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The perfect mix of curated and original content on Qatar. DOHANEWS. who’ve worked for Al Jazeera English. We’re a local startup staffed by a small but versatile team of professional journalists. In just over a year. professionally written and edited to meet the highest standards of journalism.2 We are Qatar's first digital news service. the Wall Street Journal and Northwestern University. and won universal praise as the go-to source for our speedy and accurate coverage of the Villaggio Fire. our stories are driven by the community. the BBC.CO . we’ve established ourselves as one of the most important news websites in and about Qatar.

CO .3 We’ve been recognised by: DOHANEWS.

when he arrived for the launch of Al Jazeera English.CO . Global Voices Online. followers & subscribers.4 ABOUT US Doha News is founded and edited by Omar Chatriwala and Shabina Khatri. OMAR CHATRIWALA DOHANEWS. While serving as a journalist and editor at AJE for four years. Shabina Khatri is an American journalist who worked for the Detroit Free Press and the Wall Street Journal before moving to Qatar in 2007 to begin a freelance journalism career. SHABINA KHATRI Omar Chatriwala has been based in Qatar since 2006. and supported by a robust community of thousands of contributors. he helped the channel launch a number of digital products. Al Jazeera English. She has written for the Huffington Post. He has also taught multimedia journalism at Northwestern University in Qatar and currently serves as a digital content consultant for the Doha Centre for Media Freedom. and has served as an adjunct lecturer in journalism at Northwestern University in Qatar since 2010.

” Peter Townson." Stephanie Hancock.” MilesMasterson." David Roberts. Doha News website was the only media to inform people living in Doha. Suggest youfollow their twitfeed or website http://dohanews. unbiased and thorough coverage of this incident I have to commend the team at… Doha News for their stellar coverage of this incident. Qatar -based political cartoonist “Seriously impressed by @dohanews and others who have tried to bring clarity amidst confusion and grief." Ben Piven. Freedom Forum Diversity Institute DOHANEWS. Huge lack oflocal media coverage after public safety failure in massive mall if interested” Azmat Haroon. The Peninsula newspaper Kamahl Santamaria." The Doha Centre for Media Freedom "@Shabinakhatri and @dohanews brought real local journalism to #Doha. Deputy Editor of Ohlala! magazine “With smoke rising from a shopping mall and nearby streets closed. Truly they have put all other news organisations however big or small to shame.CO ." Khalid Al Baih.” Joe Grimm. They watched the story develop through the lens of a website created by two American journalists who have built a news site there. Gulf Times reporter “@Dohanews Thank you for all your updates & excellent reporting these past few days.5 TESTIMONIALS "It is Doha News. News anchor at Al Jazeera English "@dohanews only source with real info on#VillaggioFire.. Editor of The EDGE Magazine "As the news of the fire at Villaggio spread across the city… independentonline media initiative Dohanews became the first to break the news. Thank you for today. that has rightly received universal praise for its comprehensive coverage.. peoplein Doha wanted answers. Local website Doha News won plaudits for its speedy and accurate reporting on the day. Pictures of smoke billowing from Villaggio were posted online by visitorswho were present inside the mall. What would we have done without you?#VillaggioFire” Lisa Travell." “@dohanews is doing a great job on the#VillaggioFire story. Online producer at Al Jazeera English "As news of the blaze swept across town…online media led the coverage. BBC News "As the mainstream media took time to reveal the extent of the damages. Deputy Director of the Royal United Services Institute "For the most objective.

