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ABOUT APCO WORLDWIDE APCO Worldwide is an independent, majority employee-owned global communication consultancy with offices in 28 major

business, political and media capitals throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Our clients include seven of the top 10 companies on Fortune’s Global 500. APCO leverages international expertise to provide customized solutions to meet the needs of multinational clients and addresses clients’ issues from an integrated communication and public affairs perspective. Clients include corporations, governments, industry associations and nonprofit organizations. APCO was founded in 1984, has a Washington, D.C., headquarters and is certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council as a majority women-owned business. Our Team APCO’s expert staff provides a unique approach to problem solving which draws heavily on the brightest and most talented leaders in a wide variety of industries. These highly accomplished communication professionals take strategic communication in exciting new directions that consistently produce results for clients. Global Company, Local Expertise The strength of APCO is in our ability to act decisively whenever our clients’ interests are at stake. This strategy has been critical to our success – allowing us to represent multiple interests of a wide range of clients, including major corporations, industry associations, issue coalitions, governments and nonprofit organizations. APCO has offices in: Americas  Chicago  New York  Ottawa  Sacramento  Seattle  Washington, D.C. Europe, Middle East, Africa  Berlin  Bonn  Brussels  Dubai  Geneva  Johannesburg  London
John Douglass, Lead Information Architect, APCO Online , 202-378-3811

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Services APCO is a full-service communication consultancy. Our services include, but are not limited to: Antitrust & Competition Corporations involved in competition, and especially antitrust, cases face significant challenges. They must define the messages and strategies that will help them navigate demanding review processes. APCO helps companies understand the regulatory and political environment in which a matter will be considered, and assist in conditioning that environment. This process includes establishing information flows with key audiences to ensure a real understanding of the business rationale behind a deal, or a company’s position on an antitrust investigation or corporate restructuring. Business Diplomacy APCO specializes in providing high-level business diplomacy services to clients. APCO staff, with a wide range of contacts and experience, operates every day at the nexus of business, government and the media. With expertise to help companies meet the challenges of doing business in a complex global environment, APCO provides strategic advice on market entry, corporate positioning, economic policy, energy, corporate responsibility and governmental relations. APCO’s professionals assist clients in designing proactive strategies that help pre-position them to withstand a variety of influences and consequences.
John Douglass, Lead Information Architect, APCO Online , 202-378-3811

Coalition Building & Grassroots Advocacy APCO has an award-winning, coalition-building practice. Through this work we influence decision-makers and shape public opinion by crafting compelling messages and recruiting effective political allies. We deploy our own and allied resources to build strong coalitions, organizing people at the grassroots to convey views that influence policy. Corporate Responsibility & Strategic Philanthropy The private sector is increasingly called upon to help address pressing societal needs. At the same time, a competitive marketplace demands that all corporate investments add value and produce tangible results. Since its inception, APCO has partnered with corporate clients to design strategies that leverage charitable investments in their communities and reflect business objectives. Creative Services - StudioAPCO® APCO knows that packaging a message can be as important as crafting it. Talented and experienced in-house designers offer the full range of creative services, including advertising (broadcast and print), graphic design, multimedia design, video production, editing and media placement. Crisis Management & Communication – Crisis360SM Any organization can face a crisis at any time and, by definition, without warning. The response to that crisis, especially in the crucial first few hours or days, can have an enormous reputational impact. APCO’s experienced crisis communication team can help executives understand what they can do before, during and after a crisis to preserve – and even enhance – the reputation of their companies. Government Relations APCO monitors issues and develops strategic government relations campaigns that effectively influence policy-makers. Armed with knowledge and in-depth experience with government institutions, we build support for a client’s cause inside Congress, parliaments, EU institutions or any other governing entity at regional, national and international levels. APCO’s senior counselors, many of whom have first-hand political experience, are always on hand to guide these campaigns. Internal Communication In addition to counseling our clients on how to tell their story externally, APCO helps to build understanding and loyalty through regular, multi–channel communication with their employees. Our goal is to create a culture based on mutual trust and respect where all members of the team know and share their organization's goals. We also advise clients on the most effective ways to structure their own corporate communication departments.
John Douglass, Lead Information Architect, APCO Online , 202-378-3811

Investor Relations APCO designs investor relations communication programs that connect with the investment community and, in the process, help to achieve optimum valuation and lower cost of capital. We approach investor relations from a strategic positioning perspective that reflects the increasing attention investors pay to the integration of financial and non–financial messages. Issue Management Drawing on our detailed knowledge and understanding of the political process at international, regional and local levels, APCO helps clients prioritize and proactively address public policy and reputation issues that can affect an organization’s success. APCO’s issue management campaigns achieve tangible business successes for our clients and have won awards internationally. Litigation Communication APCO’s global litigation communication practice works to assess and mitigate the potential impact of litigation on an organization’s image, reputation, customer relations, marketing efforts and future business plans. APCO helps corporate, nonprofit and institutional clients to manage the public environment surrounding legal actions by developing a communication plan that is strictly aligned with the litigation strategy. While the legal strategy should be the driving force behind the design and implementation of the communication plan, customized tactics may be necessary to address different audiences and different market environments around the world. Market Entry & Investment Strategy APCO's experience in local markets means we are well–placed to ensure a smooth launch into new markets and position our clients to achieve business success. We guide clients through all stages of market entry and business development. This includes a thorough assessment of the regulatory framework, potential market and partnership opportunities, as well as advising on an appropriate investment structure. Media Relations Reporters, editors and news directors want timely information from credible, accessible sources. Because many of our staff members are former journalists, we know how to provide the media with news they can – and do – use. APCO successfully places over 150 news stories and 160 op-eds per month for our clients. APCO’s in-house team of media experts also offers clients comprehensive media and message training. Online Communication – APCO Online® As online communication continues to expand exponentially, it has never been more important to incorporate online outreach and intelligence gathering into any communication strategy. APCO has an in-house team that
John Douglass, Lead Information Architect, APCO Online , 202-378-3811

blends the best of communication professionals with technological expertise to produce tailored, online programs for our clients. Opinion Research - APCO Insight® APCO believes that sound research guides all successful communication activity. Our in-house research team, APCO Insight, collects and analyses knowledge to help target communication strategy. We employ traditional techniques, such as research, polling and focus groups, as well as cutting-edge proprietary information delivery and analysis systems, to help our clients convey the right messages to the right audiences. Positioning & Branding In the competitive corporate marketplace, branding and identity are as important as what you do. The goal of corporate positioning is to positively influence stakeholder perceptions – investors, suppliers, employees, policymakers, customers, the media and communities. When successful, these positive perceptions grow into the tangible asset of corporate reputation which, in turn, affects a company’s profits. APCO helps clients define their missions, goals and strategies to establish a uniquely favorable and valuedriven corporate position. Restructuring & Distressed Business Services With the volatility and fragility of today's markets, all companies can face financial crises. These can result in asset sales, mergers, restructuring and bankruptcy – but businesses in financial distress can emerge as stronger competitors and valued investments. APCO’s interdisciplinary team has a keen understanding of the required financial and legal processes and related communication needs in all the key markets of the world. Global Trade In today’s global economy, the politics of international trade have a direct impact on companies’ business strategies and governments’ relations with each other. With a team of professionals that have worked at the highest levels of the WTO and national administrations, APCO advises companies, governments and nongovernmental organizations on how to secure the regulatory framework that best serves their needs.

John Douglass, Lead Information Architect, APCO Online , 202-378-3811