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"(...)Para llegar a la luz, al conocimiento, solo dos caminos o puertas: la taberna y la biblioteca" Alexander Pushkin "Hola (...

) soy ingles, aunque naci en la India(...) Comence mi carrrera sirviendo en el sistema publico de educacion en Londres, pero Londres es tambien un lugar mas bien caribeno, pues el 50% de la poblacion escolar, en el sistema publico de ensenanza, son hijos o descendientes de los inmigrantes del Caribe (...) luego he servido en muchos lugares del mundo y en muchos lugares del Caribe (...) , si ciertamente soy un apasionado del Caribe, mi esposa es dominicana (...) y mis hijos son anglo-dominicanos(...) CREO que la intolerancia, es fea y puede llegar a ser peligrosa, cuando se sale de control: preferimos pensar la diversidad como riqueza, mas que como fuente de problemas, Union Europea, 27 paises, multiples lenguas y culturas, por ejemplo (...) por eso decidimos participar y apoyar este Concurso de Cortos Cinematograficos con el tema de las imagenes por la tolerancia (...)" by Johnattan Pitts Encuentro, Presentacion y Lanzamiento Bases del Concurso "Imagenes por la tolerancia" 30 agosto, 2012

Paraninfo Ciencias Economicas, UASD Ciudad Universitaria _____________ Topics: ALFIN, state of art humanities, state of art social sciences, Cultural Extension, edutainment, cyberspace, cultural and communicational citizenship, diversity, preventing violence, prevention intolerance, culture of peace, new roles for Colleges and Universities, XXI century, post fordist paradigms ________ Education International - Peace through Education A culture of peace and non-violence goes to the substance of fundamental human rights: ... in promoting peace, social justice, human rights, democracy, cultural diversity and ... in order to prevent social conflict and the recourse to social violence. ... and physical violence, including cyberbullying, through violence prevention, ... A/RES/51/101 - Culture of peace UN Documents: Gathering a body ... .. Info-sheet - UNESCO and a Culture of Peace Promoting a culture of non-violence and peace Current national trends Trend Lines | A research blog about children, youth and families 31 Jul 2012 – A research blog about children, youth and families (by Trend Lines) ... The Child Indicator - Child Trends Trends is a nonprofit, Best Practices for Youth Development Programs

Youth Worker Jobs In New Zealand | Youth Care Worker Jobs In New Zealand | PROGRAMS FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH IN A COMMUNITY ... Mentoring Programs – Child, Youth Mentoring

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Everyday Creativity as Civic Engagement: A Cultural Citizenship ... JE Burgess - 2006 rapid uptake of digital technology by a ... Global Media and Communication by J Poblete - 2006 citizen communication: the case of Radio Tierra in Chile The online version of ... Glocalized Cultural and Communicational Citizenship RE Think a ... 25 Mar 2012 – Glocalized Cultural and Communicational Citizenship RE Think a Debate About Multiculturalism and Intolerant Echoes From Luis Vives in ... Making citizenship work: programmes for Youth, Culture - Europa › ... › Citizenship of the Union Cultural Communication: Active European Citizenship through Arts ... Commun ication: Communication Studies - Wilfrid Laurier University CROSS-CULTURAL CONNECTIONS: INTERCULTURAL ... by AJ O’BRIEN - C Intercultural Learning for Global Citizenship. 2 .... of indigenous perspectives in culture and communication inquiries; and (3) ... Design, Culture, Mobility, and Communication Dec 2011 – . Empowering citizenship: media,

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Chapter I Approaches – existing and possible – to media literacy concept of literacy was traditionally linked to an alphabet or a language code ... communicative and cultural competences and in consequence a different .... The concept of WEB 2.0 clearly represents radical changes, which are currently ... From Solid to Liquid:

New Literacies to the Cultural Changes of Web ... model for developing new literacies of citizenship in the ... for social communities, a territory for multimedia and audiovisual expression, and as a ... competences (instrumental, cognitive-intellectual, socio-communicative, ... Web 2.0, digital culture, literacy, new literacies, multi-literacy, competences, ... New Literacies for the Cultural Changes of Web 2.0 - Comunicar by M Area - 1988 Web 2.0 plays a fundamental role and affects many aspects of our culture. .... multimedia and audiovisual communication take precedence, and a diversity ... enable him to act as an independent, critical and cultured subject within cyberspace. jul 25 th is a greatest day for a party.... › Creative Writing › Essays 25 Jul 2012 – transform_book.pdf ETF7679: "Participatory Culture in Cyberspace: Literature and its Borders". ... COMMUNICATION AND CITIZENSHIP 'Communication and Citizenship: Rethinking Crisis and Change' was the general .... In a time of profound economic, cultural and moral crisis, cit- izens, groups ... In the past, literacy was a necessary condition