the site has links to the actual stories where possible. @dohanews is our pick this month. With close to 6. Managing Director of Al Jazeera English. I don't know how she does it. but every interesting news item. “A website that pulls the best of whatever the media is saying in or about Qatar every day. October 2012.” Time Out Doha. October 2011. and that is DohaNews. August 2011. “The easiest way to keep abreast of the news pertaining to Qatar and the region on a daily basis is to follow Doha News on Twitter. In an easy-‐to-‐follow blog format.CO . “Basically. it’s quickly expanded. And while there are handy summaries and pull-‐out quotes (for the time strapped).000 followers (and growing). I support their mission as journalists. November 2009. they almost always link back to the places to go to find out more information. and regularly posts interesting and beautiful photos of the country taken by locals and grabbed from their Flickr group of the same name. You can also submit your own stories. Editor of QatarVisitor.6 OTHER ENDORSEMENTS “I am a supporter of Doha News.” James Dunworth. making it a truly community-‐generated news source. DOHANEWS. while all the boring stuff is cut blog post and forum discussion is covered on her feed. Started on Twitter in 2009. and has a lively comments section.” Al Anstey. Doha’s best websites. and I believe in what they are doing.” Qatar Today magazine. I have worked out there is one person I have to follow to find everything of any possible interest in Qatar.

and with a following of more than 70.14 That means almost no one who comes to the site leaves immediately. 2. 521 PAGE VIEWS 1.60 60> Levant Region of origin East Asia 38% 8% Western 9% 10% 23% GCC Sub-continent DOHANEWS.7% returning and 31.26% 165. making it an invaluable platform to mllmmake an impact. Phillipines Qatar Female 63% Male 37% 4% 73% Others 5% AGE 67% 95% 22% Country of residence 3% GCC 5% India 10% 15 . serving nearly two million pageviews in a month at DohaNews.24 25 . 157 average time per visit BOUNCE RATE 2.44 45 .7 OUR AUDIENCES Doha News is one of Qatar’s most popular news websites.3% new visitors. professional and highly educated. 000 on Twitter and Facebook. Majority live and work in 812. 956 unique visitors with 68.CO . Our audience is engaged. VISITS 408.

July 2013) and (Effective Measure .000 DOHANEWS. Scientific & Technical Services Advertising.53% 5. Arts & Media 12% 8% Professional CEO/ manager Senior manager Administrative & secretarial 6.000 $15.71% Reference from: 0.97% 1.4 50 45% 22% 12% 45 40 35 Home 30 Work Smartphone Tablet 25 34% 7.86% 5 Google Analytics .8 EDUCATION 39% 33% 15% 8% Undergraduate Postgraduate Technical college Secondary INDUSTRY 36% OCCUPATION 28% 22% 17% 11% Education & Training 20% Construction Professional.000 $10.Dec 2012 user survey) 0 $5.000 $25.000 $35.000 $30.7% Housewife MONTHLY HOUSEHOLD INCOME LOCATION ACCESS (%) 55 76% 52.99% 10 4.19% of respondents said they access Doha News from a mobile device 20 15 7.000 $20.CO .

Advertising banners are available on sponsorship rates . week.CO . DOHANEWS. Send us an e-mail on sales@dohanews. There are also special sponsorship opportunities available from time to time and we are keen to work with you to build a custom marketing strategy. month or quarter.9 OPPORTUNITIES We offer highly visible if you’d like to review our current rate card or just want to get in touch.per day.



Creative flexibility: We can host text ads.12 FEATURES Beyond prominent ad space on a highly-engaged . Whatever you’ve got. so you can follow how successful your campaign is while it’s happening. Real-time tracking: We give you access to the reporting data. we can work with. and even rotate multiple ads. who sees it. we can even run custom HTML and JavaScript snippets. sound. Customized delivery: Choose your ad placement. Adobe Flash SWF files containing animation. never less. You get what you paid for. Guaranteed inventory: We use forecasting software. how often it’s up. DOHANEWS. the time of day it’s shown. GIF and PNGs. images including JPEGs. advertising with Doha News has a lot of other benefits: 1 2 3 4 so we only ever sell confirmed ad inventory. The choices are yours. when your campaign starts and ends. or interactive features.

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fraudulent or illegal. taste or dignity.15 DISCLOSURES Doha News reserves the right to reject any ad based on content or images contained in the banner. will be rejected. maintains a clear separation between news and advertising content. or that fails to comply. DOHANEWS.CO . Doha News will decline to accept advertising that it knows or believes to be misleading. inaccurate. Doha News. Advertising that attempts to blur this distinction in a manner that. in Doha News’s sole discretion. confuses readers. like all quality publishers of original journalism. with its standards of decency. in Doha News’s sole judgment.