Basics of Computers, Parts (Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, CPU, UPS, Printers etc). How to start and shut the computer system, how to take care of computer, important tips while working with computers, input and output devices II. Windows XP for Beginners Windows XP Windows and the controls, resize a window, Scroll Bars, Task Bar, Icons, Folders, Files, Recycle Bin, Search, Shortcuts and Using Keyboard. III. Paint for Seniors Airbrush, work with images, rotating pictures, black & White, Invert colors, Usage magnifier, Fore ground and background colors. IV. Logo for Beginners Logo Command, Draw, Repeat RT, LT, HT, ST, PEN UP, PEN DOWN, PE, PD V. Begin with Multimedia and Internet Begin with the Internet, how to open & Surf particular website. Play a CD or see a Movie and also play with multimedia VI. Memory Primary, Secondary, RAM, ROM, Bit, Byte, Compact Disc, Floppy, Pen Drive, Hard Disk VII. Calculator How to open and use it. VIII. Note pad New, Open, Close, Save as, Font size, style, type, familiarity with all the keys on Keyboard CLASS – IV I. Word for Beginners Opening and Closing File, create a document, get information with various options of formatting such as Bold, Italics, Font Color, Use of Cut, Copy, Paste, use of word art and Clip art, use of text alignment, formatting toolbar, standard toolbar, select deselect, delete II. Excel for Beginners Introduction with Excel sheet (Rows, Column, Cells) entering data, cut, copy, paste, print preview, printing, use of mathematical function. III. Logo

learn procedures. control mouse. III. system) Operating Systems (DOS. Volatile and Non Volatile. Customization of start menu. use notepad effectively. slide sorter V. making columnar documents. Excel for Seniors Sum. Max. Using Colors. moving and deleting files. Font Style. Advanced Word Clip board function. images] V. indexing a documents. content [text. change cursor width and blinking rates. copy. Compact Disc. Creating Charts. moving to sub folder. VIII. rectangle. use of colors IV. slide layouts. Bit. Shading and Shadows. Use of Magnifier VI. Operating in Windows Explorer Managing files and folders. Microsoft Paint Select and free from select options with cut. draw basic shapes such as triangles. Slide Show. Opening Email Account. Circle. Pen Drive. Power point for Seniors. Computer Mother Board. CPU. paste. and Sending Mails . ROM. Memorty Primary. slide transitions. with numeric keypad. VII. Working with Internet Functioning of E-mail. invert colors. Insert a new slide. RAM. spelling and grammar check. working with tables. Secondary. square. design template. Logo and Geometry. Text alignment. Polygon etc. mailing labels. Hard Disk. Adding Bullets. Types of Softwares ( Application. Windows XP for Seniors Use of large icons. formatiing cells. Cell reference. Search engines. envelopes. rotation of images. auto text. II. creating short cuts. conditional formatting. using drops. IV. Floppy. CLASS V I.Logo and Maths. Internet and Multimedia Introduction to Internet. merge cells. Windows) I/O Devices. Byte. sound volume and sound scheme. search and download particular topic. Count. Copying.

internet client. VII. MAN. Window maintenance and keeping the computer virus free Temporary files. wireless network Devices. Lan Card. cookies. WAN. Post network. server. Networking cables. Disk cleanup. Computer Fundamentals Data Communication and its elements. CLASS : VI MONTH April LESSON Getting Started TOPIC Overview Find Someone Who Using the Student Book Using the Help Guide Computer Basics Internet Search Community Working with Others Paint Overview Postage Stamp Desktop Display Draw Overview Postcard Signs Map Overview Flyer Business Cards Reference Guide Calendar Article Overview Address Book Survey Transportation Statistics Budget Overview Advertisement Timeline Role Model News Programme Talents CLASS : VII June July Graphics August Word Processing September Spreadsheets October November December Multimedia January February Revision . Defragmentation. battling virus. Booting. Modem. types of networks LAN.VI.

MONTH April June July LESSON Getting Started TOPIC Work Find Someone Who Internet Search Teacher Overview Certificate Marksheet August September Government Health Officer TimeTable Newsletter Survey Form Pictograph Interactive Diagram October November Engineer Public Service Announcement Overview Floor Plan Illustration December Project Management Plan Proposal January Entrepreneur Overview Logo and Letterhead Financial Plan Brochure Website February Revision CLASS : VIII MONTH April June July August September October November December January February LESSON Introduction to Computer Language Introduction to Computer Language More about Programming Working with graphs in Excel Advance Features of Excel Advance Powerpoint Understanding HTML Elements of HTML Advanced HTML Revision .

CLASS : IX MONTH April June July LESSON Know Your Computer Know Your Computer Computer Overview Understanding Storage devices August September Binary Numbers Understanding DBMS Microsoft Access October November December Creating & Editing Tables in Access Creating & Working with Queries Communication Devices Introducing Internet Explorer January Computer Security Introduction to Visual Basic February Revision .