work in these areas in future newsletters, as well as in what your children are doing in school this year! Kim Boling Principal 520-209-8000

Catalina Foothills School District

DATES OF INTEREST Monday, September 3rd •Labor Day Holiday – No School Tuesday, September 4th •NO EARLY RELEASE •DFFO Mtg. @ 9:15 Friday, September 7th •Book Fair Grand Opening 4-7 PM Monday – Thursday, September 10th – 13th •Fall Book Fair Tuesday, September 11th •EARLY RELEASE AM Kinder 8:00-10:15 PM Kinder 11:15-1:30 Grades 1-5 8:00-1:30

From the Health Office… Doing some fall cleaning? The health office is in need of shorts and jeans for both girls and boys. We also need gently used shoes for emergencies. All sizes needed.

Dr. Mary Kamerzell, Superintendent 209-7500 Governing Board Members Sherri Silverberg, President 615-9224 Todd Camenisch, Vice President 615-9855 John Bergan, Member 878-6180 Mary Lou Richerson, Member 299-4746 Carole Siegler, Member 529-1379 State of Arizona Legislative Representatives for CFSD (check for contact information) Legislative District 26 Senator Al Melvin Rep. Vic Williams Rep. Terri Proud Legislative District 30 Senator Frank Antenori Rep. David Gowan Rep. Ted Vogt

Fire Drills and Lockdown Drills Because we care deeply for the safety of our students, we routinely practice fire drills (~1/month) and lock down drills (~4/year) at Ventana Vista. If you ever arrive to campus during one of our drills, please follow the directions of our staff members. In the event of a lock down (drill or otherwise), please follow the directive posted on the office door and RETURN TO YOUR VEHICLE. It is not safe to wait in front of the building if a lock down is in progress. Thank you for your cooperation.

Enjoy the Holiday Weekend!

Mission Statement The mission of Catalina Foothills School District and Ventana Vista Elementary School is to guarantee that each student achieves academic and personal excellence, becomes a lifelong learner and is a responsible citizen of the world, by engaging all students in meaningful programs which meet the highest educational and ethical standards within a caring, collaborative learning community.

Office Hours for 2012-2013 are: 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM 7:30 AM – 2:00 PM (Early Release Tuesdays) Main Office Health Office Attendance Line FAX Durham (Bus) 209-8000 209-8004 209-8090 209-8070 615-7635

Ventana Vista FFO General Meeting Minutes for August 23, 2012 VV FFO Co- President Tara Kirkpatrick called the meeting to order at 8:30 am. The board introduced themselves to the attendees. Chairpeople introduced themselves to the attendees. Principal Principal Kim Boling welcomed those present and explained the CFSD district mission. The mission of CFSD and VVE is to guarantee that each student achieves academic and personal excellence, becomes a lifelong learner and is a responsible citizen of the world, by engaging students in meaningful programs which meet the highest standards within a caring, collaborative learning community. She explained the district’s 2011-2013 Strategic Plan, reiterating the school’s objective that is to develop students that are self-directed critical thinkers who produce quality work. She encourages parents to make a habit of asking kids questions, and getting them to ask questions, this will be worked on school-wide. The Arizona Department of Education granted Ventana Vista the highest grade, an A, based on the school’s performance in the Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS tests) last spring. Secretary VV FFO Secretary Bianca Rowley made a motion to approve the May 2012 VV FFO minutes. Motion approved. Calendar Tara Kirkpatrick made a motion to approve the VV FFO 2012/2013 Calendar. Motion approved Treasurer Tara Kirkpatrick explained that the FFO has run on a surplus over the past few years. Therefore the FFO has taken $20,000.00 and earmarked it towards shade structures for the school. The areas we are looking to shade are the Kindergarten playground, a field area, and the area where children wait for parent pick-up. VV FFO Co-Treasurer Kelly Medvec explained the proposed budget for the year, which is attached to the minutes. This year each teacher has been given an additional $500 for classroom supplies. Budget approved. Science Fair Bryn Allen is rebuilding the Science Fair Committee, please contact her if you would like to join or have any ideas, she is looking forward to a great Science Fair. It will be a parent driven event but teachers are encouraged to participate. VV has done very well in the Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair (SARSEF). She is looking to see if Community Schools will do an after school early release program dedicated to helping the students work on their projects. The Committee’s first meeting is tentatively set for Friday August 31 at 8:30.

