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Studying> ... at university: The European dimension Studying>... at university - Slovenia
After graduate studying After graduate studying, studying opportunities, studying programmes and schedules. http://www.uni-lj.si/studij_na_univerzi/podiplomski_studij.aspx [SL] Education abroad Useful information on studying or working abroad, and on scholarships in Slovenia or abroad. http://www.ad-futura.si/ [EN][SL] Euro-Mediterranean University The web page of the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI University) is an international university based in Slovenia. It represents one of the six priority areas of the Union for the Mediterranean, http://www.emuni.si/en/ [EN][SL] International office of Student organization Web page of Student organization of University of Ljubljana for international students, coming to study to Ljubljana. They offer support with finding the rooms and other aspects of student life in Ljubljana. http://www.sou-lj.si/novo/index.php?option=com_content&task=section&id=9 [EN] Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

Ministry of Education, Science and Sport Practical information on organisations, assessment, teaching and financial support for foreign students, courses and admission requirements for postsecondary and higher education. http://www.mvzt.gov.si/en/areas_of_work/higher_education/ [EN][SL] Back to Top NARIC programme If you would like to study abroad or you have already finished your studies abroad and you are looking for a way to nostrificate your certificate, then NARIC is the right address to turn to. http://www.enic-naric.net/index.aspx?c=Slovenia [EN][SL] Student Resource Centre Information on studying in Slovenia: universities, study programmes, summer schools, language courses and work opportunities. Check a database on studying abroad and a list of scholarships available to Slovenian and foreign students. Subscribe to electronic newsletters to get current information on study and scholarships opportunities. http://www.svetovalnica.com/index.php? option=com_content&task=view&id=91&It [SL] Student organisation of the University of Ljubljana Information about studentsʼ opportunities for counselling, education, working abroad, cheaper Internet access and International Office services. Find out as well about various discounts and benefits for students. http://www.sou-lj.si/novo/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=37 [EN][SL] Student organisation of the University of Maribor Quick links on studentsʼ rights to work and accommodation. Information on the higher education system, studying abroad, exchanges, scholarships, loans, lodging, work, Internet access and some student organisations. http://www.soum.si [SL] Student organization of Slovenia This web page is dedicated to Slovene Student Union (SSU). On this web page you can find all the information about actions and projects taking place in study field. http://www.studentska-org.si [EN][SL] Back to Top Study abroad Description, contacts and links for studying in different countries in the world. http://univ.cc/ [EN] Studying abroad If you are thinking about studying abroad, you should definitely check the possibilities to get funding from the Socrates programme. This link will take you to the National agency of Socrates in Slovenia. http://www.uni-lj.si/mednarodne_izmenjave/program_socrates_erasmus.aspx [SL] The association of student clubs of Slovenia

This is the umbrella organization of student clubs and it is bringing them together on national level. It educates, informs and organizes student projects, such as the annual student market. http://www.skis-zveza.si/ [SL] Universities List of all institutes for higher education with addresses, telephone numbers and web pages. http://www.mvzt.gov.si/index.php?id=361 [SL] Universities in Ljubljana and Maribor List of university faculties with links to their home pages. http://www.dijaski.net/?stran=seznam_visoke_sole [EN][SL] Back to Top University in Ljubljana Information relevant for students studying at one of the faculties under the University of Ljubljana. http://www.uni-lj.si [EN][SL] University in Maribor Information relevant for students studying at one of the faculties under the University of Maribor. http://www.uni-mb.si [EN][SL] University of Nova Gorica this is the webpage of University of Nova Gorica, which aims to be an independent, research oriented and student friendly university, where knowledge is formed within a harmonious relationship between students and researchers, so that the knowledge can be transferred to younger generations and into business environment. http://www.ung.si/en/ [EN][SL] University of Primorska region Information for students, studying on one of the faculties of the University in Primorska. http://www.upr.si/ [EN][SL] Last update: 22/08/2012 @ 16:26:38 Youth Programme | White Paper [ What's new? | About | Site map | Advanced search ]