to become a citizen. ..... Web 2.0 is a powerful platform for advocacy because of the sheer number of users there. Transforming Culture in the Digital Age - DSpace Karakulakoglu 61 ..... The strategy Beuys uses is to try to convince each citizen to give form to ... Lost in Translation? Language policy, media and community in the ... by AM Podkalicka - 2007 citizens, and foster an inclusive cultural citizenship in Europe. ...... web 2.0, blogs, and so on). Engaging with media – a matter of literacy?–a_matter_of_literac... by S Livingstone - 2008 cultural studies, anthropological ... cyber-literacy, digital literacy, computer literacy, media literacy, internet literacy, .... phenomena as citizen journalism, participatory online media and user- ... Media and Communications Syllabi (Jason Adams) Sovereignty and Citizenship J. Habermas Public Sphere Encyclopedia Entry G. ... N. Hayles The Seductions of Cyberspace A. Hearn Structuring Feeling: Web 2.0, ... MIT Comparative Media Studies: Talks The Communications Forum, for more than 30 years, has played a unique role at MIT

and beyond as a site for discussion of the cultural, political, economic, and ...

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a conceptual framework A Olsen - 2004 - Quevedo on Parnassus: allusive context and literary theory in the love-lyric PJ Smith - 1987 Conflicts and conciliations: the evolution of Galdós's Fortunata y Jacinta G Ribbans - 1997 Estudios culturales y comunicación: Análisis, producción y consumo cultural de las po líticas de identidad y el posmodernismo J Curran, D Morley, V Walkerdine - 1998 - Paidos Iberica Ediciones SA Puede considerarse, entonces, a la comunicación como la trasmisión de un contenido e ntre un emisor y un receptor. Abraham Moles complicaba la definición de … DELPI LAS IDEAS Periodismo iconografico, 1991 categorías de lengua y habla que para Saussure y Barthes ... visual la lengua es la analogía—ya sea artificial o natural— como convención social, y el ... El Poscolonialismo de expresión francesa y portuguesa: la ideología de la diferencia en la creación y la traducción literarias G López Heredia - 2005 - La traducción como proceso cognitivo: un modelo léxico-conceptual a partir del estudio traductológico de " A confederacy of dunces" de J. Kennedy Toole y su … ME Gómez Parra - 2011 - Crítica de la tecnología de reencantamiento: la comunicación en la era digital A Fernández Vicente - 2008 -

... Los trabajos de Lévy- Strauss, Blumenberg, Eliade, Ernst Cassirer y Roland Barthes acerca del pensamiento mítico sostienen la dicotomía entre una concepción estática, circular del desarrollo social frente a la concepción ... “Mítico es lo siempre igual, como al fin ha sido ... Lisa Nakamura 27 Feb 2011 – These key years in the development of the Internet as a mainstream prac- ... human consciousness heralded by its boosters, o Minority Report depicts a data society in which a citizen's “profile” is that of ... A Companion to Film Theory Liberties College Media Production Companion to Cultural Studies will map the territory as a whole. developing aesthetic discrimination “in a .... of the human sciences in order to make a credible intervention into film culture. ...... for example, when we decide to view Citizen Kane as an accident of ...... telling of the vulnerable party. Faculty and Special Term Faculty - Teachers College Columbia ... Department of Human Development ... Citizenship edu- ..... Equality and Inclusion: David Bollier: - Viral Spiral - How the Commoners Built a Digital ... by D Bollier - 2008 ITU Document

GEXcel Work in Progress Report Volume XVI Bloggerati, Twitterati Bloggerati, twitterati : how blogs and Twitter are transforming popular culture / Mary Cross. ... citizen journalist he didn't realize had a tape ...... vulnerable. IN THE FLESH: The Cultural Politics of Body Modification Standard Two Untitled - Christian Identity Forum UNISIST newsletter, vol. 27-; UNISIST newsletter; 1999 Third Wave Feminism: A Critical Exploration by S Gillis -

The Routledge Companion to Postcolonial Studies 27 Aug 2010 – L NEW CULTURAL STUDIES Cyberpunk and Cyberculture: Science Fiction and the Work of ... Format: PDF/Ad obe Acrobat by D CAVALLARO Untitled - Estudos em Comunicação - UBI 1 abr. 2007 – Human Development The UN Human Development Index Semiotics for Beginners: Criticisms

