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One day in the city there was a girl fell unconscious after coming home from, the perents

of the students panicked and immediately bring children in the hospital. Mother: father..father.. heip our children Father : mother.. what happen to our children? Mother: do not know father , when she come home from college she went to sleep and have Ferer . Father : I am afraid if something happen with our kids mother. Mother: hen we should take him to the hospital. Father : lets go mother.e Then the parents and sister of child is brought to tnhe hospital. Sister : sister please.. Nurse : what happened to your sister. Sister: do not know nurse my sister suddenly got fever and she body is healting. Nurse : okey..(nurse asket the name and age of the patient) what is the her name and how ol Is your sister ? Sister : her name is tera and she s 20 years . Nurse : Iill cheek her blood pressure before the docter arrived . Sister : okey nurse ..

Then the nurse whould call the doctor. Nurse : hallo doc.. Doctor : yes.. Nurse : doctor, can you come to the hospital now ? there is emergency case . Doctor : oh . Ill be there right now.

Then end the call by doctors nurse and doctor where running toward the house to the hospital. Doctor : good afternoon Father : good afternoon doctor Nurse : tera .. your will be cheek by the doctor Doctor : lets cheek her Dialog the doctor and patient Doctor : hallo tera, how are you now ? have you ever got malaria ? Tera : no doctor, anly this time I get with malaria. Doctor : how the toste in your mouth ? Tera : bitter doc and if swallowed it is hurt and I am dizzy Doctor : oh tera for a wiil you have stay in the hospital, ok ? Tera: how about my conition doc ?

Doctor : you ok tera and yes you need lot of res t. then the doctor come out of the emergency room and meet tera s parents and tell them what their child, lets she the contivation of the drama. Father : doctor what happened to our child ? Mother : yes the doctor, what happened to our child ? Doctor : calm down father and mather, your child is having malaria. Father : doctor does my child neet to take care in hospital or at home doctor ? Doctor : she should be treated in the hospital Father mather : ok thoctor, thank you. Doctor : you are welcome (doctors prescribe medicin nurse the left the room ) After the nurse called the parents to pay for the administration and the patient is in hospital. Nurse: father come with me the room to pay for administration and our child will stay in the VIP room Number 4. So tera is Hospitalized until she is cured and going Home.