Common Mistakes by Bidders

1. Compatibility of Desktop Computer / Laptop The desktop / laptop computer should be installed with “Java Runtime Environment” and ‘Digital Signature Certificate” driver to make it compatible for operation of eProcurement platform. The compatibility of the desktop / laptop computer can be checked by clicking on ‘Check Browser Compatibility’ link in Contractors / Government Users page. 2. Registering new Digital Signature Certificate On expiry of the validity of digital signature certificate or change of digital signature certificate, the new / renewed digital signature certificate should be registered in the eProcurement platform. The registration of the new / renewed digital signature certificate can be performed by the supplier / contractor by following the following path. Home Page  Contractors  Login  Profile  Digital Certificates  Select  Register 3. Entry of Correct Bank Information Suppliers / Contractors need to enter correct bank account information, particularly name of bank, name of the branch, full account no. and IFSC code, and upload the first page of bank pass book / cancelled cheque / authorisation from the bank. This will facilitate easy verification of bank account and quick refund of EMD. The bank account information can be edited by the supplier by clicking on ‘Edit’ button against the bank account information and signing with digital signature certificate. It is very important for the supplier to have his bank account verified by e-Procurement Cell before submission of tender to facilitate quick refund of EMDs. The suppliers shall not change their bank or their account frequently. It is suggested to use the same account for all transactions. 4. Compliance of General Conditions / Pre-Qualification Criteria / Technical Criteria Bidders need to select the compliance status ‘Yes / No’ against each clause under General Conditions, Pre-Qualification and / or Technical Criteria. In case the compliance is not selected, the status under the category will show ‘Yellow’ triangle mark instead of ‘Green’ tick mark. The bidder to ensure this before he can submit the bid when all the categories in the bidding screen show ‘Green’ tick mark. 5. Generation of NEFT / RTGS challan Bidders need to select NEFT mode of payment in the e-Procurement platform, select the sending bank account and refund bank account, click on ‘Pay’ button and click on ‘Print Challan’ link to generate the challan. Bidders should NOT take the screen shot of the payment information displayed for producing the same to their bank. The challan will contain dynamic account no. (which is different for each tender and each bidder) and the beneficiary account details. Bidders are advised to instruct the sending bank on

which may result in disqualification of the bidder in ‘verification of EMD’ stage. Upload of Documents Bidders should upload only those documents required for pre-qualification. any mistake in the entry of beneficiary name. 8. In such cases. 7. Bidders should seek the unique transaction reference (UTR) no. Hence. Bidders are advised to instruct the sending bank on entry of details as mentioned in the challan and not to provide any information to the bank while making the payment. which needs to be entered correctly in the e-Procurement system by the bidders. and the date of payment against the slots. 10. Update of Transaction Number for NEFT / OTC payments Bidders need to update the correct transaction number.entry of details as mentioned in the challan and not to furnish any other information to the sending bank while transferring the payment. and IFSC code by the sending bank will result in the money returning back to sender bank account. select the refund bank account. Bidders shall ensure payment of EMD in one single transaction with one single transaction number and payment in part is liable for rejection. The challan will contain the favouring name on whom the Demand Draft need to be obtained. generate challan for full-payment but pay part-payment while making the payment in the bank. Generation of Over-the-Counter (OTC) challan Bidders need to select OTC mode of payment in the e-Procurement platform. Verification from sending bank on NEFT / RTGS payments In case of NEFT / RTGS payments. Bidders should seek the unique transaction reference (UTR) no. hence. as provided by the bank. Any mistake in entering the correct transaction numbers against the respective tenders in the e-Procurement platform will delay the reconciliation and. from the sending bank. Selection of EMD in case of split-EMD Bidders should choose the correct option while paying EMD for tenders with splitEMD option. the bidder will not have the slot the upload the scanned copy of bank guarantee in the tender screen. 6. technical or . bidders should ensure payment of EMD and Tender Processing Fee atleast 2-3 working days in advance in case they choose to pay through NEFT / RTGS in order to have sufficient time to resend the payment with correct details. Many times. Bidders should NOT take the screen shot of the payment information displayed for producing the same to their bank. the opening of tenders. 9. click on ‘Pay’ button and click on ‘Print Challan’ link to generate the challan. Bidders are also advised to ensure successful credit of payments made through NEFT / RTGS by contacting the sending bank the next day as status of payment information is sent back to sending bank within 24 hours. account no. which needs to be entered correctly in the e-Procurement system by the bidder. bidders choose the full-payment of EMD through eProcurement. from the sending bank. This is as per Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines.

Mechanism to Report Problems Bidders are advised to report problems by e-mail at the following email ids for quick resolution of (for technical issues) reconcile. ENSURE SUCCESFUL PAYMENT OF ALL TENDER PAYMENTS. Encryption of Financial Documents Bidders should ensure encryption of all financial bid attachments as mentioned in the tender document prior to their (for EMD refund issues) registrar. In case problems are not resolved through the above mechanism. Financial documents should not be uploaded in prequalification or technical criteria slots. Bidders should not upload financial bid documents in other sections of the tender. Helpdesk (080 2550 1216. After clicking on ‘Sign and Encrypt’. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • hphelpdesk. In case the bidder wishes to upload multiple documents in one slot.eproc@gmail. In case the button doesn’t (for Supplier Registration issues) Bidders may also contact the following telephone nos.eproc@gmail. to report problems. they may be escalated to the Technical Director.ceg@gmail. Also the correct format of the financial bid should be adhered . The documents upload under “General Documents” category form a part of technical documents. the bidder should install digital signature driver in the computer. In case the window doesn’t appear.eproc@gmail. the bidder should install Java Runtime Environment in the (for payment reconciliation issues) refund. The ‘Sign and Encrypt’ button should appear after clicking ‘Encrypt’ criteria against the prescribed slots. 11. a window should appear seeking password of the digital signature certificate. compress the same and upload. 2550 1227) Supplier Registration (94800 51498) Payment Reconciliation (94800 51521) EMD Refund (94800 51519) PLEASE ENSURE PROPER AND SUCCESSFUL SUBMISSION OF BID WELL AHEAD OF TIME. it is advised to copy all of them in a single folder. e-Procurement at 94496 82551 or ajayadala.blr@intarvo. 12.