Although Saussure had looked forward to the day when semiotics would become ... shed light on how people in particular social contexts actually interpret texts, which ... Less skilful practitioners 'can do little more than state the obvious in a ... Structuralist studies have tended to be purely textual analyses, and it has been ... Semiotics for Beginners: References ON FAQs and Numeracy Membership on CCIAV: Useful Information ... 19 Jul 2012 – and ALSO FIRST CENTENARY of Ferdinand de Saussure,. ONE OF THE ... humanities and social sciences on ending XIX. and starting XX ... CONSTRUCC Gergen Real&Relac Mi compromiso con el construccionismo social argumento similar en la formulación semiótica elaborada por Saussure ...... 7 El volumen Constructing Knowledge: Authority and Critique in Social Sciences, ... Haraway, Donna - Ciencia Cyborgs y Mujeres 27 Oct 2011 – El discurso social postmoderno y, por extensión, la idea misma de postmodernidad,

Beyond Accessibility: Textual Studies in the 21st Century Jun 2012 –

The 21st century – the last century of youth? - University of Oxford Mar 2012 Do we want a future where 10 year olds pop statins to stay healthy ... Charm Offensive Constance Flanagan 30 Mar 2012 – Examining trends in adolescent The Future of Children, Vol. ... International Handbook of Youth and Young Adulthood: New ... Youth civic development: Implications of research for social policy and programs. Research • National Art Education Association Reinvesting - President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities Research and Reports - California Arts Council - State of California ... The Role of the Arts in the 21st Century American ... Institute of Museum and Library Services Forward — Head Start, Child Care, Webography at IMLS .. Health, Page | i Small Communities in the 21 Century: Understanding the ... Research in Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities ... Challenge: Educational sy stems in the XXIst century. 3 .. Arts & Sciences Transhumanism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Informit Humanities Collection Titles

Understanding information literacy: a primer - Statistics - UNESCO MIT Comparative Media Studies: CMS News (Events) 3 Feb 2012 – Jeremy Douglass Meeting the Challenges of the Millennium Development Goals in ...,.pdf

Action Scheme for Invigorating Education towards the 21st Century › Home › Education CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY Social Sciences Eastern Europe 1 Jun 2012 – Power in the 21st Century. ... The Cultural Contradictions of Progressive Politics: T DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly: A Life Lived in Media reconnects children with another history or opens a window to a new world" ... Download CV - Population Research Institute - Pennsylvania State ... WSSLinks: Women, Girls, and Education

Information Literacy: How do University Educators Understand the ... Full text of "The Bibliophile library of literature, art and rare manuscripts El texto literario en la clase de español como lengua extranjera 30 Abr 2009 – understanding. ...... Translation Studies: State of the Art.

Amsterdam: Rodopi. ...... y 'el bien hablar' sino todas las formas de expresión'' (Saussure, 1945: 46). tierraaa: Biosemiotics Communities as both: ecological-and-social entities ..... Implementing Global Science Literacy ..... complementando con otra sabia vecina, Book El jardin del nino The Garden of the child Una historia de ... Antonia nemeth baumgartner-macrometanoia 9 Ago 2012 – best book about changes paradism science. ... La Sociósfera (multidiversidad social total), es considerada como un ...... En el primero se re-conoce a Ferdinand de Saussure, Blog de Richard Angelo Leonardo Loayza » Archivo 8 Feb 2009 – 1991 ”La teoría y desarrollo social en América Latina”. ..... States and Australia", The American Political Science Review, n175, 1981. ...... Luhmann_Lasociedad_sociedad E Sociologia Niklas - El Derecho de La Sociedad Full text of "Renaissance and Reformation, 1978-79" Full text of "Clifford, James y Marcus, George E. (Eds) - Writing Culture History, Condition aná Prospects of the Indian Tríbes of the United States, obra ...... De Holmes, Rebecca, 1983; «Shabono: Scandal or Superb Social Science». _________ Our last gift Closing the Door, for Open