Book Fair Jacki Nichols announced that this year’s Book Fair will be held on Sept 7th. She will set up on Wednesday, September 5th and is looking for volunteers. The book fair will remain open online for one month, with proceeds from the book sales still going to Ventana Vista. Plant Science Family Night Carol Jones announced this year’s Plant Science Family Night will be held October 5th from 5-8. Everyone is invited to this AMAZING free event. There will be active student participation while learning and thinking about plants, and outstanding scientists from around the world will be here. Spread the news!!! There will be a school assembly to focus and prepare the students for an evening of hands-on fun! A formal request will be submitted to the FFO to make this event free to all students. Promotions VV FFO Vice President Nadine announced fundraising is critical. Companies are donating portions of everyday purchases to the school. Safeway has an E-scripp program. When parents sign up a portion of their purchases will go back to the school. Parents have to sign up every new school year. At the Safeway on Swan and Sunrise there is a big box with Ventana Vista’s name on it, she asks that families put their receipts in there and Safeway will donate a portion of those purchases to the school. Bashas sells prepaid cards to buy groceries. When families sign up for those cards a portion of their purchases will come back to the school as well. When shopping at Amazon we encourage families to use the following link so the school gets a portion of purchases back: Nadine is trying to set up Fundraising Nights pending approval from the district. The Ben’s Bells program is interested in hosting an event night at VV, she will have more information on that at a later date. Halloween Bingo Night Lalita Hadley announced this year’s Halloween Bingo Night will be October 26th. There won’t be trick or treating around the school, so the kids will get gift bags instead. There will be a DJ, costume contest, and other exciting events all held in the MPR. She is looking for volunteers. Bobcat Run Kris Johnson announced the 2nd annual Bobcat Run will be held Saturday November 3rd from 7-9am at Sabino Canyon. The T-shirt design contest is in progress. She has sponsors lined up. Coffee and bagels will be served at this family morning event. VVFFO.ORG Cheryl Novais runs the VV FFO website and wants to drive traffic up this year. Please send all flyers/notices to her to put on the website.

5th grade Camp Donations. New Business Julie Farbarik announced and Education Forum will be held Wednesday October 3rd at Catalina Foothills High School from 6:30-9:00 to hear candidates for the Arizona General Elections. Adjournment VV FFO Co-President Tara Kirkpatrick adjourned the meeting at 9:55. The next FFO General Meeting will be held Thursday, October 18 at 8:30 a.m. in the Kaleidoscope Room.

12-'13 Estimated Income Carryover from FY '10-'11 Carryover from FY '11-'12 Donations Cash (Open House expense) In-Kind Walk A Thon FEOTA (no silent auction in '12-'13) Math-A-Thon School Supplies Spiritwear Yearbook 5th Grade Camp School Directories SportZone Halloween Extravaganza Science Nights Bingo Bookfairs Basha's freind cards Grocery Promotion/Escript Recycling Program 12-'13 Estimated Expense 12-'13 Estimated Net




10,000 5,000 6,000 1,000 17,000 6,500 600 9,000 5,500 1,600 5,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 7,500 1,000 3,000 100

100 0 2,500 750 1,200 5,000 450 9,000 5,500 1,600 5,000 1,000 1,000 900 7,500 100 0 0

9,900 5,000 3,500 250 15,800 1,500 150 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 0 900 3,000 100




Grants Butterfly garden Educational Capital Library periodicals Programs Love of Reading/ Site Council Other Field Trip Donations Publications Technology District Poetry Science Fair Make a Difference Classroom Funds (see classroom funds) Other Items AR tests Library Support/Periodicals Staff Retreat Scholarships Principal's Breakfasts Principal's Discretionary Fund New Family Breakfast Student Council

500 2,000 200

3,000 5,800 2,800 2,000 100 1,000 150 16,150

1,000 2,200 500 300 500 400 500

5th Grade Expenses: Farewell Legacy Project Band FFO year end luncheon Staff Appreciation Tax Prep & legal fees President Discretionary Fund Foundation Toy CFSD Foundation Donation Caryl Jones Endowment CFSD Welcome Breakfast Supplies & Postage Back to School/Open House Shuttle Bank Fees

700 500 100 300 5,000 500 1,000 300 1,000 1,000 200 400 200 100



11-'12 Actual Net

11-'12 Budget Net 39,000

11-'12 Difference


10,925 0 4,114 3,637 17,228 1,362 315 260 (49) (10) (1,570) (208) (684) (168) (165) 24 3,228 95

9,500 5,000 5,000 4,500 14,000 1,500 500 0 0 0 0 0 0 500 0 900 2,500 50


(886) (863) 3,228 (138) (185) 260 (49) (10) (1,570) (208) (684) (668) (165) (876) 728 45




