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1. Go directly to

This is the official site for the AAP NRP online test. If you’re already on our site,, click on “AAP NRP”, then in the tab “Online Test (required), select “CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE ONLINE TEST”. A new window will open with the AAP NRP website 2. Click on the purple circle. 3. 4. 5. 6. Click on the line that says “First time students, click here to register” Click on the dropdown menu, and select “Self-Registration” Fill out the information, and choose a User ID and password that you will remember. Write it down. Click Submit.

Now you need to enroll in the NRP Online Evaluation Course 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Click on “Catalog” Type “nrp” in the search box. Click on the first search results “NRP Online Evaluation 6th Edition” Now, click on “Enroll in This Course” on the right side. The fee for the test is $23.50 Fill out payment information. Click Submit. Now, check the information you entered: is the credit card number, expiration date, correct? Click Confirm. 8. The next screen should have a green stripe that confirms your payment is complete. 9. Click on “Proceed to Course” READ THIS! READ THIS! READ THIS! READ THIS! READ THIS! READ THIS! READ THIS! If you have more questions, please read the FAQ section on our NRP page, We STRONGLY RECOMMEND the following: 1. Try lessons 1-8 ONCE. Do not complete lesson 9 at this point, even if you need it. Use the pre-study “Baby Saver III” 2. If you need assistance with any of lessons 1-8, give us a call and schedule a meeting with Jane for “Assisted NRP”. Tell us which lessons you need assistance with. Jane charges $15/lesson. 3. “Lesson 9” MUST be the LAST lesson you will ever attempt in this test! Once you complete lesson 9 the ENTIRE TEST IS LOCKED. GROUND RULES for this test (you can read the full version in your “Instructions” section of your online NRP test”) RULE 1: You have 2 attempts for each lesson. If you fail the same lesson twice, the entire test is VOID. You need to pay again, and take the entire test starting from Lesson 1. RULE 2: When you click “Submit”, the computer scores your answers. If you did not pass, the computer doesn’t show you which questions you answered wrong. You’re in the blind! RULE 3: Lesson 9 is the last lesson you will ever attempt. If you complete lesson 9, you cannot retake any of lessons 1-8, even if you only tried once. READ THIS! READ THIS! READ THIS! READ THIS! READ THIS! READ THIS! READ THIS!