universally the Numeracy ... › Research › History 19 Jul 2012 – humanities and social sciences on ending XIX and starting XX .... in cyberspace, -Culture of Peace Solidarityterritorial and virtual ... Semiotics and the Art of India MW Meister - Los Di scursos Sobre el ..... prejudice and intolerance . Our last gift Closing the Door, for Open universally the Numeracy ... › Research › History 19 Jul 2012 – Yoe F. Santos/ CEO Cultural Center for Audio Visual Exchange, Non Profit ... humanities and social sciences . Beyond ignorance, technopho bia, functional illiteracy, prejudice and intolerance . Es la vida : curiosear, abrir y cerrar puertas... lo que no podemos ... 28 Jul 2012 – and audio visual research, -experimentation, "post modern" humanities and social sciences on ending XIX and ..... Gustavo Verdesio, ed. Latin American Subaltern Studies Revisited ... American Subal tern Studies Revisited (Dispositio) - Free ebook ... Bram Acosta At the Margins of History, the Nation-State and Literature: the ...... and the “people,” constituted as such in part by illiteracy

or partial literacy or ...... as well as previously functional epistemologies in the social sciences and the humanities. Educación Musical Inclusiva: Integrando perspectivas desde la ... The inference is based on a group of studies which explore the effects of learning ..... of math processing: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study in humans". ...... "The State of the Art in Feminist Scholarship in Communication" Journal of ..... The anthology collected a great number of written and audiovisual materials ... Música, Arte, Dialogo y Civilización - - Share research Presidenta del Center for Intercultural Music Arts (CIMA); maortiz. ..... of math processing: Blacking (1997), las artes pueden trascender su contexto social y cultural. ...... The Lebanese of Mexico, Identificat... - University of London .Tension and breakdown between business and State. .... Doing so places her history within the social science discipline of Area Studies and .... good library on Lebanon and the Middle East, a video collection, handicrafts, Lebanese ...... explain his popularity against relatively low cultural literacy; what The Washington Post ...

Año 5, número 1, enero-junio de 2010 Year 5, number 1, January ... by N Golubov el mes de octubre de 2010 en los talleres de DocuMaster, Av. Coyoacán 1450 ..... ing readers, since it is an abridged form of a report about the state of ... linguistic turn of the social sciences has changed the way in which human .... astronomical calculations, and art work that continue to dazzle the ...... Al fin visibles.

LANGUAGE IN INDIA 5 May 2012 – Politics of survival studies in Canadian Literature. ...... (14) is a relative because (i) it does not function as an i Researching Language and Literacy in Social Context. ...... from arts and crafts to drumming, tying and dyeing. Revista Norteamérica No. 9 Año 5 Vol 1 12 May 2011 – Las opiniones vertidas en los articulos son de la exclusiva responsabilidad de sus autores. ... Canada was a more European-influenced state than the United ...... 2, abril, Institute of Social Studies, Sage. ...... 2006 Al fin visibles. Interactive Event 28 Apr 2012 – Searching for local art and music talent for; Sweet Dreams Arts Events will ... in the Department Of Political Science at Delhi University

and a Director of India ... aspects of public policy in India – social, political, cultural and economic. ...... a new century and millennium, UNDER EMERGING POST FORDIST, ... MADE EASY first goliards and the invention of the university ... in current state of art, about human development and socio-cultural inclusion, agendas ..... fields, starting a new century and millennium,

Information Literacy: An International State of the Art - Format: Micros oft Word by V Petrova This international report on the state of the art of Information Literacy in different .... links Australians with the skills and knowledge to function as information informed ...... ( ...... Hence it follows that media culture (e.g., audiovisual culture) is the sum total of ... Information Literacy: An International State of the Art .. EL NIÑO INCOMPRENDIDO - Sabadell, Spain - Non-Profit - Facebook surplus ALFIN, audiovisual appropriation and ... functional illiteracy and recycling knowledge and management competences on ... Cciav, Cc4ave, foundation & Network team 4 Support. | Facebook Insights of Genius: Imagery and Creativity in Science and Art AI Miller - High Ability .... Some interpretations of brain component function have influenced gifted ... He found that in childhood years, the specific “temporary states”— The World of Literacy !curriculum!, use of !audiovisual aid!s. ... the state of national commitment over the last 20 years - hence the frequent mention of China .... World Literacy Programme indicated: "to be effective, functional literacy ...... advancement; starting from an 80-90% illiteracy rate, the country claims to ...... lined in studies of ALFIN in Peru: ... Appreciated New Numeracy Member: This is a formal introduction ... AND GLOCALIZE AUDIENCE for You are always WELCOME in our ... › Creative Writing › Essays 30 Apr 2012 – ... of following matters or issues: glocalize, humanities, social sciences, human rights, -creativity, ... Cultural Center for Audio Visual Exchange, Non Profit Org ... new or emergent solutions for surplus ALFIN, ... against functional illiteracy and recycling knowledge and management competences on literacies ... Daniel Zamudio Vera, víctima del odio y de la intolerancia, en su ... Apr 2012 – ... management competences on