1,520 1,833 0 0

5,000 2,500 1,000 200

(3,480) (667) (1,000) (200)

(162) 5,955 (39) 1 60 2,310 150 11,732

2,000 1,000 10,000 2,500 1,500 150 3,000 150 17,325

(2,162) (1,000) (4,045) (2,539) (1,499) (90) (690) 0 (5,593)

4,209 3,150 396 0 300 175 258 0

4,500 3,000 500 100 300 500 150 750

(291) 150 (104) (100) 0 (325) 108 (750)

640 0

500 500 100 300 5,000 500 1,000 300 5,000 2,000 200 400

140 (500) (100) (300) (971) (490) (430) (200) 0 0 0 (275) 0 140

4,029 10 570 100 5,000 2,000 200 125 140




Ventana Vista Fall Scholastic Book Fair
Friday Night Family Grand Opening
Located in the 2nd floor library and SW room

Friday, Sept. 7th 4pm - 7pm

* Cotton Candy provided by All-Star librarian Ms. Wadsworth! Also open: Monday – Thursday, Sept. 10th – 13th, during student lunch 12:00pm - 12:45pm with Special Tuesday hours: 7:30am – 8:30am and 1:00pm – 3:15pm you will be able to order books online starting Sept.7th Check out the FFO website for more info! * pre-order the 7th Diary of a Wimpy Kid( out Nov. 13th)

MARK YOUR CALENDAR October 5, 2012 Plant Science Family Night at VV/CFSD
What  is  Plant  Science  Family  Night?  Plant  Science  Family  Night  is  3  
hours  of  engaging,  hands-­‐on  SCIENCE  fun  for  all  ...  100%  related  to  plant   sciences.    Build  a  cactus,  extract  DNA,  dig  in  the  soil  worm  compost,  design  a   microbe,  eat  healthy  snacks,  learn  to  read  food  labels,  and  explore  our  WORLD   of  9  Billion  and  the  food  problems  with  University  of  Arizona  scientists  and   researchers,  Tucson  community  plant  professionals,  enthusiasts  and  experts  in   plants  sciences,  genomics,  agriculture,  microbiology,  chemistry,  horticulture,   ecology,  dendrochronology,  biochemistry,  entomology,  nutrition,  soil  science   and  optics.  You  are  “gonna  love  it.”    Watch  for  more  info  in  the  newsletter. • Engage your family in science. Families will enjoy the freedom of learning together. PSFN is organized around plant science concepts, knowledge and scientific skills. The awe and wonderment of plant sciences is enhanced with an organization that is designed to help students discover answers to these questions: What is a plant? How do we use and enjoy plants? How do plants reproduce and grow? How do plants interact with animals in nature? How do plants adapt to different and changing environments? • Inspire exploration and learning. PSFN will provide a structured learning environment where families have the opportunity to explore their understanding of plant science concepts. Stations are organized by professional experts, clear instructions and ample materials to enhance the family's learning experience. Students will be given SCIENCE JOURNALS to record their ideas, observations and what they've learned during the evening. • Connect with classroom instruction. PSFN provides an environment where students will enhanced their understanding of plant science content and important process skills by applying their knowledge in a "laboratory-type" environment. The centers connect to our CFSD and Arizona science curricula and to the 12 Principles of Plant Biology. • Encourage positive attitudes about science. Plant Science and the scientific thinking process are part of our daily life. Show your children "science" in everyday life. Discover the mysteries of plant DNA and build a model of DNA, learn about farming and the economy in Arizona chili peppers, explore the parts of plants and their functions, observe bees - our important pollinators, build your own saguaro cactus and uncover what plant part do to help survival, dig into soils from around the world and test the chemistry of soil, compare seeds so small you need a microscope and seeds so weird they do not look like seeds, examine the nutrition labels on food boxes, identify the taxonomy of plant families, understand the interdependence of plants and animals, observe the tree rings in trees many hundreds of years old, explore the nature of wiggly worms and more!!!! This is a CFSD community event supported through an NSF grant awarded to VV Parent, Dr. Rod Wing, University of Arizona Genomics Institute and Ag Department. Thank you to our other essential sponsor Ventana Vista FFO. Questions:

CFHS Cheer Clinic
September 8th @ High School Dance Room in Gym 9am-12pm ages: 5-13 Cost: $20
Includes: snack and opportunity to perform during 3rd quarter at a HS Varsity football game on 9/14/12 (free admission to the game for participant and one guardian)





For more information contact: Head Coach Moreno: Or Assistant Coach Lorenz:

*Please bring water and dress in athletic attire. Hair should be tied back.