literacies criminal policies -strategies, ... Hey there is not free lunch... Closing for a Relaunching with other ... › Creative Writing › Essays 30 Jun 2012 – from E Bevort-Brumder Digital Literacy, 2008 ... In this court is not can play Katz (2010) or functional illiterates, tied to te ... What IS THE CONTEXT, -worldwide state of the art: WORLD, the ..... Inside and outside the humanities . Eng - Documents - UNESCO Literacy in national languages and development Bernard Dumont. 92. Traditional ... A L F I N , an experiment in adult literacy training in a society in transition ... of the present state of existing educational systems; or should it be that of thinkers ..... is humanity itself. new audio-visual media are simply not enough ...

Mapping Media Education Policies in the World by D Frau-Meigs - 2009 media and information literacy in the teacher training curricula,. .... Media literacy relates to the «European audiovisual heritage and cultural identity». Native American Art American Art. ... Latin America and Caribbean, lost his train for industrialization

and UNIVERSAL LITERACY in the nineteenth century,. ART SCHOOL DAYS SCHOOL DAYS. ... surplus ALFIN, audiovisual appropriation and uses with sense, Own art These nutrients are vital for stress relief and nerve function. ... We discovered that blending several state of the art supplements used by human Discovery Education also hosts the high school campus of the|Batangas State University], ..... Comunicar Journal 38: Media Literacy in Multiple Contexts Keys to Recognizing the Levels of Critical Audiovisual Reading in Children . ..... of the State of Río de Janeiro, Brazil) analyse the way that new media allows every citizen to ..... from «Alfin» information literacy (Bawden, 2001), all ...... explained this concept in this way: «Functional literacy ...... include the audiovisual arts ... Reference Services Review AM Johnson - 2009 art and social change Information Literacy Weblog: October 2006 30 Oct 2006 – We bring you news and reports about information literacy around the world "audiovisual and media policies" and the Expert Group .... nice "email a poetry postcard to a friend" function at ... Information Literacy Weblog: August 2009 28 Aug 2009 – We bring you news and reports about information literacy around the world The presenter started by defining this concept as a state or condition of ... Al Fin: March 2008 Mapping media education policies in the world: visions ... earth science science fair projects - Social Slide The man of science, like the artist,have to adapt to living in a worldrelatively disordered, .... Revista Comunicar 32: Mapping Media Education 28 Feb 2009 – Public International Law - Part 7, Top Obsidian use in Mesoamerica News MesoamericaTikal becomes the largest city-state new or emergent solutions for surplus ALFIN, .... LITERACY or illiteracy from "early first letters" ... solitary or individual, such as painting, art or literature, ... Maximizing Progress: Failure to Educate ~ Boston's Yearwood ... 9 Nov 2010 – were not functionally literate. ... Artist Creates Dress Out Of Sheets Of Paper ..... Audio from my MITX speech: Thoughts on building startups that ... All Things Visual ...

Cultural Center for Audio-Visual Exchange (CCAVE). Foundation ... términos generales, como de la CULTURAL AUDIOVISUAL, en sentido particular, ... using as tools arts education, researches, experimentation for Cultures .... by the Faculty of Humanities, was still a zero-11 (Student of preparatory level on ... h) The ignorance and functional illiteracy approaches come, are so perverse ... CAUSE 'COURSE 'CUSE 'EM ' - Department of Linguistics AUDIOTAPES AUDIOTEX AUDIOTRONIC AUDIOTRONICS AUDIOVISUAL ...... FUNCK FUNCTION FUNCTIONAL FUNCTIONALITY FUNCTIONALLY ... Region Buzz - Chile 01.05.2012 2012 TECHNOPHOBIA AND Functional illiteracy NO COULD BE A ... Region Buzz - Spain 26.04.2012 Apr 2012 – Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts - Fascist nations tend to ..... Keep Believing n av Faith God will Make Away. ..... on leisure and work environments… against functional illiteracy and ... DOVO breekt ontmijningsrecord - General - World News Apr 2012 – 99% of the adult population is literate, concern is rising over functional illiteracy. ... The Mosan art, the Early Netherlandish, the Flemish Renaissance ... US and Mexico re-start voluntary repatriation program - Worldnews ... paradigm that we have a functional court <b>. ... Comedia Performance 2007 April « Random Xpat Rantings Apr 2007 –

Th e righ t to participate Th e righ t to participate in in tern ation al hu ... Gjestebok by among illiteracy, literacy provision, ... Distributive Justice in Transitions 1 Aug 2010 – and the capture of state agencies by illiteracy rate in 1971). 11 ...... 12.8 hectares in average, as compared to lands of 14.7 hectares in av- ... News Media Talk - Fun Radio 28.04.2012 › Radio › Fun Radio28 Apr 2012 – "Let a thousand schools flourish", but for the welfare of humanity and solidarity with the ... (Quotation selected by artist, Fausto Grullon) YOU ARE ALWAYS ... News Media Talk - ART TV 01.05.2012 › Television › ART TV5 Jan 2012 – News Media Talk - Fun Radio 01.05.2012 › Radio › Fun Radio5 Jan 2012 – ... UNIVERSAL LITERACY in the nineteenth century,. .... s Days of our Lives 44x135 AND Functional illiteracy NO CO ULD BE A QUALITY CRITERIA .... "Let a thousand schools flourish", Curiosity 1x12 Rating: 1 - 1 vote -The FUNCTIONAL ILLITERATE views or claim of functional illiteracy ..... How to Look at a Painting 1x05 the Humanities Stream video & audio lectures from today's greatest minds. Functional Literacy Donate to literacy-related causes. 100% of your donation helps kids!

Region Buzz - Spain 27.04.2012 6 Apr 2012 – Colon Tatis, 1996, about Dominican artistic and literary community, ..... strategies, methods, technics for socio-cultural inclusion - and preventing violence… ... starting a new century and millennium, culture of peace, paradigm of human security, Cyber culture, social ... News Media Talk - ART TV 28.04.2012 › Television › ART TV2 8 Apr 2012 – News Media Talk - LIVING MAGAZINE 27.04.2012 › Magazines › LIVING MAGAZINE 25 Apr 2012 – Colon Tatis, 1996, about Dominican artistic and literary community, for example News Media Talk - ART TV 01.05.2012 › Television › ART TVShare 5 Jan 2012 – Our users' comments posted in ART TV category. ... of peace and open societies, cultures, civilizations, in early XXI century and Third .... violence prevention, creativity, day of the book, reading, citizenship, ..... reinvent ordinary life, post fordist paradigms and e-learning process, ...... You cannot prevent them. ________ Saludos cordiales, exitos,

Yoe F. Santos/cciav ____ Ponerse en los zapatos del otro o la otra... ENTRE LA DUDA Y LA ELECCION, recordando de forma oblicua a Maria Montessori y a Norberto Bobbio, en el dia Mundial de la Solidaridad... (Cada cual que vaya tras sus suenos y decida,lo que realmente le haga feliz) ________ Source: Background Photo, story, concept by Cardenal Jorge Bergoglio 26 de Agosto Día Nacional de la Solidaridad. _________ Closing and Re Opening Channels... this NEW BULLETIN...or e-zine "AV, Cybercultures, New Citizenships, New Literacies... Time for harvest!" by Yoe F. Santos Graciano on Thursday, August 30, 2012 at 9:03pm — AV, Cybercultures, New Citizenships, New Literacies... Time for harvest! Web Community & Bulletin No 00 (Eng) Ni banalidad, ni aburrimiento: calidad, vida, solidaridad y libertad! by CCIAV, CC4AVE All contents provided on this bulletin exists under Fair Uses (Clause, 1909), Creative Commons,

OERs Commons, Dev- Commons, Scientific Commons, licenses. Some rights are protected. NON Commercial Uses, Share Alike, Atribution , Non Derivates Works Selected readings under curatorial metrics and design by Cultural Center for Audio Visual Exchange (CCIAV, CC4AVE). Foundation & Network Human Person Talents, Criticism, Friendship! Salut, Polis et Ecumene! 28 th Anniversary 1984-2012 URL: RE-LA-DUDA-Y-LA-ELECCION-recordando-de-forma-oblicua-a-Maria-Montessori-y-a-Norb erto-Bobbio-en VIERNES 24 de agosto a las 19 hs. CONFERENCIA: “HISTORIA de la RECREACIÓN Y de la Animación Sociocultural EN AMÉRICA LATINA” a cargo de F abián Vilas (Uruguay) En el Instituto de Tiempo Libre y Recreación Av. Santa Fe 2778 CABA ________ "Para llegar a la luz, al conocimiento, solo dos caminos o puertas: la taberna y la biblioteca" Alexander Pushkin